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hi guys welcome back thanks for joining
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today’s video we’re gonna be doing something a little bit different than
what you’re used to seeing here I’m gonna test out a face mask and sit
around and chat with you while that’s happening I can tell you about the mask
and then we can get to know each other a little bit more same premise as I get
ready with me video except with face masks so instead of getting ready to go
out it’s like we’re having a girls night in cuz I’m a boring homebody okay so if
you like that premise don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and leave
questions and comments and stuff down below in the comment section because I’m
totally going to need more stuff to talk about for future videos it could be
questions about me or about makeup and beauty related stuff or it could even be
life related questions I don’t know it doesn’t need to be serious
you can ask me what you should name your dog I’ll still do my best to help you
out alright guys I really enjoyed filming this video so I hope that you
guys like watching it so that we can keep interacting chit-chatting and just
kind of sitting back and telling stories so without any more jibber-jabber let’s
get started alright guys so we’re going to kick off this mask chat series by
demoing a requested mask and that is going to be the Fremen dead sea minerals
anti stress mask you may have seen me haul this maybe last year maybe the year
before I’ve had this for a while it takes me forever to go through masks
does anyone else take forever to go through masks? like I’ve gone through
about half of this so far as you can see and I really love this mask but viewer
Erin Gardner recently left a comment on the haul video about these masks asking
for a demo so we are going to go ahead and oblige her with that so I’m going to
go ahead and apply this on camera we’re gonna leave it on and we’re gonna
chitchat while this thing is doing its magic and then we’re gonna rinse it off
and I’m going to tell you a little bit about it alright so let’s get started
so I’m going to apply this mask using the elf silicone brush I really like
this brush for this purpose just because it doesn’t absorb anything so it’s
really really easy to clean it keeps me from getting masks all over my hands and
it also keeps me from using too much product another option is just use an
old foundation brush that you just don’t like or that you’ve replaced with
something that you like better you can repurpose it and use it for your face
masks got some pimples popping up cuz I think a that times come in soon as you
can see you can just sort of drag it out but see you can just sort of easily sort
of drag it out on your skin and as you can see it allows me to just apply a
thinner layer you’re using or wasting less product doing it this way and
you’re keeping your hands clean which is nice especially when you’re doing it for
a you know an on camera thing so then you don’t end up getting mask all over
any of your equipment not that I normally do this on camera but hey if
we’re if you guys enjoy the series we’ll definitely keep doing it on camera so
again this brush will come in handy and like I said I found this at Target you
can also just buy it directly from the elf website but I like buying stuff at
Target cuz then I don’t have to pay for shipping okay so just a little
background this mask is supposed to be good for all skin types and it’s meant
for clearing pores and smoothing skin it is a clay mask which personally those
are some of my favorites and it says it uses dead sea minerals and sea salts to
help replenish and balance moisture while purging clogged pores and lavender
and bergamot put skin in a bliss like state and help rinse away stress
for smooth radiant skin I’m assuming that the lavender and the bergamot are
supposed to be for the you know nice soothing relaxing scent so I’m assuming
that the aromatherapy aspect of the lavender in this mask is supposed to be
helpful okay so now the mask is applied the
instructions say to leave this on it doesn’t say for how long it just says
to let it dry so let’s just stay here and chitchat while we wait for that to
happen okay so I asked you guys to submit questions to me on Twitter just
to give me a little something to talk about because I wasn’t really sure what
to talk about while we sat here and waited for my mask to dry but not a lot
of you responded but I did get a few questions from viewer Ashley Roark
she has her own channel it’s a really great channel it is the glamour index I
will link it down below and she gave me a few questions so let’s go ahead and
answer those so the first question she asked is where are you from and actually
I am currently based in Florida yes the Sunshine State super hot super muggy
super humid and we have all the fun really weird news coming out of here but
before I moved to Florida I grew up in Puerto Rico so big shout out to all my
boricuas Ashley also asked what are my favorite videos to film and that’s an
easy one my favorite videos to film are actually lipstick swatches I don’t know
why I just I really like doing those they’re fun to edit they’re kind of fun
to film I don’t really do a lot of them but I enjoy them when I do them so I
should probably do more of them huh? alright before we keep answering questions
let’s take a break to talk about the mask again so I can start to feel it get
a little bit stiff and it’s starting to dry right around this area here and one
thing that you will definitely notice when you’re wearing this mask is that it
smells amazing you definitely get that lavender and
bergamot smell it’s it’s soothing and a little bit sweet it’s not overpowering
