MY FIRST 8 MONTHS ON RETIN-A Before and After Results

right. Lights,
camera, action.
I’ve hit record. I just need to have a sip of my
peppermint tea. I am not having any more coffees today.
You guys after this, I’m going for a special pumpkin spice
Latte is so I don’t overdo the caffeine. Ooh,
there was a cat hair on my face. What’s up guys?
Welcome back to today’s video. Surprise.
It’s me. I’m back again on my own channel.
Who else would it be today? Guys,
we are going to talk all about my first eight months on prescription strength,
retin a on prescription strength tretinoin.
You guys know that I’ve been on the retin a ow.
I bit my tongue. Oh,
you guys are really just bit my tongue been following me for awhile now.
You know that I’ve been on the retin a, really bad,
but we are going to soldier on if you’ve a journey on the holy grail quest.
This quest for the holy grail, retin-a,
the most holy grail skincare product, have them all a skincare product that is
clinically proven, one of the only scientific anti aging
ingredients in skincare. I cannot believe I have finally reached
the eight month mark of using prescription strength retin a.
Now I’ve actually vlogged this entire journey,
so today’s video is actually one in a I did everything from blogging,
going to the dermatologist to doing a series of getting my retin a
one week retin a update,
a three month retin a update, a six month written,
a update, and now my eight month retin a
prescription strength tretinoin update. Wow.
We’re going to talk about a couple of different topics.
We’re going to talk exactly what the difference is between retinol,
retin a tretinoin cream. I know even myself have been a little
bit confused on the terms and have used them interchangeably,
so we’re going to clear up the exact We’re also going to talk about exactly
what to expect and the side effects of differences between a retinol and
retin a. retin a because let me tell you there
are some absolutely crazy side effects before we dive into today’s video.
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Let’s dive right into today’s video. Makes you guys check out all of the
other videos in this series. I’ll have them link down below.
Let’s just dive right into it. If you guys have been subscribed to my
channel this entire time, can you believe that eight months has
gone by since I got my prescription strength that retin a?
Where has time gone? Like in my opinion,
when I first started retin a during that first one week update,
my skin doesn’t look anything the same. You guys anything the same as eight
months ago, it’s absolutely incredible,
but before you even get into that, let’s just start right at the beginning.
I wanted to make a really quick clarification.
The differences between retinol, retin a Tretinoin,
right? retinoic acid because in my last couple
of videos I use these words interchangeably and people were getting
so hot and bothered in the comments and people were going off.
They were going crazy. literally you guys in the comments down
below, They were sounding off on the
differences between a retinol, retin a,
and I thought I would just clarify retin-a is a brand of tretinoin and
these are the types of things that you really quickly once and for all,
in this video,
get prescribed by a doctor or a
dermatologist. It can be very potent.
It is very potent. It’s very dangerous.
That’s why going to the doctor and getting a prescription is so important
because it’s so powerful. Now,
retinol on the other hand is a but a derivative of vitamin A and it is
converted into retinoic acid. derivative of vitamin A,
not the vitamin a itself, On the skin.
Retinol products are definitely not as potent as a written.
A product’s retinols are often mixed with moisturizers and emollients,
but when you use retin a, you’re actually just cutting right to
the chase and putting that retinoic acid on your skin.
That’s why it’s so much more potent and so much more intense,
but that’s why the benefits are so much more amazing.
I just want to go ahead and clarify all we know what’s confused in the most
simplest of terms. of those things.
That way we’re all on the same page that That’s the difference between a retinol
and retin a. So as you guys know,
I’m still using these Stieva a, a tretinoin cream.
This has been working at. Fantastic.
For me, this is point zero one percent.
I honestly think that I’m just going to stick with the point zero one percent
for as long as possible. It’s still working amazing with my skin.
I’m still seeing those benefits, so I think I’m going to hang out at the
point zero one percent for a little bit longer.
What you can expect when you first start prescription strength retin a.
