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Hi everyone, today we’re gonna get real.
Take a look, I have so many, I got dark, age spots going on here. Okay I’ve been trying to
use those creams that are supposed to get rid of them it just doesn’t seem to
be working on me and I’ve got tons of them, I have little red spider
veins, I’ve got circles, bags, lines under my eyes which are almost blue. I don’t
even know what’s going on here, there’s some kind of a discoloration going on
there but I even had a pimple up on my eyebrow it’s kind of
gone away now but you know, pimples and blemishes at 62 years old like what?? but
that’s the beauty of growing old gracefully, but we need a little magic of
makeup and so today I’m going to show you concealers, a liquid foundation. Now
this is a little more than that other video that I did with a natural
foundation look because that one was more of just using a powder and it’s
great for everyday and you know ,that kind of stuff, but let’s just say that
you’ve got like a power meeting or networking, you’re going out for dinner
with some special friends or with your husband or significant other or whatever
this is the makeup to use at least for me it lasts for hours and I just
love it . Hey, you know what ? I’ve got some subscribers! I am so excited and probably
one of them is you and I just want to say a really a heartfelt thank you, thank
you so much for that and it really encourages me to keep on going …and
without further ado let’s look at this full coverage foundation and concealers all right so I promise you this is not
going to be a pancake, full on ughhh make up kind of look. It still has a
natural and silky look to it. It’s just a lot more coverage than in that other
natural video that I did. Starting in the morning, lets say in the morning and I’m
going to be putting on my full foundation makeup what I do. I don’t put
any day cream on. I’ve already had the night cream on overnight my skin is
pretty well still silky and so now I want to put on a primer and the primer
that I use is a liquid primer for this. I know there are gels out there, they’re
probably fine but I just you know the silkiness of a liquid primer does feel
like a daytime makeup so that’s what I like to use anyway, and I… sorry I’m
dropping all kinds of stuf,f but I just use a little bit like that and I have my
eye makeup on by the way, and if you wanted to see that video especially if
you have hooded or droopy or downturned eyes this is a really nice eye make up for
giving it that little swoosh, but anyway as far as putting on the primer…
I’m not putting, I don’t put primer on my eyes at all. I don’t mind putting it
underneath my eyes but I just don’t put it on top so let’s just put on this
primer and I’m really sorry I’m not showing the names, I know I’ve been
advised not to but I promise you, if and when I have some products that I’m
trying out I will be giving names and I’ll be giving honest reviews on them.
Okay so for now just look for a really nice liquid primer and you’re just going
over all those little dark spots you can see them really close here.
I got, baby I got them, they’re even starting to follow down into my neck and
everything but hey you know what it’s okay I’m also one for growing old
gracefully I don’t want any needles, I don’t want any of
those you know, any of that stuff done so I’m just trying to show the magic of
makeup and underneath my eyes a little bit my nose, you don’t want to see blobs of white or anything like that so you know, just with my fingers I just find that
it’s works really nice just putting on with fingers. I’m gonna do my forehead
now and I got even freckles and stuff I had tons of freckles when I was a kid
so uh, I think they’re coming back in brown spots or dark spots, age spots, whatever, but we
can take care of those. Now as far as, I also did my brows now so I’m not going
to show you how to do brows but I did a video on that too. I’m really racking up
some of these videos and I’m just loving it by the way. I love doing this so we’re
gonna let that set and the reason I mentioned the brows is because if I was
doing this on a regular morning or whatever I would start doing my brows
now ,you know, or No, No, I wouldn’t… I wouldn’t do my brows right now, I would
do my liner on my eyes, so yeah I do the liner on the eyes because when we put on
the foundation it’s good to get a little bit in those brows so. Alright it’s dry, okay so let’s talk about concealers. I
have four concealers here… what?? Heather who needs 4 concealers, come
on? Well, there’s a green one here and I’m
gonna talk about that one in just a second,
but no, hey I really need these, at least these three concealers on a regular
basis when I’m doing a full coverage makeup and the reason I need them is
because really my spots they go from bad to worse. I mean they’re really,
really bad sometimes and I don’t want it to be five o’clock in the afternoon and start
seeing them again so sometimes I need some really full coverage. Now we’ll get
to that in a minute. Now what about this green one like what
are you talking about? Well as most of you know I was a model in the 80s and the makeup artists
used to use this green, it kind of neutralizes any red so right now I would
start probably put it underneath my nose because I I’ve got these little red
spider veins all over here so it kind of neutralizes that. Certainly if you have
rosacea or you have some of the other redness maybe ask your dermatologist
about using something like this as a neutralizer but I sure hope
it helps you because that’s what all these videos are about, is just to give
us that glow and to give us the confidence. So let’s get going with the
concealers, okay so the first concealer that I’m going to use, this is usually a
little lighter than my foundation and we’ll get into colors of foundation and
everything in a minute but I just put a little bit here and I use this brush I
really like this brush, so a little bit you’ll notice I use my hands and my
fingers like a little pallet, but they work and I like to start with under my
eyes. So that green is really kind of green, there yeah, I really blend it in.
