Microdermabrasion & Acne Scars | Acne Treatment

So for those of you who don’t know what microdermabrasion
is, it’s a modality that uses either crystals or industrial grade diamonds to smooth the
face and it takes off the very top layers of the skin. Now that sounds scary but it’s actually not
painful. It can be helpful in improving the texture
of the skin but unfortunately it doesn’t do really much for acne scarring. If you have true acne scarring, you have the
following options: You could use fractional ablative lasers like Fraxel, Affirm, or Ultrapulse,
or a procedure called subcision. Subcision is when a dermatologist takes a
needle and tries to break up the fibrous bands that are helping to cause the scar from within
the scar itself. Another option for true acne scars are fillers
like Restylane, Juvaderm or Radiesse which can help plump up the skin where it’s been
depressed by an acne scar.

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