we’re gonna be trying today loreal facemask in the exact one we’re gonna be trying is the pure clay mask exfoliate and refine pores this one contains a three pure clays and red algae one of the things that I like is that they ask and answer this question that I always ask myself why is this mask good me day after day dead cells accumulate living skin feeling rough while dirt and oil build out causing enlarged pores often times a cleanser isn’t enough to solve this problem exfoliate and refine ports pure Klimas addresses your skin concerns and to reveal a polished pore minimize and smooth complexion right and the bottom it says a sea effective result so this is exactly where we’re gonna be like checking and checking the skin texture appears refined pores are visibly minimized dead cells dirt and oil removed from skinned skin looks smoother let’s try it out this pure clay mask with red algae you show you something this clay mask it is thick right there on the image explains how to use this pure clay mask apply an even layer to clean dry skin avoiding ID and live area hmm it feels a little bit refreshing leave on for 10 to 15 minutes then remove with water in circular motions to exfoliate for best results use three times a week when I had it on my skin it felt very normal I didn’t feel any tingling or anything like that it was a very comfortable sensation during those 15 minutes that I cannot explain I haven’t applied any moisturizer and even my hands feels very soft this is kind of interesting because clay normally dries out your skin but this one that it contains three pure clays it feels very moisturized and it’s not dry out and it feels hydrated of course exfoliates your skin as I show you it has a small particles of clay and when you do the circular motions and that’s what is going to help you to exfoliate your skin before applying the mask I have some clogged pores this feels completely soft it is not that hard to rinse off even when it’s clay masks looking nice at home if you don’t like to do all those extra step you can apply this and you’ll be getting on clogged pores and exfoliation at the same time I have a few things to point but to be honest for the all those great qualities that I’m getting I don’t know if this should be like a big deal but I’m just gonna say the first thing is that when you open the product as you saw the consistency it is kind of rough you cannot use a brush like this on that mask because it is kind of solid and I don’t see this one distributing well the product it is kind of like mmm then I didn’t add a small piece of spatula like a plastic wand if you don’t want to expend that extra money you can use your hands but always make sure to have clean hands before you apply with that but it it says it is for all skin types but it contains fragrance if you hate strong fragrances this product has a very strong citric smell when I was waiting with a face mask I can still like smell it it’s very strong so it doesn’t go away when you wash it off it still remains in your skin and I think someone with sensitive skin or someone that has acne that is a little bit woundn’t should not be applying this so that’s my opinions of what I think this would do I hope you guys enjoy your weekend I’m gonna be enjoying mine I can’t wait I’ll see you on Monday PURA VIDA!

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