My FOURTH Fractional CO2 Laser (Philippines) Experience – Acne Scar Removal [TAGALOG]

The mefenamic acid helped numb my face during the procedure. It hurts here. Is my face red? It’s okay, I can still do this! Hello guys! We’re here at the clinic for my 4th fractional CO2 laser treatment. It’s little bit noisy because we’re near the road. This is the clinic. There are two people in the queue, so we’ll just eat first. Then we will come back for the treatment. The food magically disappeared! Ella: I told you, sir. Five sessions will not fully improve your scars. Ella: But there is an improvement! Me: My scars are not as deeper. Later you can take pain reliever, because we will up the intensity. Me: It’s not that painful now. Ella: In your first sessions sir, did you take mefenamic? Me: No, only now. Me: What is the intensity? Ella: I used two settings. Ella: One for older scars and another for deep scars. Ella: Because deep old scars need to be
addressed differently. Ella: This part to your nose, scars are deep. Ella: The scars in other parts of your face
are not that deep. Me: What intensity did you use? For mild scarring, 99 overlap 3 (99/3). For acne scars, I used 126/3. The mefenamic acid helped numb
my face during the treatment. This hurts. Is my face red? Grabe! But it’s okay, I can still do this! Next time I’ll take 30 mefenamic acid. *jokingly* JB: Later, you should take mefenamic acid again. Me: Okay sir. My fourth session is done,
it does hurt. Later, I will review the experience. Later, I will review this when I go home! Me: Are you taking a video? Me: Not yet, don’t pressure them! HAHA Ella: In your first session, your first time to undergo laser treatment right? We use basic settings to first timers. Because we are only testing how your
skin will react to the laser treatment. I explained to you, sir, that we need to up the settings every session. We up the intensity every time you visit
the clinic. If you fail to follow the schedule,
we will go back to lower settings. So it is better to follow the monthly schedule. It will be better if you visit the clinic
consistently, Then you can rest for up to two months
before the sixth session. Be cause we will significantly raise the intensity. Your face will have a hard time recovering
if it always undergo laser treatment. Making the treatment more painful. Your second and third
treatment are almost the same, Your fourth session, I upped the settings.
Especially on your deeper scars. Me: What does 126 over 3 mean? Ella: That’s the intensity. Ella: The intensity we used today is used to
treat deep and old scars, also for stretchmarks. Used for really old scars,
those not treated for several years. Especially for pitted scars. Your forehead area til your neck area,
does not need high intensity. Ms. Ella is camera shy. I just came back from the clinic four
my fourth Fractional CO2 Laser treatment. If you notice, my face is really red. Also, if you notice: this part of
my face is not that red. This part is redder. This part is redder because the laser technician
used higher intensity here. This part is my problem area, where
my scars are deeper. My nose to my temple. Other parts of my face are not that red
since they don’t need higher intensity. Thirty minutes after the treatment, that was when I felt the pain. Because I took mefenamic acid before the
laser treatment, while the anesthesia is taking effect. During the treatment, I don’t feel much pain. It was more painful in my previous treatment
despite being having a lower intensity. So I think, using mefenamic acid is helpful. Just to lessen the pain. I want to thank Ms. Ella for handling
the treatment well. She’s also the one who did my first session. Then, I want to greet Christel Paa, my subscriber! Thank you! I will monitor my progress in
seven days. Please check my past videos. Thank you! See you! * Shoutouts! You can skip this part. ๐Ÿ˜€ * Hello guys, this is the seventh day after my fourth laser treatment. First of all thank you to all my subscribers! We reached 10,000 SUBSCRIBERS! Thank you so much, I hope for more
channel growth! Now we will now take a look at my face
after the fourth session. If you notice, it didn’t improve that much since the third session. Because the effect of laser treatments take time. It doesn’t happen overnight. Collagen buildup takes time, so it’s not
fair to judge the effect of the laser this time. The only thing that recovered are the wounds made by the Fractional CO2 Laser treatment. It’s not visible, but my face is still healing. That’s why they advice monthly interval. Take a rest for 4-6 weeks every session to fully recover. That’s why you can only see the real effect every month. The improvement I see, since my first session The base of my scars, Imagine, this is the surface of my skin. This is my scar for example. The base of scar, the deepest parts, are red. Despite being old, it is still red. Now, you will see that the redness is gone. The discoloration is almost gone. They were like pimples that dried up. The color is like this one, but more
spread out. The redness in my scars gave the appearance of deeper acne scars. Since the redness is gone, my skin looked significantly better. The laser treatment improved the appearance of scars. The color improved, and the scars are a little less visible. Unlike in my first session where my scars
were really deep! When I look down, you will see how really deep
my scars are. It really improved a lot! Look at the scars in this area. That part was really deeeep! Now, it’s not that deep anymore! My scars are still improving. The laser technician also noticed that my
scars are less deeper. She’s the one in my first session. She told me that my scars really did improve. She really checked it, telling me that my face already improved since the first treatment. We haven’t seen each other for a long time. Yesterday, I went to a birthday party. While riding a public transport, I saw in the sideview mirror that my skin now looks better. Before, I don’t look at mirrors because of my scars. Now looking at the sideview mirror, it’s harder for me to notice the scar. My scars are not as noticeable than before. Now I’m more confident looking at mirrors. Especially in comfort room mirrors. Where imperfections are really clear. I’m not that scared anymore to look at mirrors. Now that it improved. At a distance, it makes you feel that people won’t notice your scars anymore. My confidence improved a little. Now, I’m not concerned if they’re looking at my scars. It’s now okay. It already improved and I’m satisfied. That’s it! Thank you so much!

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