[Korean Beauty] Perfect Base makeup for ROSACEA

Perfect Base makeup – ROSACEA Kim Jihyun, Makeup Artist at Jaeun Chai
Works with Jang Na-ra, Mirae Yoon, Jeongin etc. Q.My base makeup keeps getting thicker because I want to cover up the redness. How can I apply less makeup and still cover all the redness? A: I’m going to teach you how to focus your base makeup over just the red areas and minimize makeup application on the other areas. S1: Pump a pea-sized amount of foundation onto the brush and spread evenly over the red areas on the cheeks and the dark circle areas under the eyes. S2: Pat the product thoroughly into the cheek area using a wet hydro sponge. Do not rub or spread, just tap for even application. Tip: Using a hydro sponge can give a smoother and better coverage and help the product set on the skin better. S3: Apply the foundation on the opposite cheek using the brush and the sponge in the same manner. My skin looks so much smoother Can I just use my fingers? Is there any difference? You can but oil-free type foundation like this one dries very easily once pumped. So the beginner can feel difficulties in control to achieve an even application. Using the brush and sponge is recommended as it will irritate the redness on the skin less and provide better coverage. S4: Use the same brush and sponge technique to apply the foundation around the nose, forehead, chin.

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