Each day as I continue on these two oral antibiotics, I have this moment of decision. ♬ Oh, you gotta breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe ♬ ♬ Let it go and let it be, be, be ♬ [doors opening] [footsteps] [car door closes] Good morning, guys. I am on my way to go pick up some groceries. It is beautiful. It’s 73 degrees. [Peter] Alright, let’s see what we got here. [door opening and plastic bags crinkling] [Peter] Hello! Oh, you scared me so bad. [Peter] I scared you? Uh! Well, I was like, Peter? And then I didn’t hear anything, and then I was like…who? [Peter chuckles] [Peter] Hey buddy. [Mary] Ollie, what is that? Look. Who is that? [Peter] Hi! Did Peter surprise us? [Peter] I surprised you. I got the groceries. [Mary] Thank you! [Peter] Alright, looks like Mary got us the necessities like Dr. Pepper. [Peter] Oh, I needed some wood glue for a project I’m working on. [Peter] Carpet cleaner, I think for cleaning a purse. Toothpaste. [Peter] Excellent. And… [Peter] Avocado. Yeah, I am analyzing your purchases. [Mary] Are you going, why did she buy that? [Peter] No, not yet. [Peter] Bananas, mayonnaise, salsa, sugar. [Peter] Milk, half-and-half. Oh, she got me some yogurts. [Peter] Let’s see what flavors she got. Oh, yeah. Lemon meringue pie and carrot cake creation. [Mary] Have you tried that one? [Peter] I’ve had both of those and they’re delicious. No, thank you. I love them. I almost got you cinnamon bun. [Peter] Ah, that sounds weird, but… [Peter] I always say that, I know, but… [Peter] Oh, Mary’s been digging, in the mornings, little bagels with whipped cream cheese. So good. [Peter] And that’s all folks. [Peter] Okay guys, welcome to the messy basement as I… [Peter] work on, this is what I needed the wood glue for. So I’m making a, [Peter] you guys have seen the wood sign in our living room that says it is well. [Peter] I’m making a little one of those for some friends and they just moved apartments, so… [Peter] Um, we thought it would be a nice like, housewarming gift. So I am going to put these together. ♬ chill electronic music ♬ [Peter] Okay, I got those boards being glued together. We’ll check back in here a little bit later. Each day as I continue on these two oral antibiotics, I have this moment of decision. Uh… [chuckles] Mid-morning and I say to myself, I wonder if these antibiotics are gonna start working? And I make that decision whether I… take tylenol to prevent that afternoon headache. What it seems like is… depending on the day, the headache and the fever kicks in, well, the headache, so some days I’m just kind of waking up with a low-grade fever, but the headache tends to kick in mid, early, mid-afternoon and, or late. I don’t know. I guess each day it’s different. But yesterday I was at church and my morning, my head doesn’t hurt and so that’s fine. And then right after church, I was like, trying to decide. Well, I’ve been on these antibiotics for quite a few days now, maybe the headache won’t hit today. Maybe the antibiotics are working. And so Peter and I went out to lunch and I was like, I’m gonna not take tylenol and just see. I’ve got to see if the headache’s not there. Because I don’t want to just keep slapping that bandaid on, the tylenol band-aid. I’m thankful for that band-aid because it helps me function, but I need to know if there’s a headache going on. So anyway, I waited yesterday, and it turned out… Basically, then, once the afternoon happens and the headache starts, just like, sitting here, it’s fine. It doesn’t hurt that bad. Um, but then once I start coughing… it hurts so bad. So then, once the headache is escalated from a coughing fit, then the headache is at a higher pain level… until, and if, tylenol kicks in. So today here I am, Monday, and I’m trying to decide… are the antibiotics working? I can already feel… I’m getting ready to take my temperature and… I am pretty sure I’m gonna get a headache today. So I’m gonna take tylenol, I think. I think. I don’t know. I mean, it’s almost been a week on orals, on these antibiotics. So… I’ve got to know at some point if they’re working or not. But I think for today I’m just gonna go ahead and take tylenol, prevent that horrible afternoon headache. Like I said, it’s fine as long as I’m not coughing, but as we know, coughing is inevitable. And preventing, so when I do have a headache my body is like, uh! Breathing really like, strange, rhythmically, trying not to cough. Which that means… I’m not doing airway clearance and that means my lungs are suffering because of it. So, it’s important to keep the headache under control. But there’s that weird balance of… I don’t want to just slap the bandaid on it every day. So, we’ll see what happens, but I think for today I’m gonna go ahead and take tylenol. And maybe tomorrow the antibiotics will work. Maybe. I hope. I thought they would have started by now. I thought… that the… I thought it would have helped by now, but we’ll see. I’m actually getting ready to finish my vest for the morning. Lately the way I’ve been doing it is… I have been doing my nebulizers. So, in the morning I wake up in my bed upstairs. I spend, I don’t know, 30 minutes just staying in bed. Clearing out the initial junk in my lungs from the night. I was actually up at 5 in the morning this morning just coughing and… getting nasty stuff out of my lungs. And then I was able to fall back to sleep, which I was so glad. Anyway, then I spend like 20 or 30 minutes coughing and clearing my airways upstairs, and then I’ll come downstairs to this room. And I’ve been doing my pulmozyme and hypertonic saline nebulizers, and then I do like a, I think it’s called the Minnesota method. It’s like a programming on the vest, and I do a 30-minute set of that and then… I either restart it immediately and do the other 30 minutes, because for the last like, four years probably, I’ve been doing an hour of vest instead of a half-hour. I just find that it helps wake my lungs up better. And so I’m getting ready to do the second half hour right now, and um… Anyway. Yeah. I think my point was I have an hour-long program where each setting, so it goes like, a higher frequency and a higher pressure, each setting changes the frequency and the pressure, and I have a program that does a