Kristin Chenoweth And Kelly Clarkson Fangirl Over Dr. Pimple Popper

– Do you sing all the time? – I can’t help it, but, I do wanna say something to you, I brought you a gift. – [Kelly] Oh! – Because, there is only a few people that I can re-gift things to. (laughing)
All right? And the reason is, is
because we share something, we share, actually many things in common. – We do. – But I would like for you
to go ahead and open this up. – Okay.
– Now I got two. So I’m being honest with you. – Are these best friend necklaces? – Are we getting best friend?
– Are we getting married? (laughing) – I think that’s already–
– I’m so in. – I think that’s gonna happen but. (Kelly laughs) Anyway, go ahead and
you’ll see why in a minute. – Remember–
– Okay, oh my gosh! – We have the same initials. – I know I was literally when I sent the video memo today, I
was like from K.C. to K.C. I thought it was so clever,
it’s not that funny. – I got three of these, three! – Oh so you’ll never even need them all. I love it! (audience applauding) Wait, is this for jewelry? Or what is this? – What you do is you put ’em, you put ’em on your shoe
and just so you know, Katie Couric got the other one. – Oh there we go the other K.C. I actually know a lot of
people with our initials. – [Kristin] Really? – It’s weird. (kookaburra calls) – What in the world? It sounded like a gremlin got out. – It’s the kookaburra. – It’s a kookaburra. I can’t say it with your cool accent. – I can do, I actually
practice doing him laugh. – Oh okay, wait can you
harmonize with that? Do you think if we played
it, could you harmonize with the kookaburra? (audience laughing) – Okay Robert.
– Yeah. – Mindy can you bring the bird out? I’m gonna harmonize with Kristin. (audience cheers)
– Come on. We’re gonna harmonize. We’re gonna do it. (audience applauding) We can do it.
– This is so exciting! – Hi y’all! – Hi good to see you. – Look it’s my size.
– How you doing? (laughs) – All right, okay he
might not make a sound now but hey can we play it? Were gonna try, this is the sound. (kookaburra calling) (mimicking kookaburra call) (laughs) (making kookaburra calls) – [Kelly] That was amazing. I love you. – He doesn’t know what to think. That’s amazing.
– This is like most to my boyfriends, they’re scared of me. – No, literally you are so great! – That’s good. You know I think he likes you. Definitely, that was very good. – [Kristin] I thought I
got the (rolling R’s) down but not the (cuckoo bird call). – [Kelly] Well thank
you so much Kooka bird. Thank you so much. (applause drowns out conversation) – We’ll see you all and
I’m so proud of you. – See you.
– Come back. All right, you’re hil– I love you – I love you too. – I was like let’s just bring it out. (laughs) – I know it was awesome. – Here’s actually my favorite thing about you right now. You’re doing Death
Becomes Her on Broadway? – Yes. – [Kelly] Is that what’s happening? – Yes. (audience cheers) – Are you playing Meryl? – I’m playing Meryl Streep, I know. – I wanna go what? That is so great! – Can I just say I love that
you just slide down the chair. (laughs) – I mean I’m so excited for you. – First of all, they came to me and they said we wanna do Death Becomes Her and I say, well I love the movie, (blows raspberry) which part? And they said the Meryl Streep part and I said does that mean I get to have my head chopped off? – Oh my god, I love you. – And for turned around because for those of you who don’t know, it’s
two women who are trying to stay young and they
do whatever it takes, and they drink this potion
that makes them stay young but they have other things that fall off. I’m excited. You have to come. – I am a 100% gonna fly across country. – Yes! (claps) Yes!
– I’m so excited. – Yes K.C. – So besides Meryl, we have
another thing in common, because I have this person on this show, I love Dr. Pimple Popper. – I love her, Dr. Sandra Lee who I feel that she’s changing the world
because she’s giving people opportunities that might
not be able to afford, to go like this one lady
and I’m not making fun but she did have a major
like hump on the back, and they were like what is it? And she took it out and it
looked like a chicken cutlet. I actually got hungry. – It’s so interesting. I’m not grossed out either.

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