My Nighttime Skincare Routine

– What’s up, everybody? I am super excited and I hope you are too, because I know you’ve been waiting a really long time for this. This is my number one
most requested video ever. Drum roll, please.
(drum thrumming) I’m about to show you my
nighttime skin care routine. (upbeat music) All right, so the first thing I do is, duh, take off my lashes. Here we go. I like to start from
either the front corner. I like to see which side is
more loose than the other. Up, this one is definitely looser. So that I don’t yank on my real lashes, I start at the outer corners. Wow, that’s really on there. I like to slowly maneuver them ’cause there’s nothing
worse than losing lashes. We’re already wearing fake lashes, we’re trying to hold onto our real ones. So, I’m gonna check this side. This one seems to be a little better. Oh way better, way better. That one came off easy. Okay, oh my God, guys. That is so sad to see the difference. I feel like it’s so much better when I start the videos with no makeup and then we build up to makeup. This is really sad. Well, there you have it. That was my eye and here we are. I’m gonna test this side again and see what’s happening over here, ouch. I would also like to say that when my makeup is
done by other people, they put so much lash glue on. But when I do my own makeup, I never put this much lash glue on, so that I don’t have that kind
of difficulty taking it off. I’m not trying to keep
the lash on for a year, I was just trying to keep
it on for a few hours today. So now that my lashes are off, my next step is to actually
dissolve the makeup that I have on. I’m currently obsessed. I know I’ve said a million times before. If you guys have followed
me from way back in the day from Season One with The Real, you remember that I was
obsessed with coconut oil. I would literally cover
myself in coconut oil from head to toe before going to work and before going to bed at night. That is still part of my routine. I now use Skinny and Co.’s Cleansing Balm, and it’s called the Calming Oil Blend. Gotta be honest with you,
not sure what makes it skinny but it works. I apply the oil to my face like so, and this kinda dissolves everything. Guys, prepare to watch
my eyebrows disappear. And they’re gone. Oh my gosh, that looks crazy. Get up into my hairline, ’cause you know I put
makeup in there as well. Get up in my under eyes. Take the lip gloss off. This is so weird. Guys, this is normally something
that I do in the shower. Am I the only one that can’t
wash her face at a sink? I hate the concept of water
running down my elbows. Oh my God, it’s like my worst nightmare. So I normally do all
of this in the shower, but that would be really
weird to show you cause yeah. I’m now going to use Neutrogena cleansing towelettes. Now I have the weirdest skin ever. Like I swear if I just take my makeup off just with a towelette like a wipey, my face will so breakout. I don’t know why. But if I apply the coconut oil
first and then I wipe it off, it makes it so much easier
for me, less scrubbing. That kinda loosened everything up. Look how quickly that wipes off, and then I don’t have to scrub as much. Wow, whoa, whoa. No I just wanna prove this to you that even after taking all of that off, there is still more left. That’s why. Look at that. I’ve still gotta bring in the boys, which is my number one miracle worker for my skin care routine. I swear by it, I put you
guys onto it on my Instagram, it is the Ultimate Skin
Spa by Vanity Planet. What I love most about it is
it comes with different heads, but my favorite is
definitely the silicone head. That is because it’s antibacterial
and that’s so important. When your buying things like
this, you need to make sure that they are antibacterial. That when your cleaning them, that you’re not just
constantly putting bacteria on your face, more and more bacteria. So getting one that has a silicone head, is super important. Exfoliating, I wear makeup
almost every single day, so you have no idea how important it is to massage my face. I think that it does so much more than just getting it clean, but it actually invigorates
it all over again. You actually can use any face wash. I personally love Neutrogena’s Deep Clean. I kinda just put that right
on the head like so, voila. This literally lives in my shower. (button clicks) (motor hums) You guys, this just feels amazing. And again, it’s super gentle. I wanna really tell you
guys how gentle it is. Like I said, I have the most