but it does smell really really good so I could see how you know you could
definitely sit back and enjoy wearing this mask and just [deep inhale] while it’s happening
all right let’s get back to those questions now so actually the next
question was what inspired me to start my channel? and I think that that’s kind
of a fun question at least it’s a fun story that I like to tell I think it’s
fun or I think it’s kind of interesting to tell it
the reason that I started this channel here was actually because I was
encouraged to do so by Tracy and Stephanie over at eleventhgorgeous
way back when YouTube started like in the ancient times okay it really wasn’t
at the beginning of YouTube it was maybe a couple years later I think I started I
did my first video on this channel in 2009 and it was after I tweeted out
should I start doing YouTube videos and I was actually following Tracy and
Stephanie back then I’d seen elf actually incidentally they shared one of
their videos and I found their channel and I really enjoyed it and we started
following each other and it was right at the beginning of their YouTube before
they like totally blew up which is amazing for them I’m so happy for them
so right you know right when they were still just getting started and they were
filming videos I think it was in their mom’s kitchen it was way back then
anyway we followed each other at that time and I remember posting that
question and they responded and said oh my god you totally should we would watch
if you filmed so that’s basically how this channel got started I probably
never would have started this if they hadn’t encouraged me because I was
really nervous about getting started alright so maybe that wasn’t the most
interesting story but I don’t know I kind of look back on that time really
fondly um you know this was way back when like I said they were filming
videos in their mom’s kitchen and it’s kind of nice to look at how far they’ve
come and I don’t know it just kind of feels cool that they were the ones who
said you know you should totally try this out too
okay guys this mask is dry actually it’s mostly dry there’s still like a section
right here that isn’t but the rest of my face is dry and clay masks do have a
tendency once they dry up to really kind of suck the moisture out of your face so
I’m going to go ahead and rinse this off I don’t want to leave it on too long and
over dry my skin so let’s go ahead and do that I’ve got to my little bowl of
warm water and I have a washcloth so we’re going to go ahead and dip this in
here and rinse it off so this is also another
little tip so applying the thin layer of a mask is great because it dries faster
but also when it dries you know you don’t get that like I-can’t-move-my-face
thing going on so if you don’t like that about clay masks that’s a little tip for
you anybody else always manage to get
face mask in your hair even when you pull your hair back which I did not do
today because I’m not that bright apparently alright so once I am done
applying my maks and removing it I do like to go in with a hydrating toner or
mist I really like this one by Dermalogica this is their antioxidant
hydrating mist a clay mask does have a tendency to be a little bit more drying
so I do like to replenish my skin after I use it I will just sort of ha let that
soak into the skin and dry oh my god it feels so good after that mask and while
would just sort of let that absorb let’s talk for a minute about the Fremen dead
sea minerals anti stress masks and some of the things that I absolutely love
about this mask is that you get a nice good quantity of product, you get six
ounces of product for like four dollars and some change it’s an inexpensive mask
that you can get at the drugstore it works really well my skin feels soft
after I use it it does feel like my pores have been cleansed and all the
like ickiness has been kind of sucked out of it but what i think i love the
most about this particular mask is the smell i don’t think it’s particularly any better or worse than some of their other clay masks but it does smell
absolutely fantastic it smells a lot different than the rest of the clay
masks it has that just soothing scent to it so for that reason I really do love
the Dead Sea minerals anti stress mask alright and now that the toner has
absorbed I’m going to go ahead and make sure to moisturize my skin so today I’m
going to use the Dermalogica age smart super rich Repair moisturizer when they
say it’s super rich it really is I actually don’t use a full pump of this
it is too too moisturizing for my face but it is absolutely fantastic for
everybody who has dry skin or if you live in an arid climate like I took this
with me when I went to Colorado where there is no humidity like there is here
in Florida and oh my gosh it was a godsend so I just used I mean I don’t
even use a full pump but I do love using it after face masks and at night
and I want like a nice richer moisturizer ah it’s so nice alright guys
so there you have it I hope you enjoyed this first episode of mask chat if you
enjoyed this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and comment below let me
know what other face masks you would like me to try in the future alright now that we are done with a little bit of skin care and pampering I think
I’m going to spend the rest of my evening lounging on the couch until I
fall asleep thanks so much for tuning in and joining me today and I will see you
guys again in my next video bye let’s try to ignore this red thing that
is like deciding to pop up because yeah I like scratched at it and now it looks
worse than it should and this is not the masks fault this is my fault I did this

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