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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about multitasking Beauty products and how we can effectively get some results from products that are either Super fast or that you can use while you’re doing something else like showering So we’re going to be discussing some in the shower facial products in shower masks and how they can really up your beauty game without Adding any extra time to your routine today’s video is going to be a giveaway So stick around for the details somewhere in this video so let’s get started first product that I want to talk to you guys about is my most recent find and that is the you know Positively radiant this is the 62nd in a shower facial now This one is a very thick cream that does have some Granules in it and it uses glycolic acid Now you’re supposed to keep this on your skin for 60 seconds And it does also contain interest lemon peel extract which is really really good for brightening now I want to tell you that this is probably not for my dry skin. Ladies. This is a great brightener exfoliator for those of you who have normal skin or Normal to combo slash oily I only loved the way my skin Looked I just didn’t care for how my skin felt because of my dry skin now the next one that I’m going to talk to you about is by the brand Blythe and This one is called the energy yellow citrus and honey. This is a Patting water pack now this uses lactic acid That’s its main alpha hydroxy acid in here, but it does not stop at lactic acid It is super super concentrated and the way that you use that actually put it into the cap you put it into your palm of your hands put your your hands together and then you literally Pat it on your face quickly and You’re supposed to in the shower splash the shower water on your face I do find that that is a great way to do it Yes it seems kind of awkward at first and seems kind of strange but There are so many great ways to use this product that the awkwardness in the shower doesn’t really matter I love to use this actually over the sink And what I do is actually use half a capful because I found that I don’t An entire cat and I put it in my hands. I Pat it all over my face I even kind of rub it into my skin and I definitely want to make sure that that is Concentrated on my skin for at least 15 seconds at that point I start to just get my hands wet And I put my wet hands and pat pat pat and I do that for another 15 seconds And then I do a couple splashes of rinse and I let my face dry and it is incredibly glowy I mean, it really does give you a great exfoliation in that fast It’s pretty impressive. The really cool thing about this product is that you can use it a bunch of other ways You can put a couple capsules into your bath if you want to get a light body exfoliation You can use it to soak your feet You can place it on cotton and put the cotton on your face and use it as a sheet mask exfoliation You can also do my exact sink routine But you leave it on just a little bit longer before you splash it off the shower definitely works well Also now I have heard a lot of people talk about how they don’t care for the packaging and I have to agree that Dumping it into the cap is kind of awkward But it’s such a fantastic result in such a short amount of time that it’s a hundred percent worth a juice and here is so fantastic that any Packaging problem. I’ll overlook it. So because you guys know that I am an ingredient Junkie, I have to mention that the bookends of this particular ingredient deck are just fantastic First of all, it starts out with water and lactic acid, but it bookends all these fantastic ingredients with honey Honey is the last ingredient and that is why after you use this not only do you feel like your skin is tighter and brighter and kind of that good shine, but you also feel very Nourished and soft. It doesn’t feel tight and dry in any way and as you know, I’m a normal to dry skinned person It doesn’t feel like that at all and I attribute that to the honey Okay, the last product that I want to talk to you guys about is by make Prem now This is called the wonderful me in shower face pack. This comes out like a very thick gel Well, this one doesn’t contain any kind of assets to exfoliate I am Telling You this is right up there with that Blythe water padding mask because it does something for your skin That is absolutely incredible. It has a ton of amazing Ingredients. I just want to highlight a couple of them so we don’t get overwhelmed here First of all, it has the glycerin which we know is a humectant, but you guys it has something called centella asiatica And that’s definitely an ingredient that you want to look for in your skincare. It’s also known as gota kola It is derived from an herb and it is the most Anti-inflammatory wound healing it helps with circulation helps with the formation of collagen It is just absolutely an amazing Skin care ingredient and it also helps to calm redness just really really a wonderful ingredient another thing that is in this make creme that to me is very very standout is something called false Daisy in the ingredient deck It is listed as Eclipse Pro strata, but it’s false Daisy is another way that it’s it’s known both. Daisy is known to be anti inflammatory anti inflammatory as in it takes down inflammation and Redness and I think that that is what I noticed the most from this mask you feel incredibly nourished from the glycerin Squalene high erotic acid, but you feel like your skin Looks calm if you or somebody that has redness or you deal with redness this really takes the redness away and as somebody that deals with pigmentation if I add in any amount of redness I kind of get that red brown mix and I just look inflamed It takes that redness down Honestly, the first few times that I used this I was trying to figure out why I thought my skin looked so good I knew that it looked nourished and moisturized I got that but I couldn’t put my finger on why else I thought my skin looked Better and it’s the inflammation. It is the removing of the redness and it just really it looked just calm and Hydrated the thing about this mask is you apply it to your skin After you’ve washed Erin it is thick enough that it sticks around on your face You can wash your hair and do all the things that you need to do in the shower and it’s still there It definitely does start to kind of thin out around the perimeter But it’s still there. Once you go to take it off after you know, the end of your shower So what I like to do is I wash my face And I’m faced with my pigment Claire and I did a whole video on this and talked about this because this has the aleko hydroxy Acid, I wash my face with this and then I apply this to my damp skin in the shower I like to have my skin damp and the steam and everything because I feel like this is going to use that dampness from the shower with the Huayra monic acid to kind of feed my skin and Hydrate it and then I go about everything else that I’m doing in the shower And I rinse this right before I get out of the shower. So this one isn’t like this one in that You’re only having this on your skin for a really short amount of time This one you do have your yet on your skin for 10 15 20 minutes depending on the shower that you take or bath great in the bath as well But yes It takes longer but it’s a multitasker because you’re doing everything else in your shower while you have this on I will tell you that I have used this and had It on my skin as little as five minutes and still felt great benefit from it. So it’s fantastic you do get 6.0 eight ounces and rinse for like $25 and it has a pump so you don’t have the same kind of Packaging issue as you do with this one business, so let’s talk giveaway I am going to be giving away a make prem this mask I’m also going to give away this Aveeno mask and i’m going to give away the Blythe mask so all you have to do you guys is be subscribed to my channel and Follow me on Instagram and that is simply so that you know when a winner is chosen I am going to use a random comment picker to choose the winner down below so I’m only going to be able to give you a heart because I don’t want to comment now the only other Condition once a month my giveaway videos are gonna be something. I’m calling pay it forward and Basically, what I want to do is I want to highlight some other youtubers and encourage you just to check out their channels So I’m going to put a couple YouTube channels down Of some smaller creators that I love so much I love their content and all I ask is that you click on over watch one of their videos? Say hi for me. And if you like their content subscribe to them you don’t have to subscribe to them I definitely and you know only if you like their content and I hope that you like the content as much as I do because Some of these youtubers are just incredible people and they have incredible channels and I just want people to see them So that is the pay it forward Giveaway, I’m gonna announce the winner for October 10th So since I’m using a random comment picker, you got a comment down below to enter yourself into this giveaway So let me know down below if you guys have used any of these in shower Multitasking products and if you’ve used something else because I absolutely love this kind of skin care. I really do Anyway, I hope that you guys enjoyed this video I hope that you’re having a wonderful fall so far and I will talk to you again very very soon

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