Exactly what I experienced when I started my retin a was literally every
side effect that I saw on any blog post or any other youtuber I’d watched.
I’d read so much about retin a, drying out your skin,
making your skin flaky, making it peel,
giving you acne, giving you pimples,
and I was like, you know what? That’s not going to be me.
I’m just going to get my retin a and my You know,
I try so many different skincare skin’s gonna.
Be Like,
oh trevor,
I love this.
products and I just thought that I was
gonna have like the best time on but I experienced exactly what most
others have experienced when they start retin a.
I don’t know what I was thinking, with their retin a.
That is extreme drying guys that my skin was so dry all around.
My mouth was peeling. The sides of my face were appealing.
Even my forehead started to peel. At one point I was like,
what is going on? And you know,
my skin is actually a little bit oily, so I was like,
there’s no way that this is going to dry my skin out enough because I have got
enough oils. I use enough moisturizers.
Who in the world uses more moisturizers I just thought that I was ready to like
battle this retin a and just like get than I do.
the best results right away and kind of
like skip all of that peeling and gross. But I was not lucky initially in the
first couple of months. The dryness really around my mouth was
the most extreme in the cracks around my nose and it really lightly under my eye
area, but the amazing part about that is it
smoother the texture of your skin out so much,
especially all of the is along my nose and that was one of the main reasons
that I went to get retin a is to really improve my skin texture,
especially in that region. They’re also something that totally
shocked me is in the first couple of months using my retin a,
I had so many pimples. You guys,
I just kept getting like random pimples, random zits all over my face and I had
heard that your skin does purge when you first start that retin a because the
cell turnover is kind of sloughing off It’s unveiling all of those deep,
dark pimples that are just like lurking that dead skin. dealing with pimples and Zits was
actually the hardest part of first under the skin.
Honestly, starting my prescription strength.
retin a.
It was the hardest thing to climatize to
and I was like, if I keep getting zits and pimples,
I’m just going to have to stop this I’m just gonna throw in the towel and be
like, right,
and a process. I can’t do this because I really didn’t
get that many pimples before I started the retin a and I was like,
this is causing pimples, but you know,
something in my gut, the Holy Spirit told me to hang on,
keep applying the retin a and you know, just push through and eventually you’ll
get to the other side, which I did thankfully.
And I encourage any of you guys out It does get better now.
Honestly, hang on.
if you’re just starting retin a, I would say that it took my skin about
four or five months to completely calmed down when I first started using my
written a really stop being dry every single day and to stop pushing out all
of those zits and pimples, purging,
all of that acne into the fifth month. My skin was definitely a lot more normal
and I started to see the benefits of smoother skin,
smoother texture, and definitely by six months I had no
pimples, no pimples,
no sits, and I could start to see those fine
lines also be diminished. It’s just so important to make sure that
you’re moisturizing your skin as well as exfoliating your skin.
You really have to remove all of that dry skin.
Then you want to make sure that you are slapping on so much moisturizer.
You want to make sure that that skin is comforted,
hydrated, protected,
because that retin a is really increased in that cell turnover and getting rid of
so much skin, it’s so much more quickly than it would
on its own. You want to make sure that you’re
protecting and hydrating that fresh new skin.
Another little side note that I love who has to shave my face every day.
If you start using a retin a, about using retin a,
especially being a guy and being someone guys listen up out there because the
cell turnover is so much more increased. It really helps to alleviate any clogged
hair follicles because of that daily exfoliation.
It just helps with shaving so much less less bumps,
less lumps. ingrown hairs,
less pain, I mean,
no brainer. Okay,
so so far we’ve covered about the first I was really in that sweet spot.
I was really starting to see the daily six months on my retin a.
benefits of using a right retin a.
My skin was healthy. It was glowing,
and then you guys. I fell off the wagon.
Now I don’t feel too too bad. I didn’t really fall off the wagon all
the way. I still use my retin a about three times
a week, but up until this point,
I had used it every single day. My commitment was real.
