My Accutane Journey

alright this is it. the very very last pill. still can’t get it open ok I don’t they don’t make this easy the last one it’s been a good six months you’ve worked but I’m done with you what’s up everybody it’s cat today’s january 4th, 2017 and i am at the end of my six-month acne treatment. i was on isotretinoin also known as accutane to fix my face essentially i had acne on the T-spot my chest and my back and it has cleared up my dermatologist has said that i’m pretty much cured of it so far and i thought i would show you all so one of the major side effects of isotretinoin is dry skin i actually didn’t have that much of a problem with it and instead it went by a month-to-month basis of what new little side effect there was gonna be the first month was my lips were so soft it was very very uncomfortable it was very bizarre second month i got the Joker lips on both sides where it was sort of like cracking and bleeding and stuff then for months three, four and five I had bloody noses and I haven’t had bloody noses in years and I was getting them sometimes three times a day which was nuts also I believe in the fourth month I was having contact issues for the very first time and my eyes were kind of bothered by them so I want to go see my college’s health person and she looked up the side effects of isotretinoin and surprisingly not contact irritation is a side effect so that was like my little like month four thing and then five and six were just off and on bloody noses this past month I had one half of the Joker lip again it wasn’t as bad as the first time where it would crack and bleed and it was really within the last two weeks but I had that and that was a little unfortunate overall it did help i’m wearing a hat because for one I’m having a very bad hair day and two so you all can see my face alright so if you don’t remember i had a lot of acne up here lot on my chin some right here and then I get it in my nose every now and then which was really really not a fun time because it hurt but compared to where it used to be it looks pretty good i’ve cleared up and I’ve talked to my dermatologist all that’s left is scarring. we were discussing whether or not i would have to continue my treatment and she said that usually we want you to be fully clear for the last two months and I wasn’t able to tell because there’s still some speckly stuff and everything and she looked at it said that’s just scarring and there’s ways to treat that best show you my back and I chest as well my chest still gets red where acne was after i work out and everything but it is clear alright so I had a lot of acne right around in here and it’s cleared up all that’s left to some redness every now and then and the little bumps those little bumps are scarring I had a lot of acne on the back and the shoulders as well and that’s all gone. so this treatment was overall very successful i’m very happy with it because even though I didn’t have bad cystic acne or anything it was enough acne that I wasn’t comfortable with it and i was able to do something about it getting on isotretinoin is a very detailed and difficult process though and if you want more videos on that let me know because that can be an entire series on its own but that’s all i have for this update I hope maybe it cleared some things up for you or you can actually see the effects of isotretinoin make sure to subscribe below and also check out some other videos over there and I’ll see you soon bye

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  • I'm starting it in a month pre t to help clear it up before. I just hope it won't come back

  • damn your so clear I'm on my 5month things are looking good so far just some scars and maybe one tiny pimple a week

  • This video is great! I love your aesthetic and video quality

  • Hey there I'm currently on accutane and I'm now on my second month and I haven't seen any improvement. Hopefully I'll have the same result with yours and just wanna ask by the way may I know the skin care products you've used while you're on accutane?

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