L’Oreal Paris Blemish Face Mask Review

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my channel
I’m so excited to see you as you can tell I have nothing on that’s because
for this video I’m going to be doing a skincare review. I’ve actually never done
this before so is my first time doing it so be nice!
so what I’m gonna do is the L’Oreal Paris pure clay blemish rescue mask. So
first what I’m going to do is – obviously take this packaging off. So.. what it looks
like, okay so the first thing I’m gonna do is gonna, I’m gonna put my hair up so
it’s out of the way when I do this The way I’m gonna do my mask is that I’m
gonna use this brush rather than using my fingers I just think you’ll spread out
evenly oh my god, I haven’t even got a mirror. Give me a second guys, I’m gonna go get a mirror. Alright.. so now I’ve got my mirror let’s begin
I’m so excited Alright, so I’ve done the entire face I
honestly feel like the metallic princess right now. In terms of the product itself
it smells so good I feel like I’m in a spa, I do feel like it gives me off
like a men’s shaving cream, kind of smell kind of vibe as well, so I definitely
feel like men can use this it never said that it can only be women.
So it says that I can leave it for like 5-10 minutes, so I can just do whatever I want
while waiting for this to dry up in the meantime I think I’m just gonna chill
get some food, maybe get some chocolate treat myself, watch some Netflix and umm..
yeah I’ll tell you when I come back how it looks – dried out ten minutes and
um how it feels as well. So I’ll see you guys in a bit. Alright, okay, so
10-minutes have gone by or maybe a little bit more because I’ve lost track of time
and it does feel quite dry in these areas, this area and that, I do feel like
the chin area and the upperlip is still a little bit wet but it’s okay for me
right now. So give me a minute to wash this entire thing off and then I will
tell you how it feels afterwards so I managed to dry my face and clear off all
the masks when I first put it on my skin it was just really tight around here and
it was just dry, so I thought okay this mask is probably gonna leave me dry, but
it really didn’t not even here usually I get dryness from my nose, up and then on to my forehead but really did not get that at all, so yeah I do feel that my skin is
a lot softer I do feel like it’s a lot firmer, in some ways I’m not sure about the blackheads but I feel like I shouldn’t
be expecting that cause I’ve only just used this once and it says to use
twice a week. I think you’ll get much better results and you’ll definitely see the
difference when after, like let’s say used it like a month and you stick to them
two times a week, kind of rule, but first time using it I really like it. Just the
fact that it’s my skin is so much softer and so much firmer and it’s not as..let’s say dirty or oily as it used to be earlier. So yeah, that is all for today
thank you so so much for watching my video if you have tried this product
before all you have tried any other clay masks from their L’Oreal Paris before,
please let me know down below and um I’ll see you very very soon bye!

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