sensitive skin ever lived. It breaks out for every and anything, but it doesn’t breakout with acne. I’ve never had acne before, but I will get a rash super easily. I also have rosacea on my cheeks, so it’s so important to use something that is good for sensitive skin. I could sit here and do this
Lord knows for the next hour. This is my secret weapon I swear. I love, love, love, my Ultimate Skin Spa. Oh my God, my baby hairs are acting crazy. Stay with it. I normally have a shower
cap while doing this people. You guys can actually get 70% off of this. Go on my Instagram, go on their website. The code is AH70, like my initials Adrian Houghton 70. You’ll get 70% off. Guys, this is not an ad. I’m just telling you it’s
my favorite thing ever. Because I was using it, they hooked me up. And now I wanna show you the difference how much makeup was still left, get ready. Do you see this? That’s why you really
gotta get in there guys. And I know a lot of you ladies like to just use the makeup
wipes before you go to bed, but I swear it’s not
taking it off completely. You’ve got to actually
get in there with water, with a base cleanser, better
yet with the Ultimate Skin Spa, and really get all of your makeup off. I know I always used to say that I would fall asleep with my makeup, and as I’ve gotten older,
it’s so important to me to take really good care of my skin. I even recognize that the
better I take care of my skin the more my makeup can lay beautifully. You can’t hide texture. The most important part
of a great makeup tutorial is a great skincare regimen. That’s why I’m showing you
guys all the things I do. Yes it may take some time,
but it’s so worth it. So now that your makeup is completely off, I like to follow it up with a toner. My favorite is called Mist-Lotion. It’s One Essential by Dior. You guys know I’m high
end low end kinda gal. Neutrogena for the face that
you can get at the drugstore, but I swear by this toner. It’s my favorite. It’s a detoxifying mist purity booster. Shake it up, mist your skin. So at this point I’m outta the shower, this is the first thing I do. I love it. It smells amazing. Then I follow that up with
the Ultra Facial Moisturizer. This is the only creme that
does not break my skin out. Lana don’t we have multiple
bottles of this at my house? They’re everywhere, they’re in my purses, they’re in my luggage the travel sizes. I love Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer. Now I love to add in it some
Forever Flawless Beauty Oil, which I’m obsessed with. You guys know that I love facial oils, but this one currently is my favorite. I found out about it from an amazing Dominicana beauty blogger from New York named
Farah Pink on Instagram. She created this flawless beauty elixir. I love it. I love her. She’s dope. She’s got amazing skin. So I love that while you guys watch me and I give you some tips on
what to use on your skin, there’s also people that
I’ve gotten great tips from. It’s called Pinkness
Forever Flawless Beauty Oil. Guys, it makes your skin feel incredible. I wish you could smell how good it smells. Even sometimes if I just wanna add a little bit extra on there, I really just go for
my cheeks, my forehead, and definitely wanna get my neck. Oh my gosh, you gotta get your neck. I think it’s so important. So many people forget about their necks. They say the way you can
really tell someones age, look at their hands, and
look at their necks (laughs). Everybody said when you
get to a certain age you gotta start using
night creme on your eyes. My personal favorite, I’m
down to the last drop, is by By Terry. This is in a whole other language,
but let me try to say it. (Adrian speaks in a foreign language) Firming, radiant, lift eye serum, anti-dark circles, anti-puffiness, booya. Something, we got something people. When you really use the products and there’s nothing left in the bottle. Okay, by the way, I learned that you should
always apply eye creme with your ring finger. It’s considered the most delicate finger. If you’re using your middle finger, your middle finger has too much strength. You’re just gonna be hurting yourself. Here we go. This is a heavier creme, because
it’s for your under eyes. Sometimes we forget your eyelids as well. I like to get in there and
make sure I get my eyelid, make sure that I even
brush up with my brows. These are all more sensitive areas that definitely need a lot more moisture. Okay, moving right along. I definitely wanted to show
you guys my favorite mask that I use probably every
other day or every two days. This is my normal
