Liệu Trình 14 Bước Điều trị Mụn Tại Hiền Vân Spa-The 14 Steps Treatment Of Acne At Hien Van Spa

Hien Van hello everyone🤞 Today Hien will introduce 14 steps Intensive acne treatment at Hien Van spa include process steps like this Invite you to refer Step 1: visit examination Help identify acne condition and devise appropriate treatments course , for each skin type of customer Step 2: remove make-up, wash your face Removes dirt on skin surface step 3: steam the face and exfoliate Deep cleansing help, removes dead skin cells on the surface of the skin Helps unclog pores , Blood circulation Step 4: Remove oil and greasy Remove excess oil causing clogged pores Step 5: handling acne multiply with separate medical devices
Help take away multiply acne ripe old, hidden acne, Blackheads, inflammatory acne, pustules Step 6: irradiate the purple light bactericidal for skin, dry acne, help wound acne head quickly heal step 7: use technology New Elight Helps fight deep inflammation, skin rejuvenation, Shoot directly at each pimple to reduce swelling, Red reduction from 5-8 hrs Step 8: wipe the hot towel Help to relax, clean the skin, Absorb good nutrients step 9: run collagen nutrition Helps restore skin, collagen proliferation, Support bruise treatment Step 10: apply Special Treatment acne mask Helps nourish and soothe the skin, Reduces immediate redness and swelling Step 11: Projection of biological light OMEGA LIGHT stimulates self-regenerating skin cells, Helps skin healthy increases resistance step 12: massage head, shoulder, neck, nape Gentle relaxation step 13: apply the medication Special Treatment acne, at the same time collect and dry acne head, Helps regenerate skin fast step 14: guide guests to skin care at home Hi, you just did Hien Van spa acne treatment service. You feel how you skin is changing? After I experience at the spa treatment I feel my skin is very tight ball It is very smooth and special after the take acne is not swollen red Hien thank you, after coming home you remember Apply medicine to the hidden pimples it gathers then I took one more time and it was completely clean Hey guys if you are having acne and have not found a solution yet Safe and effective acne treatment then you can refer to the youtube channel of Hien Van spa and facebook Do Thu Hien You will see the intensive acne treatments with Hien Hien technique how to take acne Hien Van is clearly committed to its effectiveness Immediately after the first and absolute treatment after take acne, no redness and swelling, Absolutely do not leave bruises and scars Hien thank you all very much💕💕 Watched the acne treatment on Hien’s side.Hien hello and see you again😘🤞

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