My Morning Skincare Routine | Trevor Ritchie’s Tips for Clear Skin

hello world or should I say good morning
you guys the Sun is just coming up behind me it’s only 8 o’clock this
morning I have already gone to the gym got a Starbucks coffee
I’ve almost drank all of it I didn’t even notice look at this you guys it is
the holiday cup from starbucks is that whole scandal going on about the
christmas cup versus the holiday cup so now they’re just saying what is this
merry starbucks or just says starbucks all over the glass a little bit of a
candy cane motif here but you know what people we need to get it together anyway
guys i did not expect to film this video this morning i was just about to do my
skincare routine I’ve already got home from the gym I am showered I’m honestly
it’s still just waking up but my hair you guys I am really enjoying it I need
someone out there if you watch my videos and you live in my hometown and you can
dye people’s hair blonde please give me a shout out I need some help the ends of
my roots here are like they’re turning really orange I really like the ends
though but anyway the struggles of being a blonde why am I so easily distracted
is anyone else like that alright so let’s dive right into my
skincare routine like I was saying I wasn’t even gonna film this morning but
I’m gonna do my whole skin care routine anyway and you guys really seemed to
love when we just catch up when we chitchat when we hang out when I show
you new skincare products honestly I can’t even show you guys
right now because it is such a mess but if you could see all of the skincare
that I have everywhere spread in my bathroom I have been testing and trying
so many skincare products that honestly I feel like I need 10 different faces I
have got so many different eye creams and eye serums on the go right now that
I’ve been using a different serum and a different eye cream like one on each eye
the struggle is real at this rate honestly I feel like I need
10 different sets of eyes so I can try all my different eye creams anyway guys
what do you think about this shirt I’m giving a little baseball vibes I am
feeling it where did I just get that burst of energy okay I need to bring it
back down now of course my morning
skincare routine is quite a bit different than my nighttime skincare
routine I do use completely different products I’m gonna film a skincare
routine maybe tomorrow night or then next night
so keep your eyes peeled for that but as far as my morning skincare routine this
morning I just really wanted to take my time add moisture back into my skin a
seal in all of that hydration a lots of hyaluronic acid lots of you know
succulent moisturizing ingredients now of course I need to wash my face like I
said I did have a shower already this morning after the gym but I did not do
any skincare so my skin really needs some TLC and that’s why we’re here today
so I recently started using the dr. Dennis gross alpha-beta cleansing gel
now the reason that I’ve been waiting to use this for so long is because recently
I started incorporating a retin-a tret knowing cream stiva a if you’ve used a
treadmill and cream before you know that your skin basically falls off of your
face peels and just it’s like a nightmare so I wanted to wait until I
started using retin-a to start using the alpha-beta cleansing gel in the morning
to gently exfoliate that skin that is dry and dead and basically falling off
of your face normally I just like to keep my cleansers really basic but
because I’m trying to gently exfoliate that dead and dry skin I feel like this
is just the perfect time to try this cleanser out well I’m going to wet my
face with my favorite Evian facial spray you guys know this has been a staple
here on my channel since the very beginning and beyond if you’re listening
hook me up I’m gonna get my face nice and wet before I go ahead and apply the
cleanser on my skin no because this cleanser it does contain a dr. Denis
grosses alpha-beta formula oh it is like honey but that formula is going to help
to inch and lead exfoliate the skin without the use of any harsh beads or
any of you know those typical exfoliators this is what they would call
a chemical exfoliator and it’s going to leave your skin or really smooth oh this
is such a nice experience it actually feels like I’m spreading honey all
over my skin now this is a soap free formula looking for my Evian mist here
and because it is a soap free formula you’re not gonna get the same besides as
you would from a typical cleanser so that is normal it is like a gel or an
oil cleanser would you guys believe that I had a sty in my eye
my eye is still so pink but I had a sty in my eye
they are hereditary I literally swear to god they are hereditary in my family and
I just hate it last week my eye was so swollen and literally it couldn’t film
for you guys it was a nightmare but alas you know it happens to the best of us
all right I’m gonna rinse this cleanser off I’ll meet you guys right back here without a doubt that cleanser it leaves
my skin super smooth if any of you guys have tried this cleanser before please
let me know in the comments down below in my skin it doesn’t feel tight or it
doesn’t feel like it’s too dried out but I am telling you the texture is
definitely smoother after every single use okay now after
washing my face normally I would use a toner and the one that I’ve been loving
literally loving so much recently you guys is by wishtrend
and it’s Thurman Dalek acid mandelic acid 5% now this helps to exfoliate your
skin as well as really deeply hydrated as a first layer of moisture it removes
dead skin cells soothes dull and rough skin now if I wasn’t using the
