Laparoscopic dissection – benign ovarian tumour Dr shashank mishra

Adhered omentum to left benign ovarian tumour, when dissected may lead to minimal haemorrhage Assessment of bleeding point and possible adhesions with sigmoid colon Maintaining traction and countertraction and assessment of vascular pedicle Sigmoid colon is adhered with the pedicle Plane assessment by traction only Assessment of solid and cystic component of benign ovarian tumour Both the ends of tumour – uterine and towards gonadal vessels – should be mobilized and assessed Assessment of Right inguinal region Leftover tissue can be used to provide traction during dissection Adhered omentum towards uterine side While using electrocautery, be careful not to touch the small intestine or colon Use of ultrasonic energy source is recommended, if available Always give proper traction during action Clear the intra-abdominal vision by partial opening of port output to remove vapours Traction and counter-traction while electro-cautery action Endoscissors can be used to cut the coagulated tissue Dissection requires mobilization from all sides that is pathological…. Any query….whatsapp ….9412109123…..or mail [email protected] or suggest topic what you require on whatsapp number or mail

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