You guys, I was committed to showing you guys
exactly the benefits of the retin a if you used it every single day,
but honestly that just wasn’t realistic. Honestly.
Guys, the thing is is using a retin a is just
a difficult task. At the end of the day,
I’m just going to be straight up. You have to wash your face and wait at
least a half an hour until your skin is totally dry.
Then you apply your retin a, then you have to wait another hour
before you apply your night moisturizer. I mean the whole thing takes about two
and a half hours, which is just like a lot of commitment
for every single night, so I fell off the wagon of doing it
every single night, but I definitely do it at least three
times a week if not more, but at a minimum I’m just doing it at
least three times a week. Switching to using retin a only three
times a week actually made my skin more sensitive.
It actually brought me back to that period more of around like the three
month mark where my skin definitely wasn’t freaking out as bad.
My skin wasn’t as dry. I didn’t have as many zits or as many
pimples, but my skin was definitely like,
whoa, what’s going on?
Why are you using this some days? Why are you not using this?
The other day is like, it was just kind of jumping around and
my skin was not happy with me, so for the entire month of month six and
into month seven, my skin was a lot more sensitive than it
had been before you guys. I was so disappointed in myself.
I was like, oh trevor,
why don’t you just do it every single day.
You should have just stuck to your plan Although when I first started,
everyone was like, of doing it every single day.
don’t do it every day.
Your skin is basically going to fall My skin actually climatized faster and I
actually saw more benefits when I used off.
It didn’t. it every single day.
So after I throw myself a pity party of only using retinol three times a week,
about two weeks ago, I started using my retin a every single
night. Again,
you guys. So I feel like my love and passion for
retin a has returned. I’m doing it every single night for you
guys. I just don’t want to give up this
process. I want to see what using retin a on the
regular could do. I’m kind of using this whole youtube
series as an experiment to see exactly video footage,
what retin a does and the benefits of I’m so excited to document this as a
video diary. retin a,
so like, I mean,
I’m going to look back at this one day renee made my face fall off.
One of those is going to happen, and be like,
Or I’m going to look back and think,
oh my gosh, so officially finishing month eight
going into month nine. I can’t believe it.
It’s almost going to be a full year or retin a update.
How is that even possible anyway, soon.
We’re going to be able to do my one year after a full eight months on
prescription strength retin a,
my skin guys has never been more clear. I’ve said this in all of my other
videos. I cannot recommend retin a enough.
As you can see. I mean the proof is in the pudding.
In particular. My favorite benefits of being on retin a
is my skin texture. You guys,
I mean it’s just so much more smooth and once my skin really a climatized to
using retin a. I haven’t experienced any breakouts,
any pimples. My skin is always clear,
bright and fresh, so if you’re someone who loves smooth,
exfoliated skin, you would love a retin a. I’ve also noticed the diminishing of
fine lines, wrinkles,
especially my crows feet area, my marionette lines,
I’ll hold on my sun spots and discoloration of brown spots are
completely smoothed out. Anyway,
guys, that’s where we’re at with my eight
month retinae update. Make sure you check out all of the other
videos that I’ve done on retin a. I’ll have them all linked down below and
I’m sure they’ve been popping up in It’s so cool to see my retin a before
and after in all of the different video cards all around here.
Make sure you check them out.
Have you tried retin a before? Do you love it?
Do you hate it? What are your favorite skincare products
that have shown the most dramatic I love to hear from you guys because you
guys know I love to talk to you. difference in your skin?
Let me know in the comments down below. I’d love to hear from you or applied to
like every single comment. Now we have reached the end of this
video, but don’t worry if you want to keep
hanging out and you can watch more right here and don’t forget to subscribe right
here if you made it to the end of this video,
you are my true ride or die. You are the reason that I make these
videos and you’re just like the true guys,
I can’t wait to see you then. superstar in my life.
Until the next video, Bye guys.

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