Liquidy, Runny Cyst POPS IN SECONDS

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want to, maybe tag a person who would enjoy these videos, good luck. – [Dr.Carter] So this
young lady comes in today with this soft tissue
lesion that’s just grown on her foot within the past six months. She has little spots elsewhere on her body, so it wasn’t too concerning. She’s now getting some pain with it. Whether it be because of a
nerve that runs through there or from shoe gear, not really sure. So, we’re going to poke into
it today and see what we get. I’ve got her numbed up with some lidocaine and some Marcaine up under it. So, lets see what what happens. We’ll be surprised together. All right honey, can you feel that? – [Patient] No. – When I feel it, it feels kind of firm and not necessarily fluid
filled but, it’s fluid. It’s definitely fluid filled. – [Patient] That’s going to
get Dr. Barko in the face. – [Dr.Carter] That’s my goal.
(Patient giggles) So that was just clear serous fluid. Sometimes you just get cysts
that form in your body. Can be due to trauma, could have been due to friction or
pressure in the area. – [Patient] But I suspect the pain is coming from those two toes. – [Dr.Carter] It could be, and like I– – [Patient] And makes me think that– – [Dr.Carter] Yeah it
could easily be the case. I am going to to inject a tiny bit of steroid in here
– Okay – [Dr.Carter] Because I can still feel a little something in there. So I want to make sure that
I get whatever I can out. And the steroid will help to
shrivel up a sac of the cyst if there’s anything
remaining in there, okay? Without me torturing you
over and over and over. Which is no fun for anybody but me. (syringe tapping) Here, thanks. All right sweetheart, just a little bit of steroid right into the hole. It will make it puff back up
a little bit but I promise you it won’t stay that way for long, okay? (cloth wiping skin) Okay, well that was fun.
– Yup – [Dr.Carter] So, we’re
going to dress it up with a little bit of iodine,
and a gauze and some tape. It may still leak out over
the next 24 hours or so. That’s perfectly fine, keep it
covered until in the morning. At that point, you can take it off and you don’t have to put
anything else on it, okay? – [Patient] Okay. – Well, that was our cyst
drainage, if you like videos like this, make sure to find us on YouTube under Lexington podiatry. We’ve got lots of gross stuff.

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