Masque Eclaircissant pour Traiter facilement la Pigmentation de la Peau, les Tâches et les cicatri

I am sure that after having
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that matter to you, I’ve got it not long ago I showed you the effects
miraculous potato as much for internal use only for our
skin, well this morning I’m coming to talk to you about a few things so I’m sure will make you
great pleasure and will sublimate your life , how to make your cream with the apple
of earth, in order to remove all the pigmentation , all brown spots and scars
acne on your face, this cream is also an anti-aging cream and a cream
natural lightening and Bio made to the house, cuckoo my loves I wish you
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Well as I always say everything that you ask me I note so
my darlings who have me problems of hyper pigmentation, facial stains
, acne, very dry skin and others yet who have asked me other people
personal order I promise you that I do not forget even if it takes a little bit of
time I promise you that I have all your concerns in the collimator so let’s be
just patient my darling then today we start the week end in cleaning mode
for that I present you a restorative cream to the potato for you my darlings
I promise you that you will not be disappointed without further ado we will start to receive it. My loves know first of all that hyperpigmentation
skin can cause color Different and excessive dark spots
on the face. Melanin production is responsible
of this hyperpigmentation or on the contrary
pigmentation can occur on almost any
part of the body including the face, couples hands, arms and legs
the root cause of pigmentation is usually attributed
at internal factors such as changes
hormone in the body, I can note the pregnancy, various
other health problem and external factors
as excessive exposure to the sun. My loves emotional stress or contact
with some chemicals can also
cause hyperpigmentation or pigmentation of the
skin so for this remedial remedy we will need just two ingredients on
first ingredient is the potato and the other is and lemon.alors
how does these two ingredients work loves,
The potato is famous for helping to lighten
hyper pigmented skin as well as spots and blemishes on the skin,
a Small dose contains various vitamins and
minerals that works best for treating hyperpigmentation blackheads, acne and
the scars the lemon when it contains acid
citric that helps to whiten the skin and that’s why
it is a hyper popular ingredient for fight against
hyperpigmentation of the skin .this is a launderer natural
It can effectively erase imperfections on the skin and can treat
hyperpigmentation easily so with to make our home remedy
you must first wash a potato well and cut it out
in small pieces, then pass this half in the mixer, if you want or so type as
I’m going to do it, then after having it must extract his juice
, after extracting our apple juice from earth, we will need 4 spoons
of potato juice, then we go add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
hurry Then proceed well to mixing, after
have proceeded to the mixing we get so our remedy
You noticed that the out of the preparation I did not remove the skin from the apples
but if you want you can take it off but I did not do it because the
the skin contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin, well
that’s how I said my loves your remedy is ready and this is one of
best home remedies to treat easily the skin, the
pigmentation or hyperpigmentation at the house and
Well, I’m going to show the procedure for using this
Bio remedy on my hand ,, but you can apply it on your face at least on
all areas to be treated without worry, so in order to apply that make sure that you
have a brush Like the one or so you Can also use a cotton ball
so that That you do not have difficulties to soak
in the remedy and to come out with a good dose of remedy then apply
a thick layer On the affected areas
then after applying the first layer just let it air dry for
few minutes and when the first dry layer then applies
a second then apply third so that the
quantity on your skin is very thick This is how this will be done correctly
function, The good news my darlings I have it keep
for the end so you can spend the night with then spend the night with
and then in the morning, rinse your face with lukewarm water, please continue
to do this treatment with this mask during the minimum week 4 times you will definitely
see the reduction of your pigmentation the skin,
My loves is all for this video if you liked this
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