Is my ACNE getting worse? 1 year acne update | Is there any progress? My emotional Acne Journey

you you okay guys I am sure you have already seen pictures of my face from last year I one year update it’s been one year since just decided to do this video as a I started having the most severe acne breakout I’ve ever had in my entire life I’m over 30 and I’ve been having acne for more than 17 years and I can tell you guys that this past year has been the worst year I’ve had with my acne I don’t know what exactly happened and I’ve never really had cystic acne but this year it was just horrible and I don’t know if it is what was going on in my life from last year that resulted in the acne but it was just terrible I remember the early 3 months that’s between September and December, between September and November I was so so depressed I’ve never been depressed about my acne that is the thing I have never ever been depressed because I’ve always had acne from from secondary school through University to me working and NYSC and the rest I’ve been out there even with my acne everybody knows I have acne prone skin and I have an oily face. I started I hiding from people like it was really bad and at that point I didn’t have a job so I didn’t know whether that was part of the reasons that made the acne issues so overwhelming I didn’t have a job I was getting a lot of stress from my family unknowingly they didn’t know that they were giving me a lot of stress. I felt like I was making bad career choices and I’ve been making bad career choices since 2015 so coupled with acne and then at that I was like I said I was really really stressed though to the point up to last year I used to have so many thoughts that it was better I think I was better off being dead then being alive everything I’m doing is not working out then this acne it’s not like I mean that gorgeous or beautiful or whatever and not that I’m not tall i’m skinny as heck I am so lean I’m underweight so it has really been a very stressful time now I understand why researches have shown that people with skin issues especially acne have anxiety and depression because I’m telling you from September to as as recent as August I was still feeling bad about my acne but I don’t know what happened two days ago and I was like I’m not doing it anymore you wake up in the morning I wake up in the morning and then there’s another zit and I’m like why my face why me why everything I’m trying to do everything I tried taking the doxycyclineI took it for 21 days that’s three weeks and I could not take it anymore I was having palpitations so many issues like that even when I stopped I became very very very sick for at least two days after so I cannot take birth control I can’t do anything so has it just been really really tough but I decided I’m going to start sharing my face so I decided that I am going to make more of these videos it’s going to be like my update videos and or progress videos where I’ll be checking or using it to know how far I’ve gotten in my acne journey I don’t know if I’m really ever get rid of this acne I don’t know if I’m ever going to have clear skin because with acne comes post inflammatory hyperpigmentation but I’m just hoping that I will be mentally strong to be able to take everything that comes my way so this is my face one year after I still have spots I still have some acne it’s like everywhere compared to September 2017 I’ve come a long way I’d be using a lot of things I don’t know which ones working I don’t know I know they say cut out sugars and everything from your diet I barely eat up to 1000 calories if I cut out sugar sugar is probably like 300 or 400 of my calorie intake so I dunno if I cut out sugar I’m going to faint so that’s not an option and if I cut out those things I know I’m going to be more stressed out because I like I said I’m having so much stress that ……I am even surprised that I did this video without crying because yesterday was the mess I was just crying and was watching videos I was crying I was thinking about my life I was crying. The fact that I was able to record this without crying is a miracle. So this is my one year updates I hope to do bi-weekly and monthly updates or progress and I hope that my story can encourage people because I don’t know I know a lot of people that have acne. I guess I’m putting out this video for myself hopefully things get better and I can use this to see how far I’ve come and hope for the best so this this video is more for me than any other person I think because I’m not a picture kind of person I don’t do selfies because 1. I am not of this selfie generation 2. I look ugly in the selfies so here is my one update We will see how I look in one month or in two weeks time.

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