Jawline Acne | 3 Easy Steps to Stop Acne on the Jawline

Recurring acne breakouts on the jawline are a very common problem and happens to both men and women but for surprisingly different reasons! So, if you’ve been fighting acne breakouts on your jawline and you’re ready for some answers then you are definitely in the right place so keep on watching. Well, hey everybody! Welcome back to the channel, if you’re new I’m Chris Gibson and this is Chris Gibson Live where we help you look good, feel good, and live good, and today we are tackling the problem of acne breakouts on the jaw line. No fun right? Well there are some solid steps to clearing up this condition that I’m gonna give you today so hit that like button and let’s dive right in! okay so women and men as I said both have this problem but women tend to have it more often and it’s because of a hormonal imbalance that occurs in a lot of women where you have extra testosterone for a period of time which produces more oil which leads to more breakouts you can add to that stress low vitamin B levels contraceptive steroidal medications you name it any of those type of things that mess with your metabolism and you’ve got several more triggers for this problem and again specifically for you ladies this can also be symptomatic of p c OS or polycystic ovary syndrome where you have your where you have a situation where you’re producing more testosterone in greater levels than normal and you have cysts on the ovaries this can lead to inflammation in the body it can lead to an immune system that’s very hyperactive and it goes out there and it creates all kinds of havoc with your skin and those of you who suffered with this problem know exactly what I’m talking about for you guys it’s an entirely different issue where it’s likely to do with you shaving with dirty razors that need to be switched out or cleaned because the blades on a razor and this is electric razors this is also straight razors it doesn’t matter you’re scraping the skin off when you shave and sometimes you leave microscopic cuts not a whole video on this about cleaning your razors and what happens is dirt oil and bacteria build up on that and as you go and shave you’re shoving that dirt oil and bacteria back down into your skin and voila razor rash acne all these breakouts that happen along the jawline also for you guys we tend to have thicker skin around the jawline which builds up dead skin cells much more quickly we have large hair follicles and large pores which can lead to more acne breakouts and for both men and women you could also be using products that are over drying and pore clogging so that three times fast so there you have it a whole penélope of things that could be going on to create this problem proof what a lot of stuff well thankfully I’m gonna give you just a few but highly effective tips tricks and things that you can do they quickly clear up this condition so that you can be done with it and move on about your life and feel good about how you look so if you feel like this information so far it’s helpful please do me a favor hit that like button and let’s talk about the tips that are gonna make a big difference for you first of all make sure that you are washing the area twice per day with an oil-free gentle facial cleanser you want to make sure you’re cleaning the area without over-drying and stripping it of its natural oil I know it sounds sort of counter and counterproductive counterintuitive but if you take all of the oil out of your skin your skin is gonna work overtime to replace it and human skin oil is what acne bacteria likes we don’t want to do that so if your face feels super tight and dry after you wash it if your skin is really tight dry kind of that stretched out feeling you need to think about changing your face wash to another brand so you don’t want to have that feeling your face should feel clean but moisturized and hydrated after you wash with a good cleanser the next tip I want to give you is to please try to avoid touching your face studies have shown that people touch their face 3.5 times per hour and I hardly believe that we go and wash our hands that much I’d like to believe we do but we think we don’t so you’re not going to remember you’re not gonna have to wash your hands every time you go to touch your face so just think about that try to make it sort of a top of mind awareness thing that as you start to reach for your face try to avoid doing that especially if you’re broken out already because you’re just going to be moving that oil dirt and bacteria around so that’s a big no-no next and those of you who follow me now I harp on this all the time I just hopped on it in another video which by the way this word is came from I did a video on chin acne so this one came from a question about that but it’s the same thing you want to exfoliate your skin often daily with a facial sponge like a buff puff brand or any of those facial sponges kind of wiry round sponge to help lift off dirt oil and bacteria and especially dead skin cells that build up and as you get older they build up faster and stay on longer so it creates more problems or you can use or opt for a gentle scrub that you can do two to three times a week to help remove dead skin cells from the skin but basically the whole point of this is is to remove old skin off your new skin on a consistent basis and I can tell you this one tip I am giving you will correct so many problems with your skin over a lifetime I’ve been doing it since I was in my early 20s I did it just works on all aspects of skin from anti aging to breakouts you name it it’s a great great tip so be sure you include that no matter which one of these others that you choose to do now if you’re currently having a breakout as you’re seeing this one of the things I’m going to recommend to you is to do what I call my steaming technique and I did a whole video on this and I will give you a link to that video at the end of this video so just hang in there the steaming technique though is using a steaming machine or a hot washcloth for 15 to 20 minutes every single day until the breakouts a bait or subsist or disappear start to calm down what that does is open up your pores in a realistic way because we don’t want you pushing and popping any sort of pimples because you can create scarring the skin on your face around your jawline is very thin and very prone to scarring from acne so you don’t want to do that use the steaming technique instead to help open those pores and let them drain out naturally and any debris or blockages come on out of there now you can also treat current breakouts with spot treaters and there are a lot of great ones on the market I did a review on this but the ones that are camper based get natural you know I’m about the natural stuff camper based spa treatments tea tree oil all of those are very good at treating acne pimples singularly and having them heal very quickly without any scarring and you don’t get a repeat breakout from using them okay another thing and I just mentioned it briefly earlier guys ladies both please change out your razors and your makeup brushes or at least make sure they’re clean because when you use them they are gonna have a buildup of oil dirt and bacteria on them over time and if you don’t clean them you’re gonna go to all this trouble and put all that dirt oil and back to your right back on your skin so super super important to make sure that those things are clean on a regular basis now for you ladies thank you for sticking with me through the video if you try all these things I’m telling you and you continue to have breakouts and especially if they’re around your period then I highly suggest you see your gynecologist to make sure it’s not PCOS related if it is they’ll be able to tell you and they’ll be able to prescribe some really great medications new gen medications that can really help you a lot with this problem because the goal of all of this is for you guys not to have scarring I want you to look good I want you to feel good about how you look that’s the whole reason that I do these videos on skincare and these techniques work if you’ll do them consistently but bottom line I do not want you to get scarring so that’s why I want you to pay so much attention now for a couple of videos on how to take care of acne through diet and some formulas on spot treatment including the video on how to steam for clearing your skin up that steaming technique I talked about if a couple of videos right over here so please if you found this video helpful tell me so in the comments below like it share it out on social media you’re gonna help somebody else it’s gonna be a big big help I promise you and do me a favor if you haven’t subscribed go ahead and do that – hit that little notification bell and I’ll see you over on the next one

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