Microcurrent Facelift and the eyes: what you can expect after a series of treatments

– Hi everyone. Just wanted to do a quick update about microcurrent and your eyes and what you can expect, what kind of changes you can expect, in your eyes with microcurrent. Microcurrent is not magic. It is just microcurrent, which means it’s about one one-millionth of an amp. It’s a tiny, tiny current
that the body recognizes and can use as its own. The kind of microcurrent we
use in facial rejuvenation mostly uses the L-wave or
the square wave microcurrent because it is the most proven to firm or to lift, to lift muscles. So we want that lifting effect. They also use microcurrent in like CES, cranial electrical stim, for
depression, that sort of thing. But that uses a more spiky or like a, I think they call that, a V-wave? I don’t know what they call that but it’s very spiky and doesn’t look open like the square wave does. So microcurrent uses a square wave and that’s been what’s most
proven to lift the muscle. And so if you come in and your eyes are… You have a lot of puffiness
and, I live in Austin, Texas, I have a ton of allergies,
always had allergies, and so one of the first things I noticed, like if I use a heavy cream or if the mold count is really high or something gets in my
eye, it’s just like boom. And so, I’ll do a microcurrent treatment. And if I can’t do a full treatment, I’ll just do a quickie
where I hold one probe here and I just go around
the eye and that sort of wakes up the whole eye. Or you can hold it up here
and it wakes up the eye. And it’s also great for tired eyes, puffiness and all that sort of thing. A quick note about lymph, if you try to do microcurrent on your eyes and you got pockets of lymph, and if you have bags underneath your eyes, you probably have quite a bit of lymph. There’s a lot of people who
have this little pocket here, which I’m always fighting. In Chinese diagnosis of the face, that is considered the spleen, I believe that’s on that side. And so people will get
these little pockets and for that I will use lymph drainage and I have a new machine that really helps suck all that out. It takes four to six treatments, sometimes a few more, but it does get that out. So if you try to do microcurrent in an area that has a lot of lymph, you’ll get some lifting, but
what you’re going to find is a lot of puffiness. And what I’ve found is
if I do microcurrent on eyes that are full of lymph, they actually look worse than they did before I pass the wands over. Because now we have
lifted and toned muscles surrounded by lymph. So really, you need to
go in and clean that out. And when I use my gloves, I’ll go in and do manual lymph drainage. You know, it’s not as great as
my new vacuum therapy machine or my power cupping machine, but it does help with sort
of a quickie lymph drainage. And basically what I do is
I just sweep out and down because we have lymph nodes here. The main lymph nodes in the body are here beneath our clavical. And you can start by draining this area and get this activated before you ever drain anything through here. You’ll get like a lymph traffic jam. But yeah, you’ll just sweep. Make sure your finger’s wet
or you have a gel mask on, something to conduct the microcurrent. But make sure your finger’s
wet and just sweep. It’s a very light movement
and you may have to do this… If you’ve got a lot of lymph, you may have to do this 100 times. If you do it, with a lot of repetition, you’ll find that the lymph
will start to remember how to get out because
sometimes this lymph gets so stagnated and
it gets so stuck there that it just kind of forgets where to go. And so we need to remind it here, on out, move on out, and then I’ll hold here and move it on out, move it on out. And this is very basic. Manual lymph drainage, there’s all these classes you can take because it’s very quite complex, but I do this very simply to start. And so if you want better
microcurrent results, you really need to start
with some lymph drainage if you have puffy eyes. And then you just go in and
do your regular movements. You know, you pinch here, you do these. I like to lift the frontalis
because without doing that you’re not going to have, you know, the lift through here. So, if you decide to go and
get microcurrent treatments from aesthetician or somebody else, I recommend going to an aesthetician because we understand
the muscles of the face a little bit better than say, somebody else who does microcurrent maybe at a chiropractor’s
office or, I don’t know, there seems like their
doing it everywhere anymore. Really go to somebody who
knows the muscles of the face, who knows what they’re doing, who knows about lymph drainage, who knows their microcurrent machine, and knows who’s good because
microcurrent right now is exploding and there’s
a lot of misinformation about microcurrent right now and there’s a lot of people doing it that, quite frankly, don’t
know what they’re doing. So make sure whoever’s
doing your microcurrent is qualified and knows what they’re doing. Anyway, microcurrent around the eyes, you can expect a nice
lift when you do this. You can expect your eyes after
a session of microcurrent or after a series of
microcurrent to be back up there, if you remember that, and to be depuffed and your vision might even be better, too. I’ve heard that. If you have any questions, pop me a comment up here. I’m not real good at
answering emails anymore because I get so many. So pop a comment up there and we will get you some answers. Thanks for tuning in. Please press “Like” if you liked it and add some comments. Thanks.

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  • hi Christine. i had my first microcurrent yesterday. is it safe to have it put directly on your eye lids? i feel my eye vision is blurry this morning and I'm concerned.

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