ten minute, what’s it? What’s the word? [Peter] Session? Not session. Setting. Each setting is ten minutes. So six settings at ten minutes each, so an hour. And I also have one that’s five minutes. And it adds up to thirty minutes. You get it. But I am doing the two times thirty instead of the one hour, because it feels better for the… pressures to change every five minutes instead of every ten minutes and I do it twice. That is as clear as mud. It makes sense in my head. You know what’s a random item of beauty? When you refill the soap container and it has bubbles all through it. Isn’t that so cool? Simple joys. Simple joys. [Mary] Ta da. Also, I use an empty saline syringe that I fill with water to water these plants. [Mary] It works great, especially for like the hanging ones. [Mary] We don’t close on our new house for a while, but I’m collecting [Mary] some cleaning supplies to take with us when we do close. [Mary] Because we probably won’t be moving full time down there. [Mary] There’s a lot of details to still get figured out, but we’re gonna need some essentials when we get there. [Mary] So, I’m just packing up some things now while I’m thinking about it, so they’ll be ready to go. [Mary giggling] What are you? Honey, I’m working here. I know. If you ever wonder how these designs come… to fruition, how they are birthed… Right there. That face of concentration. Look forward to some new designs soon. [Peter] Okay, so I have this all put together, now it’s time to get it rustic looking. ♬ upbeat electronic music ♬ [sanding] ♬ upbeat electronic music ♬ [sanding] [Peter] Okay, so here’s how I do these is I usually, um, do some white [Peter] splotches on it first, which helps repel some of the areas that the stain goes on. [Peter] And then I do like, a walnut to give it kind of an aged look, and then I do sun-bleached [Peter] grayish stain that I do on top, so, and I don’t let them fully dry, [Peter] that way it doesn’t fully soak in, and kind of makes it a little more splotchy, [Peter] which, if you’re normally staining you don’t really want, but [Peter] when you’re going for a rustic look, I think it looks pretty cool. ♬ upbeat electronic music ♬ I’m doing some cleaning down in the basement and I just came across my lunchbox. Now this lunchbox, my dad used to work for Blue Bird bus company and so he gave me this lunchbox. I think… Now I’m trying to remember. It was probably 2004 when he gave this to me, and so I was, in 2005 I started working at a little retail shop in our town, and I would take my own lunch. I’d often take a jar of the, what’s it called? Goober jelly. Um… And a loaf of bread, or, why did I take a whole loaf? Who knows. But I would pack that school bus lunchbox and take it to work. And then when I was a teacher at camp I would take it with me. And it has followed me for so many years and it’s sticking around, man. I’m not getting rid of that. I’m super sentimental. Plus it’s a quality lunchbox. So it’s sticking around. [Peter] Okay. This will be my second trip to the post office today. [Peter] Thank you guys for your orders. They’re coming soon. Well, it’s evening now and uh, well, it’s after, what is it? 6:30 or so. We are supposed to go hang out with some friends tonight at their new place and Mary’s feeling a little worn out. It’s been a lot this… Can you believe it was a week ago I was getting ready to fly out… to go look at houses. Oh, wow. Isn’t that crazy? Is that right? So, like, a lot has happened in a week and you’ve been going going going, pretty much. Because she was holding the fort down while I was gone, and then we’ve just had a lot. Social stuff. Yeah, a lot of social stuff and… Good social stuff. But anyways, Mary’s feeling a little worn out. I am. I’m hoping to revive in the next 30 minutes. Well, I need to finish that sign. It’s been drying out in the sun. So let’s, I printed the decal. So let’s go put it on. [Peter] All right. Here it is. [Peter] And you guys will recognize that [Peter] with…the one I made for Mary’s birthday two years ago, I think. ♬ upbeat electronic music ♬ [Mary giggling] [Mary] I was just over here testing my blood sugar to see if my Dexcom was correct, [Mary] and it was correct. It said 70…what did it say? [Mary] 79 and two arrows down. And for real it’s 73. But anyway, I looked over… [Mary] Look, there’s evidence of that bird in our house. I’m not kidding you. [Mary] That’s a birdie doo doo. So I’m gonna go treat this low. These are the times when I’m so grateful for this Dexcom because I don’t feel low at all. And it looks like I’m going down real fast, so let’s do this. Don’t mind my completely red face from coughing and just like that, we are back. We had a great time with our friends. I revived. I gathered up my energy and we had such a good time, and now we’re back home. And I’m actually about to dismantle this succulent. I call it the pagoda. I guess I thought it looked like a pagoda. What? But he will definitely need to be dismantled. He’s too tall. He can’t even stand up on his own. So I’m gonna behead him. This is what you’re supposed to do. Supposedly. I have done this to a few of my plants. So I’m a little nervous but I’m gonna do it. So basically… You… [breathing heavily] [scissors snip] Ah! You behead the top. This is how I’ve done it. And then I take off the petals by the bottom, and then I will keep those petals and propagate them, and we will see what happens. You telling them about succulents again? Yep. Sorry. She’s got it bad. With that we say. [both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night! Good night ya’ll. ♬ And good night to the Ollie boy. He knows the cue. [Peter] Aw, you look so cute. ♬♬

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    I also got a headache every afternoon from sinus inflammation. Now I take a prescription nasel spray and mucinex DM at night, really helps. Plus I rinse 3 times a week with natural salt and herbal Alkohol rinse (trademark). If you have a CF infection in the sinus, then ok I can see for the antibiotics, but the Dr. Didn't even examine you, so how do you know? Oh well just throwing some things out there. This time of year many people have sinus issues. Be well soon my dear.

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