Managing psychological comorbidities in rosacea

In order to understand what is the
situation of the patient, you just have to make some specific questions. So
after the first three/four questions, you understand what is the level, the
severity of the psychological involvement of the patients. So obviously,
if you have a mild severity, mild level of of changing of mood or mild
depression, you may try to treat the patient yourself if you have some
experience on that. Otherwise, it would be interesting to refer the patient to someone else more experienced on that. Anyway, you know that the behavior of the patient in terms of answers to that sort of questionnary,
depends on how you submit the questionnary. I mean, it is one story if
you ask the patient to fill the document in front of you, it’s another story if
you ask the patient to fill the document outside in the waiting room. They
close the document and they give you in a in a blind envelope. And you will check
the document maybe the day after. So you do not recognize who is the patient
who gave you the answer. So, for this sort of situation, it is definitely better to hand out the questionnary and leave the patient alone, outside of the room, filling
it and giving it you back after. So it is a sort of privacy that may
help largely in improving the results.

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