alpha-beta cleanser and I was just using my normal cleanser I would definitely
use this afterwards I would say I’m a good I don’t know 25% way done this
bottle and I’m obsessed I already know that I’m going to repurchase this
product your skin almost starts to gently exfoliate off at the same time as
it leaves your skin really hydrated alright I need to move quickly because I
can feel my skin already starting to dry out and I need to get these treatments
on my skin so what I’m gonna do instead of a toner on my skin which I would
normally do is I’m going to use the biotherm life plankton essence now you
guys know toners essences literally some of my favorite skincare pod
out there and because this is a Biotherm product honestly other than the fact
that they say it contains their you know secret formula of I don’t know kale
algae or something some type of lifeforce plankton hold out of a lake
somewhere far away and it has some type of like mystical soothing properties but
other than that it doesn’t really tell you what the products do by the biotherm
are some of my favorite skincare products alright I’m just going to apply
this right on the skin you guys know I literally love to take my time when I
apply my skincare now this feels so luxurious I honestly don’t even want to
open my eyes because I’m just taking on the full of fantasy right now mmm let’s
tap it into the skin oh yeah you guys know after you move after you put the
toner on your skin you can tap it it wakes the skin up it pushes it deep into mm alright I really just had a moment
there okay so I’m going to swipe upwards we’re going to move all of the you know
get all of that water all of that bloating a pushed right out of our face
because today I want to look Spanish I don’t want to look bloated so there we
go we’ve added on at that life essence let’s move right along so after that I’m
gonna go ahead and add some of my akadama the Oasis barrier booster now I
have talked about this a couple of times now on my channel this is such a
lightweight serum that is so deeply hydrating full of hyaluronic acid it
also contains there C hot e.x that’s one of their patented ingredients that had
really helped to help the skin absorb moisture retain moisture and really
bring it back to life so like I was saying it is a super light serum and you
guys know I love serums they just provided that extra benefit that a
moisturizer doesn’t do think about serums as really adding in those extra
ingredients like I just got you guys literally I’m getting
distracted by coupon updates on my phone you guys know I love couponing and I
have those little alerts that are my phone and literally they’re rolling in
right now I need to go shopping after this video because that was a really
good deal anyway so you guys know is serums the kind of think of them as
adding in although those are really important skincare ingredients that are
going to help to transform your skin and then a moisturizer is also going to
provide as some of those benefits but a moisturizer is going to just kind of
seal in all of those active ingredients that a serum provides speaking of
theorem this is an eye serum now this is a really really really unique eye serum
you can also use it on your eyelashes wait till I show you guys the applicator
tip this is the Biotherm blue therapy eye-opening serum this is a pretty
expensive eye serum here in Canada it retails for $75 so that is no joke for
an eye serum it’s not really a necessity in your skincare routine but this claims
to be eye-opening and you can even put it on your eyelashes so I’m going to
show you guys here I’m also going to try and do a good close-up but wait until
you see this is why I got it this applicator tip this applicator tip you
guys okay so there is a metal component on the end oh my god can you guys see
these are all my calluses from the gym anyway there is a metal component on the
end and then there’s also a mascara wand so what you do is you take the product
and you swipe it under the eye with the metallic tip and over as well and then
you do this opening that they call it the crab and you just grab your eyes
open I don’t know what this does but they say that it’s clinically proven to
open your eyes so you just do that and I’m not sure how many times but I like
to take my finger afterwards and just kind of like spread this serum around
now because this is a serum and as you guys are going to see up next I’m going
to add on in I cream never use the serum without
using a moisturizer on top of it because often times serums contain ingredients
that are going to suck water into your skin which is fabulous and fantastic but
if you don’t put a moisturizer on top of it it’s gonna suck the water right out
of your skin and actually dry it out so then you take the mascara wand and I did
Google see how it’s clumping on the ends here I was like oh no this product is a
bust but I googled and the official video from Biotherm shows the model
getting clumps on the end of her eyelashes as well all right let’s do the
other eye quickly so we rolled it around okay you guys would you spend $75 on
this let’s do the crab I mean this is like a little bit gimmicky but I totally
bought it put it on my lashes I don’t know what it
does for your eyelashes but it says you can literally put it down to the root so
there we go oh you know what I thought it would look good in your eyebrows too
I should put some up there maybe instead of using it on my eyelashes I should use
it on my eyebrows okay so like I’m is just as saying we’re gonna move right
along because honestly I need to get this day started okay so now that I’ve
just put this serum on my eyes like I’m saying you want to go ahead and put a
moisturizer and eye cream on your eye immediately after using this serum
