Male Drs. Staffers Put Facial Mask to the Test: The Results!

– It’s go time. At the top of the show we talked about the viral video of our guest
Erica’s painful struggle to remove a black facial mask that was meant to remove blackheads but caused a great deal of pain. Women seem to love using
it but what they don’t love is taking it off. So, we put it to the test
with our two manly-men who work here on our
show, Brian and Shane. – [Drew] Nice! – [Jennifer] Very nice! – [Travis] So, gentlemen. You’re looking mighty fine. – [Jennifer] Yes. – Thank you. – [Drew] How’s it feel? – Feels pretty tight. (audience laughter) – Feels pretty tight, Drew. – So, the more fitting question is are you all ready to take them off? – I’m ready. – Alright. – I’m so ready. – I will go ahead and do this. I want you guys to be completely authentic in what you’re feeling. – [Shane] Okay, no problem. (audience laughter) – [Drew] That’s nothing! – [Jennifer] That’s too easy! – [Drew] He looks like
the Lone Ranger now. – [Jennifer] Okay, wait a minute. (painful groaning) – [Jennifer] It does look like it’s glue. – [Drew] Yeah, but that’s
coming off pretty easy. (audience laughter) – [Jennifer] Look at his face though he’s feeling some pain. – No pain, no pain. – Shane, why do you look
like you’re giving birth? (audience laughter) – It’s got a couple hair
follicles that’s left slow Band-Aid. – [Drew] See, I think it’s
all about… okay wait. – What’s going on there? – But Brian says no pain. Okay, yeah he’s looking
like the video now. – No pain at all. Piece of cake. – [Travis] So is it when
it’s pulling out the hair? – Piece of cake. – So how bad was it? (applause) – [Jennifer] Something is off. – Honestly it wasn’t that bad. – No, it’s not as bad as it sold to be. – So it wasn’t that painful but there were certain
moments when it looked – I would definitely say
certain spots were painful, certain areas of the face, but nothing like, well, I can’t
say nothing like childbirth I have no idea what childbirth
is like to describe it. – Thank you! – But, definitely bearable
and I would do it again. – Hey, the biggest
takeaway from this segment and this put it to the test is anytime you’re gonna put
something on your face do a little test run somewhere else and if it doesn’t agree
with, say, your wrist or the back of your hand
do not put it on your face. We’ll be right back.

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