Josh Has a Post Car Crash Knot on His Head | Dr. Pimple Popper

– Joshua. JOSHUA: Yes, ma’am.
– Hi. JOSHUA: How you doing?
– How are you? Pretty good. DR. LEE: Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. I think I know
why you’re here. JOSHUA: No. You’ve got a little
friend up there. He’s been up
there for a while. So how long have
you had this bump? So I had a car wreck, and–
DR. LEE: I see. –then, when I come
home from the hospital– I was in there for a
week– and it started off as like a little pebble. And I went back in because I
had to get the stitches out. And he said it will
eventually go away. And it didn’t. And this is– it
obviously didn’t go away. It just kept getting bigger. This May 11, it’ll be 18 years. OK. Sometimes this can
be caused by trauma– you know, car accident, maybe
hitting your head really hard or maybe falling. Maybe a cyst formed after
this surgery that he had. The skin gets
trapped underneath. And so now, instead
of skin shedding off into the environment,
it’s now shedding off underneath, creating a
sack, creating a cyst. I want to touch it
first to see what– Go ahead. –what’s going on here, to
see what this is, exactly. Let me see. Where is that scar? OK. I see it right here. It moves around really nice,
which means, thank goodness, it’s not bone or anything
like that sitting up. And it’s not stuck to you. I think this is a cyst. My main concern is trying to
remove this without leaving you with a little coin purse
up there, like you can put your coins in or something. We don’t want that extra
skin up here, right? No. We want to try to remove this
and minimize that kind of line. So let’s get rid of it for you. Let’s do it. So Josh has an
existing scar there. And so when I’m making
this new excision, I want to try to minimize
scars as much as I can. So maybe I can use
the old scar line he has as my sort of road map.

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