My BFF reacts to Pimple Popping videos

Oh whoa look at that! The sun’s going down it’s taking them that long to freakin’ pop this thing Whoa… it’s like a tyrannosaurus. *laughs* (Leilani) What happen— (Emy’s spawn) Maybe they wanted to break his back? *laughs* I wanna break his back! Oh there’s more! YES! *slowmo* YES! *slowmo* YES! *laughing* Get it. We need a spoon! (Sara) *slowmo* EW! Emy! *laughs* Oh God! I need a spoon I’m gonna make a dressing recipe! (Sara) EEEWWWWW!!! *laughs* Feed it to your mother. *slowmo* Feed it to your mother. Oh God! Because apparently his mother didn’t teach him how to wash his back! *giggles* (Emy’s spawn) EEEWWW! *laughs* Oh ho ho ho! Gosh… (Emy’s spawn) you’re gross! (yes we are child) Sauerkraut. *slowmo* Sauerkraut *laughs* It’s like sauerkraut. *laughs* (I’m dying trying not to laugh while recording) Pull it. Pull it… *grunts* Oh! I wanna get it. I wanna get it. I wanna get it. *grunts* Get it. *grunting* Just get it…! (Sara) Just get it Just get it…! *laughs* This is all genuine which is really scary. (Sara) Yea it is Is so bad… (Sara) That’s why I’m recording you! *Grunts* Oooh! (Sara) Dear God… It’s like a cave of WONDERS! *slowmo* cave of WONDERS! *reflection* Wow, what is wrong with me? (Sara) My question is though, with like with that (Sara) particular video, it’s like (Sara) How long did that go on that guys head Right?! (Sara) Before… (Sara) He was like “Huh…” (Sara) “This is a problem” *Laughs* “I should probably get this taken care of…” (Sara) Forehead of all things too! (Sara) It’s not even like… Oh! That’s the forehead?! (Sara) Yea… Dayamn…. (Sara) Oh God! Oh! I feel a pimple! Oh, maybe if I slather some butter (Sara) *laughs uncomfortably* *slowmo evil laugh* Bring me the crisco! I want this to happen! *fakes a British accent* There’s so much blood… (Sara) Well yea, it’s in the skin, hun! I don’t care! Just get the SEED! USE YOUR TEETH! (Sara) EEW!! *more uncomfortable laughing* (Sara) Let’s move onto another one…. Legal disclaimer you’re a waste of my time! I don’t want to read. I just want them to bleed (we have issues) *laughs* Oh, get it… OH! My God! She didn’t even have to freakin’ touch it! (Sara) Yea, I know, right?! HOOOoooly volcano……! (Sara laughs uncomfortably) *Laughs* Oh my–OH! In my mouth! *slowmo* OH! In my mouth! Oh God! This is great…this is great… It’s like an infinite black hole with goodies inside. *Laughs* *slowmo* I like surprises! *grunts* Get the other one….! It’s bothering me! Oh! That popped! I need some 3D glasses in this bi*ch… *deep* Make this fun *sings* Slow motion is my FAVORITE! Whoo! Oh my God there’s so much! *whispers* There’s so much! *grunts* It is so big… *deeply grunts* There’s so much in there! (Sara) Oh God… God! There’s another hole that’s next to it that I just want her to GET. (Sara) I think we have a problem (EMY) *Deeply groans and causes uncomfortable laughing* And this is why I had to record her! This is what I watch whenever she watches these videos. I can’t watch them SHE can If you liked this video please give it a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already! *grunts* FEED ME YOUR CHILDREN! *laughing* (Sara) BYYYYYEEEE! Closed Captioning brought to you by YinYangSara

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