Korean Blackhead & Pore Product Reviews | Daiso Charcoal, Blackhead Peeling Massage Gel, Egg Mousse

Hey there! This is Rena and todays video will dedicated
to blackheads and pore products The first product is this really inexpensive
Daiso Charcoal Natural Pack Peel off Mask. There is 80 grams in this panda colored tube and is priced around $3-$6 online. I want to put out a disclaimer before I start. On the tube
it says to apply it on the nose area but I have seen it being applied all over the face
and the tube sticker shows it being applied all over the face as well. So there was kinda mixed messages there. In other words, Use at your own risk. This is black thick and tacky with a consistency
similar to warm honey. I’m using a silicon brush to make the application
process easier, but of course you can use clean fingers or any other brush similar to
this one. The product says it contains natural ingredients
from oak trees that help remove oil and dirt that is inside the pores. And supposedly makes the skin clearer with
less visible pores. This glossy mask dries completely after about one full hour If it was only used on the nose it would probably
only take about 15 minutes. As it dries the nose area separated into larger
holes. As you guys can tell from the footage. The instructions say to peel from the bottom
up, but if you have sensitive skin then to do the opposite. So from the top down. And make sure you apply essence or moisturizer prior to using it if you do have sensitive skin. This is a pretty painful mask, and it smells
like perfumed alcohol. The results are a pretty hairless and soft
face, as long as you can deal with the pain. All the white specks are hair and oil that
was pulled out. Mainly hair. I think its still a pretty good mask for the
price. Holika Holika is popular for their 3 step
pig nose black head removal mask. I think I reviewed that in a video from last
year. If you want to watch it, I will have the link
below. This is a massage gel similar to those peeling
gels that help removes dead skin all over the face. However this particular product is dedicated
for the nose. It’s a jelly like oil that helps softens
and loosen blackheads for easy removal and contains olive oil and aloe vera. Its supposed to be applied to the nose and
left on to settle in for about 5 to 10 minutes. I noticed the outer ediges started to tighten
as I waited the time limit. After the time was up, I started massaging
the gel and it turned into a thicker jelly texture and started peeling my dead skin around
my nose. Those little beads are the gel as well as
dead skin formed together. My nose and cheeks were slightly red and irritated
after using it but it did leave that area feeling really really smooth. Did you ever do an egg mask to help tighten
or brighten your skin? Well this is supposed to have a similar
effect but in an easier foam can. Before using make sure to shake it vigorously
and then pump out a golf ball sized amount onto your hands and then apply all over your
face. Make sure your hands and face are both dry I loved how foamy and soft this felt. It was just really fun After applying, massage it into the skin for
about a minute and then leave it to dry. As it was drying it left a really tickling feeling because the bubbles were popping. After it becomes clear and tacky just wash off When I was washing it off, I noticed my skin
had that squeaky clean feeling as though all the oils were stripped from my face, but it
didn’t leave that tight and crackly feeling like when its super dry either I hope you enjoyed this video, and don’t
forget to subscribe and turn on the bell notifications just hit that bell and check the box, its
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