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Hi, my name is Jennifer and we just did a quick consultation for my skin to see like what specific treatments we recommend it for me. And then a little bit later we’ll be going in with the doctor just to make sure we went over would be for me and also just to make sure the doctor see if they have like any other specifically details or its that they wanted to lead point out? What was recommended for my skin was the BB shine was because I have really dehydrated and like dry skin. And that will help with the pores as well and also will be doing the intra-self which will also help with my acne scars. I wanted to get the heiko done. Will see because I just wanted to make it a little bit more higher my bridge and also just like to reshape the tip a little bit to make it more natural. So, just finish all my treatment. First, I did the BB shine, and that was like really refreshing and cooler then after that, I did the intracel. Uh, um, the first round was okay. Glad I got the IV which should really help, then after that Uhm, I did my heiko. You haven’t a needles So, I’m happy about that. I’m happy I came to Renovo because everything that, that I research about, they were able to help me with and I’m very happy what the autopsy just it did today and all the staff that I met. Everyone is very helpful here and they know English stuff. Yep Bye. Seoul is the capital of plastic surgery, skin, dental, vision correction, and other medical treatments. Seoul Guide Medical is here to find you the best doctors, the best procedures, and take care of you from start to finish. Contact us at [email protected] for a free consultation with our specialists. Let us take care of everything and create a customized treatment plan that is right for you. We help you with Airport pick-up, Accommodations, in-clinic translations, aftercare, and hold your hand every step of the way. Visit our website at seoulguidemedical.com for more information. Seoul Guide Medical. Happy patients. Always.

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