Microdermabrasion vs Chemical Peel split face experiment

Today we’re going to do something a little bit different. We’re going to be investigating on a real person whether
microdermabrasion is better or a chemical peel. What
microdermabrasion and chemical peels do is exfoliate the skin. Now obviously this
is a very important process in maintaining healthy and glowing skin but we’re looking at two very different
processes here microdermabrasion is a physical process where you put some suction on the skin
and suck the skin up to a diamond coated head which gently abraids the dead skin off. Whereas chemical peels
do a similar job except they use chemicals and usually a
light acid instead of a physical force to exfoliate the skin. So what is exfoliation used for it can be used for a number of things
including just making the skin look a bit brighter,
and giving it a glow or it can be used to treat some medical
problems with the skin for example, acne. It can also be used to reduce sun
damage or to improve skin pigmentation such as sun spots on the skin or
freckles, so how we going to test which is better,
microdermabrasion, or chemical peels. What we are going to do on Somaiye, our subject is we going to do a split face study. So on one half we are going to do a microdermabrasion and on the other half we are going to do a chemical peel, and we’re going to follow her progress has see how she feels at the end of it and
see which one works better for and how skin looks. So we’re going to clean both sides the face above all makeup and any sort of skin
impurities then we’re going to tone the face and then
we’re going to start our split face experiment. So what we have here is a microdermabrasion machine and what it does is it sucks the skin up to this diamond
coated tip with gently abrades the skin and takes off
any of that dead skin layer. So what we’re going to do on the right side
the face is microdermabrasion, and on the left side we’re going to do a
chemical peel. Are you ready Somaiye? (answers ‘yes’) Ok, let’s do it. So… so it’s a very relaxing gentle process
most people find it quite relaxing and enjoyable. It goes usually for about an hour or so I if you do the whole face but because we’re only doing half the face
it’s not going to take that long and as you can see, the skin is turning mildly red, and you can almost see sometimes little
bit of skin flaking off at the same time. Now how’s that feeling Somaiye? (Answers ‘Lovely, I’m enjoying it’) that’s good One of the things that Somaiye would would like to address with the skin is a couple of blemishes and congestion around here and both the microdermabrasion and chemical peel should help with. We got to find out which one is better. We’ve finished the microdermabrasion now
on the right side the face and I think you should have a feel Somaiye, have a feel of this side and compare it to the other side. What do
you feel? (Answers: Wow! Much smoother!)
Much smoother! So it’s immediate improvements in the skin, immediate softness and smoothness so now we’re going to give the chemical
peel a go… The chemical peel we’re going to use on
the left side the face for comparison is a 30 percent glycolic acid peel. Glycolic acid is actually derived from sugarcane and
it’s also known as a fruit acid peel. It’s actually light peel which won’t give Somaiye much downtime but it should give her a nice
exfoliation of the skin. So we are going to apply the glycolic acid peel with a gauze evenly across Somaiye’s left side of her face and what and she’ll feel is a bit of
tingling… I’m going to neutralise this peel after five
minutes, with an alkaline substance. OK! So, the peel’s been on for about five
minutes now and we’re going to neutralise it with some
alkaline substance which is contained in this gauze you might feel a bit of a tingly sensation as this goes on and this ends the effect of the peel. So hereafter, what Somaiye might expect is a mild bit of redness and a slight flaking or peeling the skin this bit of spray just to cool the face So… we’ve done the chemical peel on left
microdermabrasion the ride and all we have to do is wait about a
week and see what the results are. alright so it’s been a week since I
experiments and although during the experiments the
side with the microdermabrasion felt really nice afterwards I felt like
the side with the chemical peel felt a lot cleaner and fresher than
the side with the microdermabrasion I didn’t have any down time with either
side there was no peeling whatsoever from either side and
now that it’s been a week I’m after I have the micro and peel I
feel that the side when the peel just feels cleaner, fresher, brighter than the side
with the microdermabrasion.

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  • I thought chemical peels burn?

  • thanks for this.

  • thanks for the video, woulda be great to see her skin up close after! when i had a peel my whole face peeled like crazy so for two days i looked kinda wild. Is is possible to burn someone with the acid?

  • I work at this clinic and I have seen fantastic results from both treatments. I have personally had chemical peels and you indeed feel fresher afterwards with mild flaking on the following day. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in the above treatments to call us up and book an appointment. Cheers

  • Thanks so much. This has helped me make my decision.

