Live Video: Huge Ganglion Cyst Smash at the Fire Station (HD)

All right, so I’m at work. We’re recording this with my helmet cam. uh… we’re gonna get rid of that…Cyst on my hand Uh…it’s the only camera I have, so here we go. we got the guys practicing in the kitchen…whacking… aright, which book? That’s fine. we might need some give..right on the end part here? Not that hard! let’s try it again yeah, there you go! that’s not gonna hurt.
God damn, yes it will! no, that’s… what do you want to do? like that? All right, let me.. uh… if it actually pops my hand…it’s gonna suck. no, to catch the blood
What are you doing?
Trying to gauge how hard to hit it Ow! I think it worked, though! My fingers, though. You really got my fingers. Here’s the “after”
That hurts.
I saw it go ‘whoosh” All right, here’s the “after” little bit of swelling still, but other than that, looks like it’s gone. All right.

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