Multiple milia under the eyes

So you’re gonna hear this little buzz– Well, you’re not really gonna hear a noise, but you’re gonna feel one little pinch here. I’m gonna do one, okay? Just one. I’ll do this one right here. You can feel me touch you right there. Okay. Ready? You okay? Mhmm. I’ll do it a couple times right there. Gonna do it again. A tiny one. You okay? She’s tough. Good. These are milia she’s got on her eye. I don’t know why you have so many of them here. (Background: What… what causes these?) Y’know, they’re… (Background:Fatty food?) No, no. You okay? If you need a break, just raise your hand, okay? I think she just– It’s probably– It might even be products you put on your face. Something that– Okay, okay. We’re gonna pay attention to her and not talk to anybody else. We’re just gonna put a little pressure with that little instrument you’ve seen me use before. We’re gonna push that one out. The ones right under your eye are gonna be— Are not easy, because there there’s no bone to push against. You know what I mean? So we kind of let the cautery let them shell out. Help them to shell out. You alright? Mhmm. Actually, some of the bigger ones are doing alright with me knicking them. (Background: She’s gonna look prettiness when she’s all done.) She is pretty! I know. She is pretty, though. (Background: Thank you.) Awww. I make everybody cry. Well, not everybody but… I don’t like to make her cry. Here. I’m gonna put a little pressure here. Good. Some of them are coming out. Well, I don’t want to push on them all the way up high on your eye. Gonna let your– Let it kind of pop out by itself. Let me just push on that one and see if I can’t help it out. Because that one is big. That one doesn’t want to come out Let me try one more time on that one and then I’m gonna leave you alone here, okay? There we go. Good. Oh, you’re gonna like that. Okay. Let me see your other side here. There’s one I’m gonna put one little knick in, okay? One little baby pinch here. Pinch. Good. Now a little pressure on this side You were never successful getting any of these out? Mmm. They need to be pinched a little bit more. Hold on, little pinch. There we go. That should do it for that one. It’s like you need to get right over them. Otherwise, they won’t– They’d better– There we go. Okay. Okay. I’m gonna do that little buzz on a couple of those on that side, okay? Then I’m– That’s it. I messed up your mascara. Okay, little buzz here. One buzz. Couple more little ones. Okay. Just make sure this– Okay, done.

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