Lush How It’s Made: Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask

hi I’m Adrienne I’m Angela and today we’ll be making braised and honey braising honey is one of our fresh face masks a first place mass as pretty much what the company stands for it’s fresh our products is only ordered what we need raisin honey has 24 ingredients some of these ingredients on my favorite like the ginger that it helps with circulation if you ever see me making raisin honey and I’m not eating ginger something is wrong that day and also can’t forget the fennel fennel what love the fennel it’s fresh and it has a lot of microbial properties it’s the good stuff love Laviolette is getting started right now she’s putting together the tea for our infusion and the reason why we’re using rosemary is because it has a lot of antiseptic properties and it’s really good for the skin and doesn’t hurt that it smells amazing at this point we incorporate the Benton mix that into a gel woopsie and then we can hop on over to your vegetables we get those nice deep chop feel like I’m gonna eat it this is a really fresh and once everything is good to go we add it all together pushed over to the Hobart which is there a giant mixer and we generally make say 80 kilo batch for about 45 minutes to an hour we want that nice golden color to just pop right out and that’s how you make raisin honey and getting fresher than this check it

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