LEGO Fortnite SCAR

What’s going on guys? My name is ZaziNombies. And today we’re building one of the biggest and heaviest assault rifles We’ve ever done from Lego. Built with over 1,800 Lego bricks weighing in at 6 and 1/2 pounds This is a replica of the SCAR found in Fortnite. It comes in two different rarities both legendary as well as epic It fires at 350 rounds per minute and it holds 30 rounds in the magazine and it deals the most damage of any automatic rifle in Fortnite at 198 damage per second if you get the legendary SCAR. So this weapon… I actually built a variant of the SCAR-H back in 2012. this was the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 replica. that I did. It’s a little ironic, since this one is actually a lot heavier than that one even though that was the SCAR-H Where the H stands for “heavy”. The assault rifle variant is the SCAR-L, it’s the lighter one And that’s the one that’s found in Fortnite. Here you can see all the different build techniques that I used to bring at this replica to life. Lots of the light tan Lego brick. A little bit of metallic silver for all the screws and then black three wide Little plates and smooth tiles for the rail system, I did also use some inverted slopes for the sights and 2×2 cylindrical Black pieces, and that’s what creates the barrel Also, it gets the curve in the magazine by using 2 by 1 plates And then stacking them on one side and leaving the other off and that gives it a nice gradual curve You can also see for the iron sight I used a screwdriver piece as it makes a nice little front post for it There’s a first-person view of the SCAR-H. In Fortnite, You can’t quite go first-person But here’s how it would look I guess if you were. The Lego dimensions for this Lego scar are 87 centimetres long at nearly three feet, and I did use a Technic pin in the barrel Just to keep it straight and lots of beams run throughout the gun There’s a scale of it with a Lego “Carbide” superhero Minifigure It’s an absolutely massive weapon as I said one of the biggest- if not the biggest, Lego Rifle that we’ve ever done Also for the scars the battle scars on the scar, um the “scratches”. I used some sticker pieces and Helps to get a little more of that Fortnite kind of “cartoony” detail on it. I did also use a contrast between light gray and dark gray for the magazine And it’s got a working charging handle that I built with a metallic little cat paw from the legends of Chima sets So lots of specialty bricks came together to create this Lego Fortnite SCAR, and I think it turned out really well It’s got a good weight to it as well as a nice stock and that was built with smooth tiles to give it a little bit of texture so it holds better on my shoulder. It always brings a smile to my face to get a Scar out of one of the chests in Fortnite in the “Battle Royale” mode It fires medium bullets, but in the save-the-world mode it actually fires light bullets also So it’s widely regarded to be the best weapon in Fortnite, and is always sought after from loot piles But there you guys have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Lego SCAR from Fortnite. Let me know in the comments your idea for the next LEGO creation or the next weapon From Fortnite that you’d love to see it brought to life with Lego but as always Thank you guys so much for watching my videos do be sure to leave the video a thumbs up if you guys Enjoyed and we’ll see more videos just like this one. And I’ll see you guys in another video, with another LEGO creation.

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