Okay that’s, I’m going to put a little bit on my nose too because I went bike riding, my
nose is a little red ,okay, so yeah underneath here and I’m just going along,
see the difference here, I’m just going along those circles and hey if it’s a
big day and you want to have that confidence what we want to do is just
take the time go ahead. Now of course my primer has dried now, I still feel it
it’s a little bit silky, but my primer has dried I’m going to go right into
this, I almost have a purple part in my eyes in here so I’m gonna do a little
bit of purple spots, there’s a pimple, baby pimple and I’m just painting the
spots, just painting on the spots. I’m giving it a little bit of coverage, I’m
not doing it, I’m more dabbing it on than brushing it
on. Could you see those spots… dab, dab, dab, dab, dab. I left a little freckles there
okay but dab, dab, dab, dab, dab and sometimes I’ve put a little bit down
my nose, that’s a little bit more contouring but that should do for now
and on my other video of the natural powder kind of everyday foundation I put
this on afte,r but today because we’re putting liquid makeup on it’s more
coverage we put it on before ,so yeah just remember that. Okay so what about
these other two concealers? Well this one you’re gonna think I’m weird, but
ah, maybe not, because if you’re looking at somebody who’s older
do you notice their hands because I got all these little brown spots and hey I’m
working on them to get rid of them completely but they’re still there.
This is the color of my hand, this is a cheap little thing, I don’t know what it
cost me, it was less than ten bucks but I just put some concealer on there, put it on
there, a little dot there, there and now you might think, oh wow that’s
weird but you know what it’s me and when I’m walking around and I’m using my
hands or I’m shaking hands or, I don’t know, whatever, it, it’s just for me I only
do it for me so that when I look at my hands I’m thinking youthful, I’m thinking
young and it really works well so that’s that. This one’s, this is a really
thick concealer, now this baby is about the color of my foundation and also I
have a spot see this spot here ? That’s not my makeup that’s this big freckly
thing and it really, it destroys my eye make-up because it looks like I put eye make up all down here so I’ve got to get rid of it and I know that if I just use
a regular concealer it just seeps into my skin in about an
hour and the thing comes back so I am going to put, see how I’m getting rid of
it? I’m putting this really thick baby on
here and sometimes even after I do my foundation I have to put it on again
because it ruins my eye makeup so if you’ve got something like that like this
monster freckle get a real thick, not a liquid, get a thick cream for coverage.
Okay, so how do you pick your foundation? Anyway a liquid foundation I’m going to
suggest that you really go out and research it because you need to find
somebody and and I kind of go to the higher end I mean you don’t have to I
guess you could go to any drugstore they got great people at drugstores, yes
they do, so but what you want to do is you want to find a makeup artist or
somebody to help you and forget about these ones that say, Oh put it on your
wrist and we want to match your color Is the color of your skin really the same colors as
your wrist, no I mean, no… it’s not, this is, this hardly ever gets any Sun or
anything so oh and talking about sun I usually have 2 foundations, I usually
have a summer foundation which is a little bit darker and i also have, you
know, the winter and spring kind of foundation which is a little lighter
because hey I’m not going out in the Sun and when I am then I have a SPF but I still get
color, so yeah so I have two foundations and also look for a matte foundation you
want this foundation to dry really nice and matte you don’t want shimmer in it . You
don’t want it oily and also add another trick for you, check the foundation, they
always have samples, on your knuckles alright because there you go and putting
it on my knuckles if it’s a really good foundation
it’s going to be smooth and not show all kinds of lines in your knuckles and you
know that some of the cheaper ones they kind of, you see all these little cracks
and things but I don’t know if you can see that this is a really good
foundation and you can see how smooth it is going on so ask the person behind the
counter, I want to try a little bit more and not just on your wrist, now, all right,
so now for the application of the foundation I like to use these cheapo
little sponges I really do, I know there’s some really big clunky sponges
that are out there, okay we gotta wash these on a regular basis and a lot of
times I find they just kind of hold the water those big ones also they’re a
little bit clumsy I get a little bit , I don’t know, closer to my skin with this a
lot of people are also saying use a brush to put on your liquid foundation
and kind of stipple it on, well that’s, I don’t know it’s just too pokey for me
and, and with my big pores and as you get older your pores get bigger, um…
I could just hear my skin saying “I’m gonna break out!” So for me
I’m not into the brushes, but yeah going to start applying the foundation. So I’m
just going to use my hands like a pallet again I’m putting on a little bit, not a
lot here and I usually try to do the four segments of my face so I’m going to
do a cheek and a cheek and a top and a chin and whoa, that’s five, okay five
segments of my face and I just gonna take my little sponge here pat it on
there and let’s do the forehead first pat it, I’m patting it on because if I rub
it on I’m going to be taking some of that the concealer off so we’re just