because we want to lock in all the moisture that we just put on so I am
using my Kylie skin eye cream you guys know I have not been minding this so
much lately it is a thicker formula so make sure that you don’t use too much
we’re going to take a little I’d say you want to have pea-sized amount and this
is gonna be for both eyes I like to put it on my two fingers here and I just tap
it now don’t put this too close to your eyes which I have done because it is a
thicker formula and it will run in your eyes if you start to sweat or if you go
to the gym in my experience which has happened multiple times because I was
also putting it on my eyelid almost like an eyelid treatment which probably
wouldn’t be so bad at night but I was doing it in the morning which was super
stupid because I would go to the or you know I would go to do something
and all the product would run into my eyes and make them burn it was not nice
ooh and I wanted to tell you guys look what I did I finally gathered all my Shi
masks and I put them in this little bag here and I’m leaving them on my counters
what I start using more Shi masks I don’t know I’ve said this before using a
sheet masks is it’s kind of one of those things it’s nice because it slows you
down and you kind of just have to lay on the couch or relax when you use one I
know it’s only ten minutes but to me ten minutes feels like a lifetime so I kind
of moved away from sheet masks and into those masks that you just kind of apply
on the skin then you can go about your business do your dishes do you know
whatever you need to do get work done on the computer because I find when you sit
up using a sheet mask they fall right off your face can I get an amen
but now that winters here I really want to start to add sheet masks into my
skincare routine on a more regular basis so I put them all in this are really
nice baggy and hopefully it wouldn’t start to use them more now that they’re
on the counter all right so now that our foundation is laid our serums are on our
active ingredients are penetrating into our skin I’m gonna go ahead and put my
moisturizer on now this is my world-famous yes world-famous concoction
of Kylie skin moisturizer and you guys know what I’m gonna say next if you are
a real OG I’m gonna mix it with my lemare creme de la Mer if you guys could
feel how these creams work when they are together if you have the creme de la Mer
la creme so amazing on its own super hydrating the super moisturizing super
luxurious this whole thing is like literally $40 this whole tube is like
$20 but when you mix them together I like to take a little bit of the creme
de la Mer just a little bit a little honestly I would say about a half
pea-sized amount and I just like to spread this all over the skin literally
if you see that little tiny amount that we just used basically covers my whole
skin so I’m going to spread this lemare all over the skin and the reason why I
like to put the lemare for is because I like all of that magic to
just soak into the skin now for me that’s not enough cream so instead of
going ahead and splurging on the larger tub of lemare which is like $300 I just
like to finish it up with some of the Kylie skin moisturizer and the reason
these go together really well is because the Kylie skin moisturizer is a thicker
formula as you can see look you guys I’ve said this before this thing never
works Kylie if you are listening hello okay a little bit came out let’s keep
going okay phenom is coming out I just don’t understand all right
you know what we’re just gonna use the little bit that came out so I just go
ahead and I warm up the moisturizer between my fingers and then I just like
to press it on top of the lemare moisturizer and I mean hello you guys
can see my skin just like turned down what’s going on here no all right
as you can see my skin is a whole way more hydrated and what we’ve done is
created a protective seal a protective barrier from all of the serums that we
just apply to the skin now the academic serum is a hundred dollars that Biotherm
eye serum a hundred dollars and the full-size of that essence is a hundred
dollars so we want to go ahead and make sure that we lock in all of those
ingredients that’s a lot of money to be wasting that will literally be sucked
right out of the skin if you don’t layer on a moisturizer afterwards so I mean as
you guys can see my skin hello look at that super smooth super ready for the
day and I feel like I am I’m ready okay so I guess that’s it for my morning
skincare routine those were a few of my favorite skincare products that I have
been loving recently expect way more of these videos in the future because I am
testing and trying so many skincare products that honestly at this rate
every week I’m trying to make it at least two weeks with the same skin care
product so I can really start experience it before I talk about it but
honestly I feel like every two weeks I could do an updated skincare routine
with completely new products I have got new products I’ve got all products I’ve
got favourites holy grails all apart of my skincare routine I hope you guys
enjoyed today’s video I feel like my skin is literally ready to take on the
day it is fabulous it is glossy it is you know feeling itself if you guys
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today you guys are not going to see him but if you want to see a Romeo check out
tomorrow’s a video or yesterday’s video I’ll have them linked in the description
box it down below thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed my
morning skincare routine and of course I’ll see you in the next video bye guys

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