My Skin Care Routine ♥ The “Secret” To Clear, Hydrated, & Healthy Skin

Top of the morning from Maui Good morning. Oh my goodness such a beautiful morning today we’ve been working super hard and A little bit difficult to be honest in Maui because it is so busy everywhere you go Every Beach is filled with people So it’s a little bit bit of a challenge for us in the last week’s but we’ve been Working hard to try and do our best with all the limitations and we’ve decided today to make some time for us yes, because it’s important that we find a day to just allow ourselves to reconnect with nature and just to be Free I guess Nani just to be exactly just to be be And I think that if there is something we want to say today It’s make time for yourself No matter how busy your life may get how difficult it might feel how much work you end up doing in a day How many hours you spend doing things that you don’t necessarily want to do? but maybe you have to do make sure that you find a day or even a few hours in a week to just Go up to nature. Close your eyes breathe And just allow yourself to take a moment to reconnect with yourself I think that’s really really important to keep our our sanity to keep our our health and well-being in top shape So we’re gonna go hop in the car and see what Maui has and We hope you guys have a beautiful beautiful day Alright so the Sun is out and I wanted to take this opportunity today to answer a Very very highly asked question about my skin So, I don’t really have any particular secrets So, I mean I do break out from time to time but my skin is very healthy and I think some of these Lifestyle choices and different products that included into my life have helped it in really really great ways So one of the first things that Helped me maintain a good healthy skin is the fact that I follow a plant-based diet and I think your diet plays such an important part on your overall health including the outside appearance and internal feeling of how you feel inside your body, but Also the fact that being vegan, I don’t consume dairy and dairy plays a huge role in skin problems I mean if you just go to Google and Google dairy and skin issues, you will find so much research out there that proves the Correlation between dairy and acne, and I myself witnessed it when I went vegan I was vegetarian first and then I cut out dairy and once I cut dairy out of my diet You guys like I’ve noticed such a difference and I used to break out a lot I used to suffer with a lot of just zits coming out and so self-conscious about it But as soon as I wipe dairy out of my diet, I’ve noticed such a huge difference so I cannot recommend enough To all of you guys to just try it If you do suffer from skin issues just cut it out even for a month or two and just notice how your body reacts to it Secondly since we’re on the topic of diet and nutrition one of the other things I began to include into my diet which has Helped me tremendously with maintaining my skin is mushrooms And I know you guys will be like what mushrooms helps with your skin? but they really do Mark and I actually worked with this company called for sig Matic which sponsored this video today and we did a hot chocolate smoothie last time and ever since we’ve tried their products we’ve heavily began to use healing Mushrooms into our diets and the way mushrooms help with your skin is that they act as an adaptogen which helps cope with any sort Of stress that you may be undergoing and when we travel and under pressure, I do feel a lot of stress but also mushrooms have tons of anti-inflammatory properties which help your skin thrive and just protect you from wrinkles and Other damages from environments. So I heavily heavily use Their products I drink it in the morning I usually just open a little packet of coffee mix and put it into hot water and just drink it like coffee It’s actually a really strong coffee to kind of wires you hook for the day, but it’s filled with incredible properties So I highly recommend you guys give this a try and today for sig Matic has been really kind to offer all of our viewers with 15% off your first order of your mushroom So check out their website. I highly recommend you give them a try because you’re gonna feel Incredible benefits including in your skin a Third thing that I do to help maintain healthy skin is I drink tons and tons of water I keep myself hydrated through the entire day and it’s funny because when I was thinking about it today I said hi I actually think I pee soon 95% of my liquid intake through water I don’t really drink much juice only if it’s fresh once in a while and drink a little bit of kombucha But I’m not the biggest fan of kombucha to be honest I don’t drink any alcohol and I drink a little bit of coffee, but that’s about it So water is constantly being brought into my body throughout the day. I like to switch it up sometimes in the evenings I like to have some sparkling water with dinner or even throughout the day I’ll put some fruits like oranges or strawberries into my water. Overall. I tend to drink almost about two liters a day. So Constantly hydrating my body and my skin So all of those things is what I consume but what I actually put on my skin is very limited I try to stick to a very natural products as I’m sure you guys know I love to use coconut oil and I use that as a night moisturizer So after I wash my face before bed I’ll put coconut oil and just allow it to hydrate my skin the second thing that I use and that’s pretty much the only product that I put on my skin is a Specific lotion that I found that consists of sulforaphane which is an extract of broccoli or different veggies. So this is called Bracha fusion and I’ve discovered it through a friend It actually also comes as an ointment and you can put the ointment on any sort of wounds and it heals your wounds Incredibly I gave it a try and I have been in love with it you guys The brand that I’ve used is called Yuko, and it’s actually a Canadian brand they’re you know, cruelty-free. They’re good for the planet So a really really good brand to support And if you read the benefits It reduces the appearance of age spots Protects against drying effects hide acne and skin blotches smooth his wrinkles and it brightens up your skin. I Put a little bit in the morning in a little bit at night and I have seen incredible results Especially if I spend a lot of time in the Sun so give this a try if you like it’s called nuke Oh, I’m sure there’s other types of brands out there as well. But carry the sulforaphane lotion. It’s pretty amazing And lastly is sunscreen, I like to always protect especially my face because we don’t want to dry out our face and I don’t really have a Particular brand that I use for sunscreens. I think there’s tons of great ones But the one thing I always want to make sure is that Lana has the little bunny logo Which means it’s cruelty free and it has not been tested on animals and to that it’s organic and then it comes from natural ingredients We found this one called raw elements in Hawaii here. It might be a local brand. I’m not really sure but it’s pretty good it’s SPF 30 and It’s non-gmo It’s reef safe. So you can go swimming into the ocean and not contaminate the water so it’s really amazing and I just put this on in the morning go out about my day and Make sure that my skin is protected So that’s pretty much it you guys I mean Those are the few things that I love to do on a daily basis to make sure that my skin Stays healthy and fresh and glowing. Feel free to comment below And let me know what you like to do or perhaps you have any other questions feel free to reach out Thank you again to for stigmatic Mark, and I really proud to actually work with these guys because their products are great and we have felt incredible benefits from them so thank you so much for continuing to send us your awesome stuff like the link below in the description to try out for sig Matic for yourself and get your 15% off today and of course don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and hit that like button right next to the video If you enjoy this video sending you all love and light and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day And we’ll see you soon There’s one thing that I love about Hawaii, it’s not the sunset just Magical It’s like life giving you an opportunity to just take a big X Mother nature’s telling you, okay Suns down the day is almost done tomorrow as the Sun rises It’s a new beginning especially if I were perhaps a difficult day or a stressful day I always find it. It heals me in some way. It helps me just to The housecat here who hates to be hunky ever

