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hello gorgeous welcome back to
fantabulous fa channel again a new review for khadi herbals face pack powder which
is fresh lemon so today i’m going to do of this channel down is the subscribe
button please press that button and get started with the video so I am going
to do the review of this herbal face pack powder which is like a very famous brand
first of all let me tell you about this khadi brand khadi brand is pure herbal
brand without any parabens without any chemicals they are free from all kind of
chemicals they are completely organic products and they come in this quiet
cute tin container so let me talk about the khadii thing the container is so
cute and yeah this is for 70 rupees MRP if you can see so yeah guys so if the
cost always keeps on changing and it depends upon which type of face pack you
take so if you take a rose sandalwood or something like that
fruit face type or something it comes around 100 rupees or 110 rupees or
something like that so I have gone there are many product like mint one was 70
rupees then Multani mitti was 70 rupees and this fresh lemon was for 70
rupees so it ranges around from 70 rupees starting 100/ 150 rupees around
for 50 grams of the product or you can see your very well it’s 50 net weight is 50
grams of the product it is costlier on online sites so I have purchased this
from the khadi store itself so it is at khadibhandaar at fort so yeah all
the Khadi products are there over there so if you want to buy any product of
khadii do let me know in the comment section I can get it for you any
facepack or any toner or any facial face washes any product of Beauty if you want
from khadi store you can let me know in my comment section so let me
come to this its in a complete pack box so you know that the powder is not used before
completely pack box shows that it is completely 50 grams of product and it’s
so beautifully packed simple and yet so sober in a steel
container with white written or paper and if everything is written on it it’s
very very cute and the best part about it is it is without parabens so let me
get into the zoom of this picture over here ok yeah so it’s fresh lemon
herbal face pack powder and Ayurveda face pack which absorbs the excess oil
secretions of the skin it helps to dry the puss acne and provide healing effect
to control the pimples it is useful in the scars and blemishes and ideal
preparation for skin tightening and makes the skin healthy so usage is the
for natural result mix the powder with rose water or water simple to make paste
apply it on the face keep it for 30 minutes and then wash it with cold water
or warm water whatever if you can see the ingredients over here you can see
citrus that is lime then all the ingredients which you can see Sanctum
citrus reticulate Bianco rubia and Rose are and all those preservatives is added
into that to make it 1kg of that much only 8 gram base to make 1kg so if you
can see the ingredients there is nothing of chemicals into it it’s completely
completely organic hundred-percent natural product of khadii so let me open
the powder and show you I have taken fresh lemon lemon is such a great
ingredient that it all removes your blemishes scars pigmentation anything on
your face and it also helps in detanning your face as it is summer going on
so for helping for detanning you know summer heat lemon is a very very good
you know for the face pack I always add or lemon drops into my face pack so I
just brought fresh lemon face pack so it is going to you don’t have a bleaching
effect on my face as well because it has lot of vitamin C it acts as a vitamin C
acts like a natural bleach agent you know on your face to lighten
your tone of your skin as well let me open and show you the box so this is how
the product looks like it comes in the carry bag or a plastic like this and you
can then empty this into the container so the container is like very very cute
and it was very difficult to open the container so like you can empty this
thing into the container it will be 50 grams and the smell of this powder is
amazing lemon pure lemon like you know they have dried the peel of the lemon
and crushed it that kind of a smell and fragrance it has a very very strong
lemon fragrance so it is going to be amazing so now I’m going to show you how
to make this face pack as you can see that I have taken the lemon powder of
khadi over here in the container it’s almost one and a half teaspoon for the
face that’s enough and I have the rosewater over you I am going to add
rose water and aloe vera gel if you don’t have aloe vera gel aloe vera gel
is for the enhance benefit and the pure amazing effect for this lemon face mask
could work amazingly more benefit so if you don’t have the aloe vera gel you can
skip it and just add the rose water itself that will be also fine I will
preferably take rose water rather than taking what we say are simple
what we say plain water a rose water is much much better so I think guys you
should have rose water in your house and I’m going to make the paste and then
start applying so this is how simply you make a face pack

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