My Lip Filler (Horror) Story!| حكايتي المرعبة مع نفخ الشفاه

hey guys welcome back today I want to do
a video a little bit of a different video this is gonna be you know I know
I’d like to do a lot of tutorials and a lot of things where I’m teaching you
guys things but I feel like this is a really important video to do because for
me it’s something that has affected my life but I feel like if I can only get
the information out there to help people I think that a lot of people will
benefit from this so it’s not a tutorial but it definitely is meaningful
information. So I want to talk to you guys a little bit about my lip filler
journey you guys know I’ve had lip fillers I’ve been very open about them
since the first time I got them. The first time I ever got lip fillers was in
2009 and it really wasn’t super popular then like a lot of people were not
getting lip fillers but it was like something people were starting to do and
I feel like that because everybody was starting to talk about it because people
were starting to do it, it was like a little interesting it was like I was
like curious about i. My curiosity was definitely there and I was wondering if
I would look more attractive if I got lip fillers so I felt like a little bit
like insecure about that and I wanted to just fill them. I didn’t know where to go,
I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t look up anything.
I basically heard there was a doctor in Dubai, because I just moved to Dubai, and
where I was living in the States it wasn’t really like a big city so you
know Dubai was a much bigger city and I thought let me do it here and there was
a doctor/dermatologist he was doing them — I literally don’t even know, I didn’t
ask him anything — and he had come to Dubai from Lebanon and he was like, “Oh I could totally feel your lips.” And I was like, “Okay, let’s just do it now!” He did four injections, literally, he did one here one here one here and one here and
he put something in my lips that was like so big it was just basically like
four bulges right here. My lips were bigger but I basically had
like no shape to them and they were really asymmetrical they looked REALLY
bad. I noticed kissing felt different, um you know my husband I was like, “Oh my God, I think it’s better.” And he was like, “I don’t know if it’s better, I’m not sure.” But for me I thought it was better but
I’m not sure that it was actually better some other things too I noticed I didn’t
have as much control over my lips like I couldn’t whistle anymore like I would
try to whistle and I’d be like: [WHISTLING] And I was such a good whistler before so it really bothered me but there was just too much filler inside my lips I couldn’t press
them together that well. In the years to follow I started to realize that like
wait a second like I had the worst job that doctor did a really bad job I need
to redo my lip filler and so I went to another doctor like maybe
like six months later and I was like you know my lips had gone down a little bit
I was like I need your help I just want to fix them and she was so lovely and
she just basically like put little shape and added a little bit of filler and
then my lips kind of started to look a little bit better they started to look a
little more symmetric but the filler kept like going very fast and I actually
think that for my personal experience lip fillers actually ruined my lips
starting from the first appointment even to like you know any continued
appointments I had afterwards and I’ve had everyone do my lips from from Ourian
who was actually really good in LA to Dr. Diamond. I’ve had so many different
people do my lips and they’re all great and I think lip filler is not bad but
for my personal experience I don’t feel like I got the benefit that I was
actually looking for. I wanted my lips to look bigger but I don’t know if I was
looking for that plumpness I think I was just looking for like more width, more
height actually and so you know I think a lot of times when people want to fill
their lips they actually just think, “Oh my God, I need my lips to be bigger let
me just go ahead and you know put filler in them,” or, “I want to be more attractive,
I don’t know what to do and I’m thinking about fillers, let me just my lips.” It’s
legitimately the first thing I always hear people talk about. I personally
don’t know anybody who’s had lip filler and kept it in their lips that it
continues to look good over time. It may look good when they first put it in but
I feel like it starts to move, I noticed even my filler started to go like up
here and since I’ve been filling my lips for like the last ten years like off and
on like you know once I would say once a year probably for like the last ten
years it just really started to look really bad and I was always I was
constantly trying to fix it trying to make it look better but then I was
talking to this one doctor in New York who’s amazing and she basically told me
like you need to remove all your lip filler and I was like what like that’s
crazy I would never even think of that and she said well yeah coz your lip
filler is actually making you look old and plastic and fake and you know I’ve
seen some people tell me that my lips look maybe a little fake but I didn’t
really like I was like whatever looks fake but whatever and then so when I
finally decided to dissolve them it was SOOOO painful. Let me tell you guys I gave
birth without epidural I was super calm I can take pain.
Everybody who pricks me with a needle or you know does anything where involves
pain tells me I have like the most ridiculous pain tolerance and let me
tell you it was painful I do think that we we maybe over-dissolved because
everything is out and we went through it all like we just did it. I actually had
like pain in my nose for like a week it was so intense!
But it was worth it and just felt like wow I actually look more natural and so
much better. I haven’t removed everything on the bottom lip but I’ve removed
EVERYTHING on the top lip. The good thing is that as soon as I remove my lip
filler I could whistle again so I was like really really good at whistling
which you know it was just weird I almost had like more control over my
lips wish I hadn’t had in so long. My overall experience with lip fillers is
that they are not necessarily the best thing to make your lips bigger what
actually happens is sometimes depending on the formulations there’s different
kinds of ingredients there’s you know there’s hyaluronic acids, there’s also
collagens, there’s a lot of different bases for different fillers they use
Restylane and Juvederm are the most popular you know depending on Juvederm or Restylane or collagen whatever you add in your lips sometimes they tend to move
depending on the molecule and even if a dermatologist or doctor tells you they
don’t I’ve seen it them move every single time and so what happens is they
start to go like I’ve even seen it you know and some people I know very closely
where like it starts to move into the upper lip and their whole upper lip
looks really big and it’s just it’s not a good looks I think when people try to
get when they’re trying fillers for the first time or they want bigger lips you
know they immediately go towards filler and that sometimes is not a good
solution at all. I’ve noticed since I’ve started lining my lips I’m SOOOO happy
with it. They’re not as plump but they look big. So you know I’ve been posting
pictures and I’m not getting those comments anymore about people saying I
look plastic literally just dissolving my lips! You know and it’s so funny
because sometimes just when you do your lips all of a sudden people like oh my
God you look so I think you’ve done everything and it’s like what? No! I just
put fillers in my lips and now people are assuming so much more so I
definitely think that you know lip filler can actually be a really bad
thing especially if you go to not a great doctor and I think most people
just they have their own preference on lips and they don’t always you know they
don’t think about the way it looks in photos. The reality is bigger lips do sometimes make you look more feminine and softer
but it doesn’t necessarily mean that if you fill your lips, you’re going to have
that appearance actually can be the opposite can make you look harsher and
faker and older so it’s not necessarily the right way to get bigger lips.