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  • Both of you are lovely

  • I noticed on the four sigmatic website that they have the prop 65 warning. Has anyone researched this more?

  • I love your videos and admire your vegan choice. I'm raised on French culture because my mom is French and I've spent many years in France. Currently live in Texas. My French family have beautiful skin and look far younger than their years. All my French family have lived long, healthy lives and none have been in nursing homes. Fruits, vegetables, fish, cheese and yogurts are the staples of their/our diet. As as former medical professional, I've never heard of dairy in itself a source of skin problems. Unfortunately, the articles on anti-dairy come from those who are not seriously educated on anatomy and physiology. How a food is processed is usually the culprit of the problems a person has. For example, I cannot eat many types of nuts not because of the nuts but because of the growth chemical used. Choosing not to consume a product due to ethical reasons is admirable and not consuming a food if it makes you feel bad is also a good choice. Don't forget to protect your eyes in the sun as prolonged exposure creates cataracts and a decrease in vision – (former ophthalmic assistant).

  • Oh, another commercial.😐

  • Each time I watch your videos I feel inspired to start living my truth. To get out and really do what I want to do. I want to buy a camera and start traveling more, your videos inspire me to be who I really am. It’s so therapeutic and it humbles me and makes me love life. Thank you so much for all the time you take to make these videos. You are changing the world and you keep making me want to be better. I wish the world had more humans like you and I feel so greatful that I found your YouTube channel about 3 years ago. Wishing you both a nice day. Once again thank you. 🙏🏽

  • i seriously love your lifestyle videos, I hope you make more like these in the new year, ❤️ like more day in our lives/our practice/what we eat/you guys traveling to your new destination

  • Thanks a lot 😘👍love you and your videos ❤️

  • I bumped into this beautiful couple in Bali last July. I was so surprised that I couldn't even say a word well. They hugged me and I was shocked again by her perfect skin.

