Lush Deep Dives: A Fresh Look at Fresh Face Masks

– Hi, I’m Erica. Today we’re going to be
talking about fresh face masks. This is a cosmetic deli unlike anything you have ever seen before. So taking inspiration from places like Pike Place Market in Seattle and other fresh farmer’s markets we have one of the craziest, freshest innovations you’ve ever seen in any shop ever. The the fresh face masks
are a chilled face mask with zero synthetic preservatives. And these beautiful balance
of clays and essential oils, fresh herbs to really deliver high impact benefits to the skin. And you need to use them fresh. When we say they are fresh face masks it’s like going to the store
and buying a cup of yogurt. We’re using this in talking
three weeks and then it is done. So when we make them in the factory we make them on a Tuesday,
they are shipped out and to the stores by a Wednesday. So you’re really getting
the freshest possible product to put onto the skin. So why a fresh face mask? Fresh face masks are gonna
blow other face masks out of the water in terms
of their impact on the skin, the results that you can get on the skin. And the reason is
because of the freshness. So when you’re talking
about something that has fruit in it, say blueberries. Rather than a blueberry
mask that might have a little bit of blueberry
fragrance and some preservatives and just basically clay
that’s been sitting in a warehouse for a while, over here we have buckets
of fresh blueberries. They get whipped up into that product and you get it on your face
literally the next day. So the freshness of that product means that the fruit acids in
there and the enzymes, the vitamins are gonna go right
onto your skin without any time passing to let those benefits dull. So when you’ve got it it’s bright, it’s buzzing, it’s getting onto the skin and it’s really doing the good work that that freshness is intended to do. If you’ve been into the
shop, or if you haven’t please come into the
shop, you’ve probably seen a little buffet near our skin care. Have you seen that before? So what it looks like is a mound of ice that has these bowls of what look like smoothies, basically, in these bowls. And they have these beautiful garnishes of rose petals and chocolate and ginger. Those are the fresh face masks. So we keep them out there so, A you can see how beautiful they are. But B you can get a hint
of some of the ingredients like those blueberries or lemon slices or papaya to really help you understand what’s inside of those. And we want you to be able
to feel them on the skin. So when you come in you
can talk to a staff member, go through a little bit of a consultation to find the one that’s right for you. And you can try that right on your hand or even on your face if you want to and you can really feel the
way, how soft or radiant your skin feels after
having used one of these. They’re chilled os they’re
so refreshing as well. So you just instantly feel more awake and more alive after using one of them. So when you take that fresh face mask home the intense freshness
comes with a little bit of responsibility and
that lies in your fridge. So after you finish shopping for the day and you come home and
you’ve probably used some just put the rest in your refrigerator. You don’t want to leave
it in your bathroom or just out on your shelf. You want to keep it in the fridge ’cause again that’s just
gonna aid in keeping all of those fresh ingredients
healthy for their shelf life. And you do want to pay attention to that. We always have a best before date that accompanies whoever made your product and they’ll tell you
exactly when it was made and for how long it will be fresh. So pay attention to that. It is, like I said, like
yogurt so you want to pay attention to that expiration date and use it all up so you can
come back and get another one. Here at Lush we also
have a fun little program where you can actually get
a free fresh face mask. So all of the black pots that we have are made with a number five plastic. Now in most places it
is readily recyclable but some please it’s not so
people had questions about that and we came up with an answer. So the answer was to bring it
back and we’ll do it for you. If you bring back five black plastic pots you will get a fresh face mask on us. We definitely have quite
a few fresh face masks and they’re all gonna be for slightly different desires for your skin. If you’re looking for something that will make it feel nice and perky or maybe battle a little
blemish you’ve got going on there’s something for you. So I can tell you about
a couple of my favorites. Speaking of a little
blemish here or there, one of my absolute favorites
is Cosmetic Warrior. This one is made with what you may think are some strange ingredients. It has tea tree oil, which you probably know is fantastic for clear skin. But it’s also made with fresh
green grapes and garlic. So when you smell it
it smells like garlic. And that is so good for your skin. Green grapes are an excellent
cleanser for the skin while the garlic really
helps to keep bacteria at bay and keep the skin really clean. So my favorite thing
about Cosmetic Warrior is it’s really like,
it is a warrior, okay. So it really seems like it’s doing battle with misbehaving skin
without drying it out. We don’t want to just suck
all the moisture out of it and think that that’s gonna
take care of the problem. Your skin is still feeling
really soft when you’re done but it’s got all of those really great anti-bacterial ingredients that are gonna help keep the skin nice and clear. Another one of my favorites
is called Don’t Look At Me. It’s got that kind of
classic blue look like if you imagine I Love Lucy or
something like that. But when you’re done you’re like seriously though, do look at me. This is a rice scrub. So it gives this really
fine polish to the skin and I really love just giving it like a circular massage while I’m using it. It also has a lot of citrus. So it has lemon juice and then
grapefruit and orange oils. And what that’s gonna do
is the enzymes in those fruit juices, that lemon
juice, is going to help to make the skin look really radiant. So classic combination
of like a physical scrub combined with a fruit
to help make that skin look really polished and smooth. We can also talk about
everybody’s favorite, that is Cupcake, that is by
far one of our best sellers. Cupcake smells like a mint
brownie when you smell it. So it has instant curb
appeal, I guess you could say. But it’s so effective too. It is a Rasul mud cleanser. So Rasul mud is really good
for detoxifying the skin, kind of pulling out all
the gunk and giving a nice, it’s not a tight feel
but it’s light a taunt. You know, like someone kind of snapped at you and you went, uh. So it kind of makes your
skin feel like that. And it’s super minty. So if you’ve ever, you
know you like chew like peppermint gum and then
you go into the icy cold and you feel like (quick gasp) like that, your skin feels
like that when you use Cupcake. So it has this really like refreshing, tingly feeling on the skin. Mint is going to be so good
for bringing oxygen-rich blood to those cells to make them
function really healthy. So this one really is just
like zingy and refreshing and makes you feel like perky afterwards. That’s one of my favorites. So that’s a little bit
about fresh face mask. But if you want to try one yourself come on into the shop,
let’s talk, let’s get the right one on you and I
guarantee you’re gonna love them. So comment down below. You probably have some questions and we’ll be happy to answer those. And then give us ideas for next time because this is an ongoing
conversation between us. So you tell us what you want to hear and then we will talk about it next time.

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