routine on a regular day. But if I am using a mask for overnight, my favorite is by Glossier and it’s called Moisturizing Moon Mask. I mainly only use things that say moisturizing or replenishing. I never ever use anything
that’s gonna strip my skin or strip my face again. Because number one, I have
really sensitive skin. And number two, my skin
tends to go on the dry side instead of the oily side so I’m always trying to
hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. This is definitely one of those things. It is the Moisturizing Moon Mask. It says apply a thick layer to moist skin and allow to soak in for 20 minutes. Girl, I be doing it for
like 10 hours while I sleep and it works amazing. So that’s that. Then also if I’m doing masks like I said, I will go with a Laneige
Special Care Lip Sleeping Mask. It’s also incredible and
it smells like bubblegum, so I love that. So if it’s a mask day, I’ll be doing this. Oh my God, that smells so good. Yo, I be killing this. Look at my little finger in there. This actually stays in my nightstand. But on a regular night,
if I’m not doing masks, then I will follow up with
these moisturizers, the oil, and the eye creme. Then I will follow it up
with, booya, a lip mask. You guys, I love these
lip masks by K&C Beauty. I’m just gonna place it. (hums) And now I’m gonna be quiet. Okay, you get the point. That was amazing. These feel so good. Then I follow up with
my favorite lip balms, which are by Glossier
The Coconut Balm Dotcom. They also have a cherry one. But you guys, I use the
cherry one for real life, ’cause it actually makes your
lips look really youthful, and plump, and healthy. But you guys, my husband started using
the Coconut Balm Dotcom. And I would always ask when
he was trying to kiss me, I’d be like babe did you just
eat cookies or something? He said no. I’m like, what is that smell? I literally would taste like
I wanted to eat his mouth off. Like oh my God, so delicious. So ever since I noticed that
on him, I love it for myself, ’cause I wanna smell like cookies too. If I go to bed at night, I be smelling like I
just ate some cookies. They also just came out
with a Mango Balm Dotcom. I would definitely use
this more for a morning, ’cause it’s more of a
tangy tasting situation, but it’s also delicious as well. But for night, the coconut one it is. I don’t know why, it smells like just bomb baked cookies to me. Ah, I love it. I love you so much. Mm, yes, yes, mm-hmm. Oh my God, please Kelly, can you just come smell it real fast? It just smells so good. Look it, just smell. – [Kelly] It does smell like cookies. – Right? – [Kelly] I was thinking Pina Colada, but it smells like coconut macaroons. – It’s just so good. It’s so good. Now, one of the other things I do which I kinda can show you right now. I know you guys always hear me say that I have oil treatments in my hair or that I’m putting oil in my hair. This is the oil that I’m obsessed with. I normally put this in my hair
before I go to bed at night, and I do a loose bun. It is by a company called
Unite and it’s called U Oil. It’s argan oil for your hair. And yo, I swear that this is what has
kept my hair so healthy. I put it on my roots,
I’ll add it to my ends, oh I love this stuff. Then I’ll wrap my hair up in a bun. I even put some of that
same oil on my baby hairs for my edges. Make sure those stay
growing healthy and strong. I don’t know about anybody else, but I love the smell of a spa. That just reminds me of tranquility, getting ready to go to bed,
getting ready to take it down. I know that everybody loves essential oils or even using infusers. Guys, this one is definitely my favorite. It’s by my girl Lisa Parigi. It is called Verve Kimono Fragrance Oil. This is like a spa in a bottle. Oh my God, my husband loves it so much ’cause it literally smells
like I’m a walking spa. Well, the laying spa. Yeah, ’cause I’m laying in bed. Oh my gosh. And I’m not being funny,
but even before I go to bed I’ll lay down and just be like (inhales). Breathe in (inhales and exhales). That’s me right before I go to bed. This is it people. This is a very intimate
moment, I must say. This is me exactly the way
I look before I go to bed. And on that note, let me know
what you have to say about it in the comments below. What is your nighttime routine? What is your skincare routine? What are some of the products
you cannot live without? Remember, mine are all listed
below in the description. You guys have been waiting
for such a long time and I hope you aren’t disappointed with my nighttime skincare routine. Love you guys! See you next time. Don’t forget to subscribe.

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