  • You guys should meet up with Ellen Fisher while you are on Maui. She is huge in the vegan community and animal rights community 🙂 Could do like a combined "vegan what we eat in a day/ yoga on Maui video" 🙂

  • Thank you so much for sharing. I wash my face with an olive oil bar by Kiss My Face and use witch hazel as my toner. I have been looking for a lotion to put on to help with fine lines. What was that broccoli lotion you use? Blessings to you ♡

  • What are the ingredients in the sunscreen I’ve herd its bad for your ski

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  • This video has me so motivated and inspired💕

  • No you dont have to cut anything out..thats extreme.. moderation is the key, because your body needs all nutrients from different sources..even dairy

  • Hardout dairy = excema

  • Hi Juliana! Thank you for this great video! What type of sunscreen do you use to protect your skin?

  • Good diet. Lots of time spent outdoors with nature. And oxygen is good for your health <3.

  • Doing the oil cleansing method helps a lot for me. I also moisturize face using rosehip seed oil, body using black tea coconut oil. I also wear make up so rarely now, probably just once every few months if I have some events to attend. And yes cutting out dairy and gluten is a big help for acne. Mine stopped popping after I cut out gluten completely.

  • Have you tried the wim hof method?

  • Juliana you continue to inspire me <3

  • Would love to get those mushrooms but they don’t ship to UK 😔

  • Thanks a lot for showing

  • Hi! Could You make a video about digestion and how plant based diet affected yours?
    xoxo, Hania

  • U have beautiful skin now cuz u r young but if u dont protect ur skin and stay out of the sun by 40 ur skin will look like old distressed leather please u can have the healthiest life and u can b the happiest person alive but if u font stay out of the sun u will dry up before your time

  • Was y canned whipping cream she put on her drink. Cream is dairy.🤔

  • Thanks a Bunch my Sweet Lovies !I Always LOVE watching your vlogs. I Definitely want to try the shrooms. I need something to help with wrinkles.
    Thanks again , looking forward to your next one.
    Much Love , from my heart to yours..🙏🤗😘😘💖💖💖💖💖💕💕

  • i understand that most of you are vegans, but dairy is not bad for everyone. I tended to bloat a lot and I cut off dairy for two years. my skin was horrible, greenish and oily and I bloated even more! That was because my diet was imbalanced in order to avoid all dairies, a doctor fixed that and now I eat dairy and I feel much better! I drink vegetable milks but i eat cheese and yoghurt. Please, i know that you vegans are strongly against those products, but could you avoid judging people saying that being vegans have saved your health? Because believe me it is not always the case. I admit that this strict vegan thing is sometimes putting me off these kind of channel. I'm all about healthy living, I0m mostly vegetarian and i have plenty of vegans meals, but please let's not try to convince each others that there is only one right path! Love!

  • Juliana, you're so cute😊😘 How old are you?

  • Il caffè che pubblicizzi purtroppo non spediscano in Italia 🇮🇹 😏

  • Ok if you’re acne prone definitely don’t use coconut oil on your face, it’s highly comedogenic and will make you break out more. Try rosehip seed oil

  • Hi lovely thank for this video I have recently changed to almond milk and agree it has great benefits. I was wondering what you use for your hair as I suffer from a very dry scalp and hope you have some advice on this?? I do rub a bit of coconut oil but what sort of shampoo do you use? Thank you for your inspiration I have been your follower for 18 months and I adore you both. You have improve my physical health nd mental health with your yoga videos. Wishing you both a gorgeous new year xxx

  • Thank you Juliana!!!!! It would be great if you could also do a video on earth-friendly feminine hygiene (pads/tampons, etc) products. I've been searching but have been having a hard time finding organic ones.

  • You guys are amazing. I've been following you for about 2 years and every single location you have gone to is either on my bucket list or I've already been there. You could be my travel agent lol. I used to live in Hawaii and its sad how over populated its become- especially Maui and Oahu. Go to Kauai for a more secluded experience. And keep making awesome videos!

  • You look older 🙈

  • Do you use a self tanner at all?? Or is that tan all natural?

  • Aloha mark and Julianna! So stoked you have been exploring Maui! Lumeria is literally around the corner from my house and I surf hookipa almost everyday. Was wondering if you guys were going to make it to this special place and really excited to see where you end up filming your next yoga video! Yes, the island is insanely busy and getting more and more popular and populated which is a bummer but hopefully you found some peaceful, not too crowded spots to enhance your stay and your practice! I wish I could have shown you some of my favorite secret locations as me and my girlfriends love your videos! Mahalo and keep up the great work!

  • but it is claimed that veganism isn't nourishing

  • Shut up bohos and look around…

  • My husband and I stopped exercising for six months (boo) and are so thankful to be back in your world watching your videos, learning from you and in turn caring for ourselves! Thrilled to see you both are thriving and always wish you much love and safety during your adventures.

