My HUGE Pimple

What’s up guys? It’s Jeffrey. How’s everybody doing? (I’M DOING GOOD) Ooh, look at my skin today. It looks pretty clear and beautiful. Wait.. is that a PIMPLE???!? UURRGHHHH!!! Well actually, this one I just glued it on. But I swear this week, I had a pimple and it wasn’t the prettiest thing. But no worries,cause I KILLED IT!!! AHAHAHAHA (DEVILISH LAUGHING) (That is so extra, Jeffrey) And all honesty, I hate pimples. And every time I get one, it makes me so angry. I know its something natural that I shouldn’t feel insecure about. But the thing is I always get them during the worst period. Oh man, I got a pimple. Alright,Jeff. So here is your schedule for today. You have to take your graduation picture, Then you are off to take your driver’s license picture, Then you come home and shoot a video for your Youtube channel in front of thousands of people And then you are flown out to Los Angeles to attend the Awesomeness on TV in front of 15 million people ’cause you’ve been NOMINATED!! Oh, and the best part is your date is Emma Watson!!! (Damn, Jeff likes her a lot) You must be so excited! O. K. NOOOOOO!!! The reason why i’m so subconscious about acne is that everytime I have a conversation with someone, all I can think of is the other person staring directly at my pimple, instead of focusing on me. Now, I think I know how girls feel every time guys stare at their cleavage. Hey,Jeff Oh hey, (gasps then slaps) (LOL) What was that for ?!?? You just looked at my pimple! No, I was just looking at your face! Well then, I appreciate it if you don’t look at my face. Okay.. (turns around) So uh,, how’s your day going, Jeff? Thanks for respecting my privacy, Robert. I’m doing just fine. Yeah, kinda. Maybe not. The only difference with pimples is that most of the time it’s literally on your face so it’s not like you can hide it. Alright, good morning class! Good morning, teacher! Uhmm, who are you? Don’t you recognize me?? Is my pimple to big for you to recognize me? No,, it’s ’cause I can’t see your face. Oh yeah, it’s fine. Usually, at one point during the day,I forget I even HAVE a pimple. But not for long, because we live in such a superficial society that decided to put mirrors pretty much everywhere to remind us how we look like. Hey, Jeff! Hey, wait.. are you my reflection? Yeah, I just want to remind you that you have a big pimple and you’re ugly! (NO, YOU’RE FREAKING HANDSOME) Yea, I know. But why do you have to remind me?? You’re welcome! (cries) You’re still ugly though! I got this pimple cream the other day. I don’t think I‘m applying the cream right, because a few hours after putting it on, it leaves this white residue all over my face. Jeffrey, what’s that on your cheek? What? Is that cocaine? Are you doing drugs? No? I’m sorry, man. I’m gonna have to report this. Wait,,, what are you talking about?? 911, what’s your emergency? 911, we’ve got a student doing cocaine. Cocaine? That’s first degree crime. WAIT, WAIT, no, no , noo! That’s just pimple cream! Pimple cream?PFFT! HAHAHA! Are you serious? Wait, wait! False alarm, 911! It’s just pimple cream! Not cocaine! Pimple cream? HAHAHA! (I know.) Wait, wait, wait. Pass the phone, pass the phone. Officer, wants to talk to you. Hello? Dude,that’s so lame!! Hahaha. Pimple cream? Yeah, you’re still under arrest. Wait, what, why? ’cause you’re LAME! Is that just me? But in the end, acne is just another insecurity that we make up in our minds. Its just another natural thing that happens with puberty and as soon as we accept it, we realize it is not even a big deal because everybody gets it. It’s part of growing up, what’s even more important is how you see the world and not how the world sees you. Leave in the comments down below, what’s one of your insecurities. I encourage you guys to read each other comments and hopefully we will realize we are all the same. Give this video a thumbs up if it put a smile on your face. Thank you guys for watching. I’ll see you next week.This is JeffreyFever and I am pressing the record button NOW. Peace! GUGH

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