You know thinking about in retrospect I don’t think I’ll ever – will I fill my lips again?
I definitely will not go about it the same way that I did before.
I think I know so much more now but I think it is really important to remember
that you know when you want to do something when you when you maybe feel
like you need a touch you probably don’t need lip filler you
probably just need a little lip liner or something else so I think it’s really
important to mess around with makeup before you know you mess around with
needles because reversing that can sometimes be really challenging so what
they use to dissolve filler is actually called hyaluronidase which
basically removed it’s like a like an enzyme that melts the hyaluronic acid.
Now if you put collagen your lips which can be really — if you ever seen people
with like really plump lips and they feel like they can’t move — collagen fillers
or collagen-based lips can be VERY thick and those are very hard to remove
and they can be even dangerous to remove it and cause scarring people try to move
them it’s just not a good look so you want to be really careful when you do
fillers. Different fillers all last different timings and each person also
their bodies react to fillers differently so some people have you
know very high metabolisms, their circulation is really intense,
you know maybe they touch their their face a lot so that will tend to drain
the lymphatic areas in your face and your fillers will move more and they
start to dissolve more so you know most fillers last anywhere from 6 to 18
months if they’re hyaluronic base if the collagen base they can last for YEARS
and that can be really bad if they’re done badly but if you know if you use a
hyaluronic based filler you know you just want to be really careful and from
my experience my ultimate experience with filler is less is more and
basically you know in all hyaluronic acid based fillers no matter what
doctors tell you I promise you they move I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it with
celebrities he started out really beautiful and they started doing filler
and then they started to look slightly strange over the years the fillers are
moving. I wish like in retrospect somebody would have told me that or I
would have researched more but even when you see things on the internet you just
don’t know what to believe or who to go to and so this is my personal experience
with fillers if you are gonna go to see a doctor make sure you go to a really
good doctor and do as minimal work as possible and I swear to you you probably
don’t need lip filler even though you think you do. So I do have a lip liner done like really really big over line my lips and I’ve obviously contoured
a little bit, but I want to show you guys really quickly removing my lip liners
they are significantly smaller like you can see [LAUGHTER] that was immediate. My lips are so much smaller I’m just gonna put a little powder so you guys can see the
top of it. So you can see my lips are so much smaller than they used to be the
top lip, um we’ve dissolved all of the filler I have a tiny bit in the bottom I
don’t really feel like I need to dissolve the bottom because that’s not
where the problem was it was really here. So you can see my lips look so
different and yes I’m super happy my fillers even though they look like this
but honestly speaking you know lip fillers are really addictive so like
even after remove them and I know I look better I have the urge to like fill them
in even more. Comment down below let me know what you guys think about my lips being you know before and after I am gonna quickly just show you guys how I line them now to make them look bigger and I may even make them look even
a little bit bigger than we had had them in the beginning so I’m just gonna go
quickly I’m gonna take Trendsetter lip liner that’s actually what I use and I
like to use something really dark and I’m just gonna quickly I go way above my
lip so you can see I’m not even starting on the lip I’m starting right here I’m
basically making myself a mustache and I’m going here and then I’m connecting
it and for the bottom I’m not necessarily going super big cuz it gonna
have lip filler there and I’m just lining it and I like a really dark color
on top I just really love it like being super
intense on top and then what I’m I do is I’m just gonna finish the shape
something close my off and now my top lip is even bigger than my bottom lip
and this does not have filler. I like a line in the middle to because I feel like that makes it looks bigger I’m kind of putting a triangular line so I like
to go wide here I can look a little triangular, a little bit here.
This gives you that Angelina Jolie lips. If you like the perfect lips. I feel like on the top except these
lines I basically have not drawn on my lips at all I basically have drawn
completely off my lips. I’m just gonna use our Liquid Matte in Venus and I’m
just gonna put it on top of everything… And I love that Trendsetter Venus mix. And my lips looks so much bigger I’m just gonna apply a small amount of powder here in
the corners not a concealer just a powder. And I really like to make this
line on top a little bit more dark just so you look like a real contour and I
just put a little more here. I’m gonna grab a little shimmer gloss this is just
Ritzy, I love it. I used all Huda Beauty products but you can use like legit
whatever you want I’m just putting a little shimmer there and I’m gonna grab
my ring finger — I just colored my mom’s hair yesterday so that’s why my fingers are weird colors. And I’m just gonna go ahead and spread that here spreading all over
and that’s it! So this is essentially how my lips look now I feel like they look
so much better they look a lot more natural and I’m just happier with them
so I definitely think that I am done with lip fillers I don’t know I think so
again they are addictive and they’re dangerous and I really want to do this
video because I’ve got so many questions about my experience with fillers so
hopefully for anybody out there who was wondering I really hope this helps
everyone and even if you weren’t wondering hopefully this information does help
either you or a friend or a family member and and I hope you guys enjoy
this video. And of course make sure you guys subscribe
and I’ll see you guys next time. [KISS!] Love you guys!

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