  • You said that you don't drink alcohol. Me too. But my 'friends' didn't understand and accept this decision. I was on parties and always same questions-"why you don't drink alco? Are you OK? You must drink it with me!!!" Sorry, it was tiring. I just break my contacts with toxic people. 🙂

  • Bla bla bla payed for buy?

  • thank you for the Skincare vid hope you make more in the future.

  • Watching your videos is like nourishment for the soul ! I always feel rejuvenated and completely uplifted after a boho beautiful video ! Thank you for all that you do !!!!!

  • Raw elements sun cream contains beeswax 🙁 . It is not vegan.

  • That was nice! which cruelty free/ vegan Deodorant do you suggest that actually works through an active day and smells fresh?

  • where do you get your yoga pant and clothing

  • That little bird running across the road like a minute in gave me anxiety

  • demasiado flaca…sin culo y unas piernas de gallina….engorda un poquito niña…necesitas alimentarte mas.!!!!!!

  • Thank you for the lovely shoutout! If anyone has any questions feel free to contact us via our contact page!

  • You are a breath of fresh air. I hope you never stop making videos on the beach or in other outdoor locations. Your skin color is so beautiful. Hugs and love to you and your handsome hubby.

  • Thank you for being such a positive influence on this planet! Yehovah bless you guys immensely! 💗🙏💖

  • I’m sure the answer is no because you are naturally stunning inside and out, but do you ever wear makeup? If so what? (:

  • Great! Thanks for all the info… I like that you talk about the lotion you use. I do have a question, what brand of sun protector you use? I think knowing how to protect yourself from the sun is one of the most important things to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin, and since it seems that you guys are always under the exposure of the sun I've been always curious and intrigue on what do you use to protect your skin, specially your face. I still haven't found a good sunscreen that is vegan, cruelty free and friendly with the environment. Would love if you share that info as well!! Thanks guys!!!

  • I ❤️ all your vids….I do yoga because u teach n motivate me. And I do enjoy vids like this because I am slowly turning on favor of vegan eating so I am happy to learn about all healthy alternatives that I can add to my diet/lifestyle Gracias! 🌸

  • One thing I love is putting aloe vera oil (not the green gel) in a small spray bottle and misting my face for hydration as soon as I get out of the shower or wash my face. Then I continue with my normal skincare lotions or oils. I really think it made a difference in my skin looking more youthful. (I got mine off of Etsy). ~ P.S. I love everything you do for content! 🙂

  • I’ve been watching your videos for a few months now and have got into yoga so much more – I am feeling calmer and stronger – thank you so much! I did want to let you know that it appears from this video that you may have a thyroid nodule that you might want to get checked out. I work for a thyroid pathologist, so I might be more aware of them, just wanted to let you know. Thanks again for your videos!

  • I love you guys. You two are going to have very beautiful kids.

  • If any of you watching have sensitive skin, coconut oil can clog your pores. She is probably blessed with tolerant skin. Argan oil is a much safer bet where it is noncomedogenic

  • You are so annoying

  • Raw milk makes my skin smooth af

  • You should watch Ellen Fisher. She lives in Maui and she knows great spots. Waterfalls. Virgin beaches

  • I am so deeply connect with all the light in life when I watch your videos and do your flows and workouts Juliana. Love your lifestyle guys. Simply wonderful and and a big guide to live my life. 🥰✨

  • I feel like I just watched a 10 minute commercial

  • Thank you for sharing your routine! Love your yoga and work out videos, too. Pacifica Beauty has 100% vegan and cruelty free cosmetics and skin care, and they have great products (especially their moisturizers). Acure Organics is another good one (they have volumizing peppermint shampoo that is amazing. I also have fine, light-colored hair). 💕

  • Do you have any tips or recommendations to get rid of under eye bags? (vegan ones of course) . 🙂

  • I really enjoy your videos !

  • ❤️❤️ Love you two. Great video!🌸🌸

  • What island?

  • A essayer la marque Bomoï 😉 !

  • Just ordered it! Can’t wait to try them! Unfortunately I couldn’t use your 15% discount cause it is just for US website and not for the UE website…also there are less products on the UE website, but surely enough to try them! Can’t wait! Thank you for the suggestion !

  • Can you find that coffee mushroom in Spain to buy it?? I love your channel guys! So admirable

  • Love these kinds of videos! Keep it up 🙂

  • My body has rejected dairy by itself. I've become lactose intolerant the past year and dairy is now something I can't really have.