  • Now I'm going for the chemical peel!!! :))

  • This is really a good video. Thanks for uploading

  • chemical peels all the way

  • I'm of dark complexion and have some black heads would a chemical peel assist with removing the dark spots and is it recommended for darker complexions

  • linda for dark complextions it has to be a very specific peel so you do not have change of color to your face. Go to a Dermatologist do not go to a spa! Stay on the safe side 🙂

  • Chemical peels burn…people never address that in videos. Just thought I'd pass that along.

  • so who won  Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peel ?????

  • Hmmmm, I wish they would show us her face closer, now it feels like they're telling us what they want us to believe.

  • she said she had no down time with the chemical peel??

  • It wasn't a strong enough peel to cause any downtime.

  • I had a peel it was mildly uncomfortable, the next day my face looked o.k. but the next it looked like a sun burn it was very uncomfortable & itched like crazy then it started peeling Yuk ! Finally was not impressed for the down time.

  • I wish you would have shown her skin without makeup a week after the treatments

  • The technique is not safe. Your strokes were rough and you didn't brace the skin properly. Also, you are comparing apples to oranges. For a proper diamond tip demo, see www.skinsmoothpro.com.    

  • What is the ph level of the peel?

  • THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for doing this. I am soooo tired of all these amateurs on youtube. Finally a licensed professional who knows what he is doing. Thanks for getting to the point and the simple definitions of the procedures. Luv the British accent on the Asian man!! SEXY!.

  • Thanks!  I've been thinking about getting a chemical peel for a few weeks now and will be getting it.  

  • I've had a chemical peel before (required four days down time) and 7 microdermobrasian treatments. I think the peel worked a lot better for me and i was thrilled, i don't think the dermabrasion did much for me. 

  • Is she wearing fake eye lashes and makeup during these treatments?? 😟

  • The peel and microdermabrasion in this case are painless, so there is no need to numb the skin prior to treatment

  • Where can another filter be bought for the pmd?

  • Her name is Sumayyah! That's an Arabic name. It's also my name 🙂

  • Can u do microdermabrasion with acne pimples ?

  • he looks like an asian version of prince william

  • Although the left side looks a little clearer than the right, there is more plumpness in her face where the microdermabrasion was done.  I guess it is the sucking action that plumped it up — giving the right side a more youthful appearance.

  • I've had about 6 chemical peel treatments, I've only felt more pain on my last chemical peel. I didnt get the look I was wanting to get as I got bad scaring. But hopefully with more chemical peel treatments my scarings will have fades more. But it definitely makes your facw smoother.

  • I'm suspicious about this. Sounds like it might be a plump for a chemical peel  product than a real test – especially since the final thoughts/experience came from a woman who did not demonstrate to us the results and in fact was wearing makeup.

  • umm…she still has make up on

  • Bull!!!!   I went to have a professional skin peel done over 11 years ago, and they totally burnt my skin as if I had been burned by heat.  I am just now trying to get rid of  it because no product would work, for the damage was too deeply engrained.  My face looked like plastic, and it turned it dark and grayish looking.

    Buy your own peel and get more results.  Stop listening to these idiots tell you which way is best for you.  Until you have lived in embarrassment like I have of hating looking in bathroom mirrors or seeing other with real skin, you might want to take matters in your own hand.

    Being a man, made it easier to deal with the damage.  It is manly to have a rough looking face, but what if I was a woman who really is even more conscientious about her face?   Do it yourself for less than $25 dollars.

  • Thank your for this video. As an esthetician I have always argued microdermabrasion compared to glycolic chemical peel. Glycolic is the smallest molecular in size, which is best to penetrate deep into skin to allow a topical to soak in. I have been using the Clinage system for years now and my clients love it.

  • Its good idea to cover the client's eyes while applying chemical peel

  • I have had both done an honestly i like the micro better, peels can if done IMPROPERLY can harm the skin where as micro is more of a scrub and is only working with the top layer of dead skin skin. results are also faster and more noticeable with fewer treatments. If you have acne scars hyper pigmentation and such try a few micros and if that is really not getting you results start with a light to mild peel.

  • get chemical peels every 5 weeks , than stop one week and get microdermabrasion instead. your skin will be be amazing

  • The PCA Ultra Peel is great for hyperpigmentation!

  • Thank you for that

  • why did she have to wear make up I wanted to see the difference

  • Love his jacket… Im getting microdermo in a few time. But I still don't know if chemical peeling is better for acne scars…

  • Just yesterday I had both procedures done by a dermatologist. The chemical peel burns a little bit and the diamond microdermoabrasion was not that soft feeling. after that she applied a whitening mask. Anyway, after 3 hours at home my skin started turning really red and by the end of the night it was looking awful. Today it looks like really sunburn and turning brown. It itches. I just hope this reaction do not last more than 2 days. Anyone else has had a similar reaction?

