Kia’s Dermaflage Scar Story

I am a full-time mom and a full-time
case manager about four years ago I had an eyebrow piercing so they slowly
started ripping and that was how I got my my scar I mean it made me feel very
uncomfortable just having people stare at me knowing that I have a scar so I
have tried a lot of products but it just it looked like I have a piece of cake on
my face but the first time I made it I got it correctly on my face I looked in
a mirror and I was just shocked I I actually tear up and my son came in
and asked me what’s wrong and I told him I was like I have a perfect face but I just
like I said I feel so much more confident just being out in public being
around the people that I love and knowing that even though when i get a
stare they’re not staring at my scar anymore i will say don’t waste your
money on other product give Dermaflage a try

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