  • Is no dairy worked for you it does not mean it works for everybody. Most of the planet eats dairy and it s not acneic. If for 1% of dairy consumers this will work it doesn’t mean anything. Dairy is not bad, everytime I have problems because I don t have enough calcium i eat a yoghurt and I m good, so keep eating dairy

  • I drink a ton of green tea and use the tea as a face mask. Afterward, I put Allo Vera on my face. All of this help unclog and close up your pores. LOVE your channel!!

  • It’s true about dairy and acne. However, I have consistently noticed that vegans age quicker. And they just look really tired, their skin wrinkles faster. I think it’s maybe to do with the deficiency of omega 3s because even though lots of the plant sources have it , they have the ALA types and our body just doesn’t convert them very well at all.
    I think it’s important to highlight it because people might expect to look and feel better when in reality you won’t..
    healthy meat eaters ( no processed food etc) look healthier I’m afraid based on my numerous research and observations.
    That shouldn’t demotivate you however to cut back on meat because I do believe it is evil to keep eating it at the rate that we do.

  • Please do a video of your makeup, it is so beautiful and natural ❤ you're amazing!

  • Omg shes so amazing ❤

  • I wish you always stay together… no matter what … you 2 have special place deep in my heart … the best role model on youtube … never felt boring watching you

  • WORSE SHT EVER FOR SKIN IS FKIN DAIRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS DISGUSTING HOW 80% OF ALL MY Acne and redness ALL GONE JUST BY STOPPING DAIRY ALONE,,, (rest is ALL OILS,, and i heard concentrated sugar ,, and too much b12 can do it for 10% of people unsure tho)

  • But how u wash face?

  • you both look so connected 🙂

  • Can i ask what cleanser you use? And what do you wash your hair with?

  • She never mentioned her contraceptive ? Hormonal acne is really linked to it. Can you help ? Do u know guys what she uses ?

  • I love this video. I thought you were going to shock me with a crazy priced organic stuff. But the logical me should’ve known better. You can’t carry all that around the world. For the past year I’ve been plant based and little to no alcohol. Nobody wants to believe that it’s what cleared my adult acne and for some reason nobody can comprehend the lack of alcohol. Glad to know I’m not as crazy as some are trying to make me sound.

  • Makes me miss my home on Oahu.

  • What you choose to put in your body is your choice & I'm not judging. But I don't agree with cutting out dairy products simply because it increases your risk of developing a vitamin B12 deficiency. Plants don't make vitamin B12. The only foods that deliver it are meat, eggs, poultry,dairy products, and other foods from animals. Strict vegetarians and vegans are at high risk for developing a B12 deficiency if they don't eat grains that have been fortified with the vitamin or take a vitamin supplement. I'm all about a healthier lifestyle, but not at the risk of denying your body the essential vitamins it needs to perform at its optimum. So have blood work taken regularly to ensure your iron & vitamin b12 levels aren't low & discuss your diet with your doctor.

  • Listening to your voice is so calming.

  • For those who are curious: Raw Elements sunscreen is an Australian brand.

  • And what about your hair? Love your videos ❤

  • About dairy: almost everyone in the world is allergic to dairy… we can't process the protein

  • You inspired me Thank you 🙂

  • Hey Juliana 🙂 first of all, I love your videos!! I’ve been subscribed for 3 years now ♥️I was wondering, where do you buy your jewelry and clothing? I love your rings and the clothes you wear 😀 thanks so much for everything!

  • What's you hair routine? I workout everyday, morning and night, and sweat a lot!

  • I know I may have said it before but it can't be sad enough. We all know each life is not perfect and has it's own challenges but to the both of you a big congratulation and a huge thank you for showing the world a way to live life to the fullest. To enjoy, grow, experience and share a life that makes a difference not only for yourselves but for the universal energy. Love and Light. Om Mani Padme Hum 🙂

  • What programme do you edit your videos in?

  • You're gorgeous ♡
    Inside and outside 》☆《

  • I truly love your videos and especially yoga sessions, your way of eating etc .. I watch your videos admiringly but I get some thoughts regarding the fact your resorted to plastic surgery. And I keep wondering how is it possible to get a daily routine as pure as yours and putting into your body plastic . It makes me feel sad. But the most important thing is you to be happy !! Take care and cary on with your beautiful youtube work. Thank you

  • You're videos are so inspiring. I just found your channel and wish you had more diaries to watch because I am running out. Not sure what I am going to do after:) I have just began yoga and I love how you look at everything in life it is just how a lot more people should be I think.

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