My SECOND Fractional CO2 Laser (Philippines) Experience – Acne Scar Removal [TAGALOG]

Now we’re going to my clinic to undergo my second Fractional CO2 Laser treatment. “Oh, here’s the entrance.” My face is now applied with anesthesia. But I can’t make too much noise, because there are other people here. I will undergo laser treatment after the anesthesia numbed my face. Thank you! “I can feel burning sensation despite being numbed by anesthesia.” “They increased the intensity because I’ve been gone for two months!” By this time, the clinic already smells like burning hair. This part feels more painful. The laser tech treat the parts concealed by the eye cover. It’s done, it’s very painful! It’s more painful than my first session I’ll monitor my face for seven days. Thank you very much! I just came back from the clinic- At Regenix where I underwent my second Fractional CO2 Laser treatment. First of all I want to say sorry, because it took me so long to upload again because we relocated and I experienced breakout. It’s not advisable to undergo laser treatment when experiencing breakout. That’s why I solved my pimple problem first while relocating home. That’s more important than my face, but now, finally, I underwent the treatment. The second session is not like the first one. The first session, I didn’t feel the laser. Now they increased the intensity in the second treatment, that’s why I felt burning sensation, like being poked by needles. The second treatment is more painful than the first one. Now I will zoom in. The dots are now more noticeable, unlike the first one where it’s small and red. The grid pattern is more noticeable. It’s not advisable to splash it with water because of the open wounds. I need to let it dry for the first skin layer to heal. My face is really red right now. This is Day 0. It looks oily because I cannot clean it with water and because of the healing serum they recommended. You can also buy it from them. I’ll just update you in the next seven days — until it heals. Bye! Hello guys. This is one week after my Fractional CO2 Laser treatment. Now, we’ll take a look if there is improvement- before my first treatment; after the first session; then after my second session. Let’s zoom in. Actually my face still has black grid marks over here. The redness has faded, it’s not painful and tender anymore. I healed faster this time than in my first session. My skin was still peeling on the fifth day after my first session. But now, in my second session, the recovery is faster. I’m now recovering well from CO2. What I can say is that the second treatment felt more painful despite the anesthesia. They numbed my face for one hour for me to pain less pain during the treatment. But despite that, it still felt painful. Especially on my temple. One of my friends told me that before, when a light source was above my head she really notices the shadow cast by my scars. But now it’s less noticeable. That’s what she said, but I don’t know if it’s accurate. My scars are less noticeable in the morning because I sleep with my face on the pillow. That’s what I can say for now. If you have Fractional CO2 Laser experience, please share it below. If you have questions, I’ll try to answer it. That’s it! That’s my conclusion for the second treatment. please watch out for my next sessions, because that’s where we will see improvement. I’m not expecting anything from the second session. Maybe after my fourth or fifth session, that’s where I will expect improvements. Where my skin looks better, and my scars shallower than before. Now, I feel that it is shallower than before. Some scars are gone. I cannot explain it but there is a small improvement overall. This spot was not this shallow before. I’ll look for photos where I can compare it. Thank you for watching! Because I’ll update this. My second session was delayed because of a breakout and we relocated. I was really busy for the past few weeks. Or the past few months. That’s why my second session is delayed. Now, we’re waiting for our internet connection. Maybe I’ll go to my sister’s house to upload this video. I also have a video where I solved my pimple problem. I haven’t post it yet because our internet connection has not been transferred yet. Thank you very much! GOODBYE!

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