well what’s up guys welcome back to
today’s video which is my 3-month I can’t believe it
three-month retinol update and I actually sat down to film this video
several times before but it didn’t think I’d use the retinol long enough to
really give you guys the benefits of like my first initial impressions into
retinol because really it took a couple weeks to like figure things out for my
skin to balance out I have got the true T on retinol I mean I have got my stieva a prescription or right here beside me so not only am I going to give you guys
a three month to retinol update but I’m also gonna do my current retinol skin routine
with you it so I can show you how I apply it all over the skin but before we
dive into this retinol routine if you haven’t already
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dive right into my current of retinol skin care routine and I’m gonna let you
know how my first 3 months on prescription strength retinol turned
out listen it’s not a pretty scene let’s dive right into today’s the video now
I’m just gonna take a small amount of retinol and just go area by area all
over my face while I update you guys on my first 3 months of a retinol so let’s
go ahead and just dab it right on the skin now my skin is cleansed and
completely dry one of the things about retinol is you need to apply it on to
dry skin because you really just wanted to stay on top of this skin and not
really penetrate deep because of retinol which is an intense form of vitamin A
really helps to chemically exfoliate the skin it feeling that youthful skin
underneath over time you don’t want it to penetrate you want it to sit on that
top layer of skin and I’d like to pay really close attention to under the eye
area because I have a couple sunspots under there that I’m trying to get rid
of girl so I just like to focus it right on this area my first couple weeks on
retinol weren’t a bad actually my skin wasn’t peeling and I actually thought
like oh my gosh this retinol isn’t working but let me tell you after about
three weeks my skin started peeling I noticed cracking along my nose here
which I read was a common side effect and I was totally ready for that so I
wasn’t surprised when I started to peel around my nose but it was literally
flaking off I could use tweezers and like peel the skin off from between my
nose that was the first thing I noticed no that’s a lie the first thing I
noticed was pimples and breakouts within a couple of days I had breakouts all
around my mouth region here I can’t even tell you about my chin and
like the difference in my skin texture in my chin area in particular I’ll get
there but getting back to the pimples first I broke out all around here then
my nose started to peel in particular when I woke up in the morning like my
skin was just like peeling away from my face I was shook a–the to the core I
was like I don’t even know if this is gonna be worth it because I would try
and hydrate the skin and I just couldn’t like it was in hydrate of all because it
was trying to peel off and reveal youthful skin which is what I was
looking for but I mean at the expense of looking like a flaky mess Oh so the
first few weeks was really just me wondering if I wanted to continue with
the retinol because I was like oh is this peeling worth it it kind of hurt I
was like oh it’s a winter time so my skin was already dry but I knew the
winter time was the perfect time to use a retinol prescription because there’s
even less chances of you being in the Sun you don’t be mixing your retinol and
sensitive skin with the Sun you don’t be getting burned you don’t want to be
getting into any of that mess so winter was the perfect time to start using the
retinol but at the same time my skin was already so dry it was just like a double
whammy and I was not living for it now I should also mention that this is
actually my second tube of retinol and I’m almost halfway through this one so
at this point I’ve actually used a tube and a half of retinol that’s why I feel
like now is the perfect time to update you guys so right after my nose started
peeling the next thing that I noticed is around my moustache area and my chin
started peeling off like I looked like I had been eating bath salts all night
long and I woke up it was like a whole like I’m covered in bath salts I was
shocked I was like I cannot go in public like this this is one thing like
appealing nose I can get away with like yeah maybe your nose is chapped your
lips are dry you know same thing but like looking like you ate bath salts is
just unacceptable unacceptable so I was panicking like
forever being like oh my gosh I can’t go outside because I look like the bath
salt monster my nose is peeling I’m have acne I was still broken oh this retinol
is not exactly what I thought it was gonna be I thought I would just have
like beautiful glowing skin right off the bat I thought my skin would be dry
obviously but like at the level of dryness I was not expecting so during
those first initial phases I really had to focus on exfoliation especially in
this lower region now I didn’t notice any difference on my forehead on the
sides of my face it was all right through here so I really had to use a
good exfoliator and make sure that almost daily if not every
second day I was exfoliating that area in particular because the skin was just
flaking right off my face let me tell you the silver lining of that flaking
skin especially in my chin region guys my skin after about a month and a half
on retinol especially in this region here was glowing
it was dewy it was luminous the texture was so smooth and a long lean nose
region the only way I can describe it is the same texture as like a really smooth
like my forehead area and the sides of my face here was the exact same
smoothness and texture all through my chin area no I didn’t even notice that
the skin kind of in this area was dull until it was illuminated now like when I
look at my skin in the monitor you guys can see all through this area here it’s
so hydrated and luminous all the time and it’s because of those top layers of
skin literally falling off peeling off revealing the youthful skin underneath
the glowing skin at the smooth skin I mean the skin texture that was renewed
beneath that skin it was just like I didn’t even realize that my texture was
that bad I thought that I had pretty decent skin until I started retinol now
I think my skin has leveled up even further because of retinol now still to
this day I do like to concentrate my retinol in my problem areas which is
along my nose here and out along under my eye which I already kind of talked
about earlier really focusing in that area and bringing it down here I also
love to work it into my marionette lines because I’m trying to just like
alleviate all lines and wrinkles as best as I can
now I’m gonna zoom you guys in so we can take a look at my skin up close and
personal oh I hate when I do this but I mean you guys just have to see it well
compared to my skin but when I first started retinol 3 months ago to that
initial video but come on in and let’s take a look at my skin all right guys
you can see it through this whole area here my skin is so luminous the skin is
so soft the texture is absolutely amazing I mean you guys can see my
fingers just glide right over my skin it has never been this soft in my entire
life my skin has never been this off in its entire life I mean you can see even
up along my forehead here everything is so smooth and that is 100% due to the
retinol now because my skin is being chemically exfoliated on the daily you
guys can see it’s not only so luminous but that’s also going to help to get rid
of sun spots acne enlarged pores I mean retinol is one of the wondrous
products in the world it also helps to rebuild collagen I mean uh I just can’t
say enough good things so my first initial experience on retinol for the
first three months was first acne a couple of pimples and zits and then
appealing nose and then the bath salt chin I mean those were some pretty
dramatic steps but I just stuck with the retinol because I could see the luminous
skin underneath and I was like if I can just stick to this I know I will get to
the other side and at about the two and a half month mark I stopped peeling
altogether and once my skin adjusted to retinol it just started experiencing the
benefits with none of the peeling I made it so what I recommend retinol yes
absolutely if you’re not on retinol and go and get some there is such a world of
benefits of retinol your doctor can tell you all about it go get a prescription
don’t even bother going to sephora or alta go get a prescription setting the
retinol and listen the benefits here they are
once my skin settled down I have never had less acne less pimples less it’s
less fine lines more radiant skin I mean I’m speechless now I know that
using a retinol can sound a little bit scary because online there’s so many
horror stories of people burning their skin or ruining their skin forever using
retinol but listen if you talk to your doctor and start at a low dosage
starting retinol in your mid-20s to kind of early 30s is the key time to start
using retinol to preserve your skin for as long as possible I’ll keep you guys
updated on my retinol routine I have five prescriptions left of this strength
of retinol before I move up to the next grade I’ll let you guys know how my skin
develops if I experience any more irritation any more peeling so far so
good though I think my skin has totally calmed down I’m so excited to keep using
retinol and keep taking my skin to the next level I mean I can’t even imagine
what my skin is going to look like in a couple of years from now consistently
using retinol alright guys I think that’s all I have to say about retinol
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