#LomaLuxAcne Pill Review – Relieves Acne, Rosacea, Redness, Oily Skin

hi everyone I’m reviewing this loma Lux laboratories Acne Pill . wellness from within they come in a box of sixty dissolving pills and it’s a 24-hour dose and it helps you with acne rosacea inflammation redness – naturally non-irritating, non drying, naturally helps prevent recurrences. All right so I’ve been using it for a couple of days now I took some right here and they give you two boxes with your order so still got to do these. so I have another full box here to use which I’m happy about um I’ve been using them for a couple of days now and it’s been helping. I do get very oily skin and a lot of redness from rosacea I’m pretty sure I have rosacea because my grandmother has it really really bad she gets it really bad and I happen to have the same issues like if I go outside too long my face starts to get red my cheeks are very very red my nose is red and my forehead is very red I’m just a red little Lobster and sometimes I do get a couple of breakout pimples especially before my periods about start that’s just something that always happens but anyway I’ve been taking this and I noticed um my face looks a lot more clearer it’s still a little oily but not as bad I’m starting to see improvement on it um so yeah I’m I’m really loving this product. it tastes really good it does have like a kind of like a strawberry / cherry type of flavor. what I do is you’re not supposed to eat anything before taking it or ten minutes after You are supposed to chew on the pills I mean the dissolving pills are supposed to chew on them wait at least a minute before you swallow it you got to allow it to dissolve chew it up let it dissolve until it’s just saliva and the flavor of the pills in your mouth and then after a minute passes or even two minutes then you can swallow it so that’s what I do so you guys want to order one the link to this product is down in the description please go and check them out this is a really good product I really like it so thanks for watching guys

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