Making Cellulite, Pimples, and No Thigh Gap Dreamy: Clementine Desseaux

So can you talk a little bit about how you feel about doing this? Um, I feel really good, actually. I know talking about your own experience really helps other woman. Being one of those who don’t really care about the way I look, when I for example post stuff, like, you know I just post stuff and then I’m like, oh see, there’s no thigh gap, like see like nothing wrong showing a little belly. Even though I’m a model I’m not really what you see on the campaign’s pictures all of that, I’m just me every day with pimples and cellulite. – Can you talk about what your style says about you? – New York had a very big influence on my style these little details that make the difference, like this very cool hat, or one pair of good shoes, but the rest is kind of like very basic. And before I was very flower power and I like it. I feel like I’m getting older and I see it in my style, and it’s a pretty good thing. I like getting older. – You do? – Yeah. Your necklace. Can you talk about assumptions that people have about you based on your style? Because of the style that I have in my pictures more than in real life, people think that I’m like this sexy bombshell… It happened the last time at Macy’s I was shopping there and I was on the campaign thing there, and I was like red lipstick and la la la and the girl was looking at me, and she was like looking at the picture and she was like, ‘Is that you? Oh my god!’, and she was kind of disappointed and kind of excited at the same time because I was just like wearing jeans, white tee-shirt, and my bag, and just shopping around. To me it’s funny because I feel like an actress. Like ‘model me’ is so WOW, and then ‘regular me’ is still wow I think, but kind of like a real wow, not a fantasy wow. Can you talk about the biggest struggle that you’ve had in your life that you’ve turned into a strength? I really always was okay with my body, its just more, people made me feel like it was not okay. But I never looked in the mirror and said you’re ugly. The look that I got back in France! I was always like the fat kid, or giant, or like poo poo face, because of the freckles. I was on diets a lot, like most of my teenage/adult life. I went from size 10 to size 20 quite often. I would feel that the way I was treating my body it was like I would feel it in my mind. I was not stable. Then the day I decided to book my ticket, leave everything I had in France and just go I felt like I was getting rid of a lot of weight and history and all that behind me, and I felt brave and all that. I was feeling good already about myself landing, and I landed in Miami and the first week was wow you can just be you whatever size you are or how loud you talk and its okay it’o okay! Nobody… There’s nothing. I was… wow! That’s where I was supposed to be all my life! I just stopped dieting and my weight has been the same for the past 3 years… Feeling good! – When did the modeling start? – I decided to send my picture when I was in an internship, when I wasn’t getting paid I was like, what can I do to get paid, I had already worked at McDonald’s I didn’t want to do it again So they called me the next day, and ah we love your profile, let’s come take pictures whatever so I went, and signed my first contract. And then just before I moved to the States, I had my first big job, which was a TV commercial that was in France on TV for a long time, kind of like to shake their minds, it was like the first time a big girl was on TV. it was crazy good and bad. So I had like the most terrible things said about my body and the way I looked saying that it was a shame, that we shouldn’t put so much disgusting cellulite and curviness on TV and it was like not acceptable which weirdly I didn’t take personally and I was pretty OK with it because I thought it was so ridiculous. And also, like against that, it was such huge support group that was created for this, people were just so offended by what was said, they would push back and say like, this is a revolution you don’t get it, France is so late for all those things. I think its really because of the whole myth of the French woman. This like petite, little thing, that is always cute, and eats croissants and never puts weight on, and is always chic and perfect. We are all different! Just like the American women, besides instead of being a 14 average we’re a 10/12. But that’s about it, there are tons of big people in France. We love to eat, we love butter. it’s a lot of pressure, because we’re supposed to fit this French girl thing. And I can see it here how it can be bad, just because it’s a fashion city and so much pressure to be part of the image of the city, it’s the same for Paris. Every Parisian girl feels super bad because if you’re not like this image we talked about earlier then you don’t fit and then you’re not even supposed to be there. I did this editorial for a magazine I was naked I was standing you can see my butt cellulite behind my legs, all that. I talked with my mom about it, and she went to a friend that is a photographer, and she posed naked too. Because I told her how great it made me feel and I said you really should do the same, because she has body issues too sometimes, and she feels wrong about her body ‘I should lose some weight la la la’ like everyone else, and I was like well you should try that it’s liberating. And she did it, she was very emotional seeing the picture, and she was really proud of herself and it really helped her. It’s exactly how you are. And the fact that its raw, naked, non-edited, it’s like this is exactly you, and this is how I see you, and there’s nothing to add or to take off and its just right here. We tried to go to a party the other night, me and my boyfriend. We got in, and all those people, taking selfies in the club, and drinking, and being obsessed with each other, we looked at each other and we were like, alright, lets go. So we stayed literally for 2 minutes we walked around the club and then got out. And then we took the subway, and we met this amazing guy, that was playing guitar and singing on 14th street, and we ended up for staying like 3 hours and just like look at him, and he totally made our night, and we were like we went from boring fashion week party to amazing music in the subway! – When do you feel the most beautiful? – When the sun is coming through my window and the birds are singing I feel like Cinderella waking up and I’m like ah, I’m feeling good. Can you respond to the quote, in your body is a good place to be? I never wanted to get rich or famous, I just wanted to be happy. So being a happy body and a happy person just makes it the perfect place. And it’s chubby too, so you don’t get cold in the winter. Yes, it’s happy. Body is happy. So I am happy. – Awesome! Thank you so much that was amazing. – Thank you! – I’ve been like in a trance. How do you feel now? – I feel good, I’m hot. Weirdly, I get warmer without the clothes…

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