patting it on but look at the coverage see the
difference it’s really covering up but it won’t dry pancakey, it won’t look
like really super phony and you’ll see that in a few minutes. Now when I get
down to the end so there’s not much left, that’s what I’m gonna do under the eyes
because I don’t like big clumps of foundation under my eyes it seems to
make them look more wrinkled ,okay now that nasty side of my face with all of the flaws,
that’s the place they like to congregate these little aged, dark, brown spots but
be gone! Be gone you age spots, yeah! Little bit now at the end ,remember , so I’m gonna
do this under my eye now, so what do you think? So you’re probably saying “No
Heather I don’t like your foundation it makes you look too pale” Well, I haven’t done
my blush yet, so let’s get into some blush and contouring again it’s not
gonna look phony I like to use, usually for my color of
skin and you might be different, but I like to use a peach or a pink or
something like that for my my blush and so let’s . Now we have to make sure that
this is dry so you wouldn’t just sort of put on your foundation and then put your
blush on right away that’s probably, while it’s drying, the
time I would maybe do my brows and also I would probably make sure while it’s
still wet that it’s kind of blended in you know, I did that really fast but I
didn’t really blend it in and I usually kind of blend it in with my fingers so
let’s do the blush now. I love this brush for the blush and we’re going to do
apples of your cheeks… I think they’re called, we’re gonna call them the
apples of our cheeks and yeah that’s that’s all you need you know just a
little bit of ,yeah, we also have to do a contouring and what do I like to use for
a contouring well I guess like to use this brush you know you probably get
this kind of brush anywhere and I’m using a very matte bronzer right now for
this. I don’t like those dark browns that people are using, again maybe it’s me
maybe it’s the color of my skin as well. I’m a little bit paler and lighter but
if you put a line down here in brown I think people are gonna notice it. Browns
belong on eye shadows and the eyebrows but not as part of your face so
I want to go a little more natural with this matte bronzer and this is, but again
and sorry about this ugly mirror, but you know maybe to use something, so yes we’re
just going to do down the contour of my face here not a lot let’s not overdo it
we don’t have to look like we’ve had a tan and I’ll move my hair back all over
our face we just want a little bit of contouring there. I also like to do a
little contouring around my nose maybe a little bit here, maybe a touch here, not
too much and oh here’s another thing, our necks,
a lot of times we’ve got a little bit of color here we have a little bit of color
in our face and then we have this really pale neck, so yeah it’s good put a
little bit of bronzer on there so that it all looks matchy-matchy. Now am L
starting to look a little bit more colorful. Oh by the way, I got my natural
curly hair on this video so usually I straighten it but I though,t hey I’m
getting real with you guys and my subscribers who I love, so let’s just
show the natural hair on this one so I hope you like it. So
let’s just put a little sparkle with some highlighter as well.
I like this highlighter but you can’t overuse it so I’m just going to put a
little bit here, please don’t overuse it, by the way it’s raining, so sorry about
that folks, a little bit here, maybe a touch up here and the other thing that I
like to do is put a little bit of highlighter just between my eyes, I don’t
know it just brings a little sparkle in it, a little bit and by the way , for mirrors, try to do your makeup in natural sunlight if you can or if you’re doing
it in the evening get yourself a lighted mirror it’s really worth it. Okay so
these lights look, these lights are hot but so is life, you know, and we work up a
little bit of a sweat so you’ve seen I’ve got a little bit of shine happening
here and I love, love, love this anti-shine cream it’s not a powder which
means you’re not gonna look pancakeyI and cakey on your makeup and I just put
a little bit like this and I dab it right now under, my eyes are looking
really kind of oily. Look at that , isn’t that great! I just love it, oops the dog’s barking – I’m sorry,
rain and dogs and the whole darn thing, but yeah I put a little bit on my nose
here, there you go. So this makeup should last you hours and hours it’s full
coverage. I usually take my little anti-shine with me and of course
lipstick and lip liner and that sort of thing, sometimes I bring my little thick
concealer if this thing starts cropping it’s a little ugly head again, but that’s
about all I take with me because I don’t need to take a full foundation or
anything along. So there you have it! My foundation is done and you know I feel
ten years younger I don’t feel like I’m 62 and I really hope that this
foundation and contouring blush concealing really, really helps you. It’s
all about your confidence, it’s about making you feel fabulous and you know
somebody else who doesn’t look his age is my little Yorkie, this is my little
Yorkie and uh, oh yes and in dog years he’s Awesome over 50 – so yeah, so
I hope you enjoyed the video and hey please subscribe and like, oh yeah
you like me, yeah and, and also give me some comments like if you want to see me
do some kind of a makeup I’ve been asked to do red lipsticks and all that sort of
thing I’d be really happy to, but I got to go now. So see you later. Okay, we’re
going Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join
us on our videos

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