  • I am currently using this acne scar removal gel, it works pretty well and i see noticeable difference after a week of using it! Hope to see more natural recommendations like in this https://plus.google.com/109796109173963575117/posts/3ASnurhxECm

  • Thank you

  • interesting

  • Weird. All we found out is that the Chemical peel felt better. Still have no idea which side showed most improvement and which closed the pores more etc. All this just to say that it just felt better.

  • I had the microdermabrasion done today and it left me scratches in my face like if a cat had done it . will they come off ? or am I going to be scared for every

  • Well that was crap… knowing which one 'felt cleaner' wasnt the purpose of the 'experiment'. We still dont know which one gave better results. I was expecting at least a before and after split screen.

  • the skin wouldn't turn that red if the physician would slow down and hold the skin tight,this makes me cringe.

  • that skin need before– deep pore extraction !

  • the microneedling/microdermabrasion if it is the same thing IS NOT RELAXING. It was not a comfortable process for me.

  • Thank u for the review

  • Dr Chan why do you have Japanese accent? LOL

  • no close up photos on left or right side of face after words . just a woman wearing a tone of make up very very unprofessional presentation . it looks like just another scam . tray being honest

  • I heard it ( microdermabration) hurts and it causes wrinkles. Is this true?

  • What would you recommend for Asian sensitive skin? I have a chemical peel before but I think it had damage my skin and gave me further hyperpigmentation marks
    I have no post inflammatory pigmentation

  • Remove the damn makeup

  • do more videos like that

  • So I got the Kendell 250 dollar one on Amazon. And It was working good and I followed instructions. Then I had a date the next day and wanted to do full blast, day before and had some bruise looking marks. It has been reducing after 2.5 days but I'm afraid it's gonna be there long time I saw that arnica gel works but my main concern is if it is permanent and will take years? Been putting sunock from the get go and wherever I walk .. I walk like a ninja with wraps hahahaha

  • ihad this don bt my skin has gone darker

  • How is a fusion peel?

  • They never show what happens around (close to) the eyes.

    That is where most older women have problems (like crinkles under the eyes which no makeup helps).

    And most products say to stay away from the eyes.

    What are we supposed to do to fix the delicate skin around, and close to our eyes?!?!.

  • Pointless video without a make-upless comparison.

  • Why in the hell don't you do it on someone older, who actually has some wrinkles!!

  • This video is pretty useless. Do this on a older woman and show before and after and then you'll have my attention.

  • Thank you very much for this video. I believe it gave great information for a potential client to know the difference between the 2 procedures.

  • ye konsa peel hai

  • Microdermabrasion helps to reduce the ochronosis ?

  • Please please please never go over active acne with microdermabrasion! I am an esthetician and I guarantee this will make your problems worse! The Diamond tip is abrasive therefore it will pick up bacteria from inflamed acne and spread it along the face thus increasing bacteria and causing more breakouts! Proper diet and Peels are definitely the way to go if you were looking to treat acne. Cut out any dairy in your diet and there is a large chance you will see a big difference over time. If you were vegan and still have acne, you probably have an allergy to Soy.
    Microderm is great for leftover scarring from post acne as well as fine lines and overall texture/dullness. Hope this helps!

  • An acid on your face… That too for five minutes😲😲😲😵😵😵😱😱

  • chemical peel will harm skin after

  • Fantastic job Gavin

  • Looking at her face I would say micro is better. She looks tounger on that side. As for the chemical her face is brighter but it doesnt look refreshed.

  • Why didn't he just do before and after pics on both sides?

  • To feel cleaner, can't we just wash our face? What about her skin texture, lines, blemishes, etc.

  • there is now dermainfusion that involves serums as well. or hydafacial.

  • 1:18

  • I'm an aesthetican and I do lots of microdermabrasion and peels. But my clients always prefer the former, because it really gets in there and sucks out the blackheads and whiteheads. Must be followed by a good quality mask and high frequency to kill any remaining bacteria on the skin. So great for longer lasting results. Peel is fantastic, if you want to beautiful glow to the skin but long term doesn't last as the microdermabrasion . The after care is very important because the pores are clean and open, so good quality skincare is the key.

  • May I know what are the chemical product that has been used? Thank you.

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