L’OREAL PURE CLAY MASK REVIEW + DEMO | Exfoliate & Refine Pores

hi everyone welcome back so today I am
going to be testing out the exfoliating and pore refining mask from L’Oreal
Paris it has apparently three mineral clays
plus red algae but before I get into this product test I post new video
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content so back to the L’Oreal clay mask so this mask retails for about ten
dollars and you get 1.7 ounces of product so let’s talk about some of the
claims on the website about this product they are claiming indulgent
transformative perfectly clean L’Oreal Paris skin experts have created a
supercharged pure exfoliating skin mask enhanced with red algae extract to
exfoliate and refine your skin in just 10 minutes
our unique formula provides a multi-sensorial censorial is that even a
word scent a unique fragrant experience while potent pure clays in volcanic rock
to exfoliate dead skin on face and smooth servus imperfections exfoliate
and refine pores pure clay mask addresses rough skin and deep clogged
pores on face to reveal a polished pore minimizing and smooth complexion
immediately skin texture appears refine and smooth pores are visibly minimized
facial pore cleansing removes dead cells dirt and oil from skin imperfections are
less visible not only will skin feel as though it can breathe skin doesn’t have
lungs it will feel as healthy I shouldn’t have said that
not only will skin feel as though it can breathe it will be healthy-looking with
a beautiful glow that is the description from the website say anything more on
the packaging so it’s formulated with a powerful blend of three clays and red
algae extract this formula apparently unclogs and tightens pores exfoliates
dead skin cells smooth textured Rajaraja build up impurities and dirt and
pollution refreshes and allows skin to breathe so immediately the results are
supposed to be skin texture looks refined and smoother pores are visibly
my dead skin cells dirt and oil or removed from skin and use after you skin
feels as though it can breathe better and skin looks visibly healthier so how
do you apply evenly on dry skin avoid eye area and lip area leave on 10
minutes for 15 minutes use 3 times a week
pretty standard glides on and rinses off easily suitable for all skin types
awesome so as you can see this is still in the packaging this is my first time
using this product so this will be a first impression to review forming as
well I was going to take you into my bathroom to do this but the lighting is
much better out here so get to it we’re going to try not to make a mess ok
so like the consistency is like super thick it’s not going anywhere
I hope it’s not now it’s pretty thick it’s not going anywhere so it’s it is
red it’s bright flame and red and there is a fragrance but it it doesn’t smell
like clay it smells almost floral it’s very light but I just wasn’t expecting
that that’s all it’s just something to be aware of if you’re sensitive to any
sort of smells there’s like a mile floral perfume in there good sorry guys
I’m just going to shimmy up here cuz I need to look in the mirror and I need to
have a bit extreme closeup of my face let’s apply and see how this goes so so for the texture is okay it’s
gliding on my skin very very easily and there is this the exfoliant in it isn’t
anything I find excessive but it might be different for people with super
sensitive skin and the scent isn’t extremely
overwhelming either but it is they’re just so odd doing this in the middle of my
living room just doesn’t stain in my face or anything this is red Wow
so the mask glided on my face very smoothly and I didn’t find the exfoliant
to be too abrasive or too harsh on my skin so I’m going to go take a break and
I’m going to relax with this on my face and then I will be back and let you know
how this mask was wearing if I’ve had any skin reactions or what the heck is
going on so I’ll be back in about 15 minutes with some more thoughts on this
mask alright so it’s been 15 minutes this is dried down completely although
it’s very interesting I’m normally used to any sort of
I guess it’s not a mud mask but I mean it is a mineral mask clay mask I’m used
to when they dry that any time you move any part of your face it’ll start to
crack so I typically will like hold as still as possible because I hate that
cracking feeling that mud or whatever masks leave this this is do that like I
can move my face around and this is not cracking at all it’s very interesting
I’ve never experienced that before I guess I won’t really know the result of
this until I wash it off my face because other than the exfoliant there was
really nothing remarkable about the feeling of this on my face I didn’t have
a skin reaction there was no tingling that I didn’t feel I didn’t really feel
anything other than a layer mask on my face there was no cooling sensation
there was no warming sensation there was no irritants it was just pretty much the
exfoliant that I felt when I applied it yeah so those are my thoughts so far I’m
going to go run some stuff and I’m going to see if it does
what it claims to do which is gently exfoliate your face and leave your skin
feeling softer and more refreshed and I will be right back alright so I am back
completely clay free so far I am quite pleased with this mask it does exactly
what it says it’s going to do it gently exfoliate my skin all throughout here
and along my for basically my whole face just feels so nice and soft I didn’t
find the exfoliation in the mask abrasive at all it just it was the right
amount to do what it needed to do and leave my skin feeling soft but not
irritated I don’t know what my complexion being brighter but it
definitely my skin is definitely smoother and softer and it definitely
was a very comfortable product to use I didn’t find it too abrasive at all my
immediate thoughts on this product I’m going to continue to use it my skin
doesn’t feel dry but it doesn’t feel hydrated either but I’m ok with that
because it didn’t claim to be a hydrating mask it claimed to be an
exfoliating mask so I’m going to continue to use this product combined
with my moisturizer and see over the next few weeks what the results are
so those are my thoughts on the Loreal exfoliating and pore refining clay mask
thank you for taking the time to watch this video I hope you enjoyed it be sure
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new videos again thanks for watching and I will see you next time bye oh you’re

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