International Patients from Kazakhstan

A special patient visited Donghoon Advanced Lengthening Reconstruction Institute (DALRI) Where did you come from? We’re from Kazakhstan. We are here for the treatment. And I’m Barlbajep Gani. This is my nephew, Turkan Abdula. Turkan Abdula | solitary bone cyst Kazakhstan / 17 years-old wrestler My nephew got his arm injured during a physical activity We came to get his cyst and pathological fracture treated. cyst Fracture The fracture was caused by the bone cyst and a cyst removal surgery is necessary How did you find out about DALRI
in Korea? My friend’s sister got treated by Dr. Donghoon Lee back in 2015 The surgery went well so we were referred to visit him. Dr. Donghoon Lee, is not simply a great surgeon, but is already a globally recognized leader The US Army medal Certificate of appreciation from the Iraq government Grand Prize from ILLRS (The Field of Cosmetic Limb Lengthening) 2013 North American LLRS (New York) best award 2014 Europe Kuntscher Society(Austria) Grand Prize 2015 ILLRS (Miami) Grand Prize 2017 ILLRS (Lisbon) Grand Prize 2013~2017 Korea’s first surgeon to get 4 Grand Prize We’ve heard that there’s a special reason you came to Dr. Lee, all the way from Kazakhstan. I want to wrestle again. I also want to become the national (wrestling) player of Kazakhstan and raise the flag. After perfectly removing the bone cyst, the bone fracture naturally healed Now, he needs consistence recovery workout and rehabilitation DALRI supports your journey to become the national wrestler of Kazakhstan. Donghoon Advanced Lengthening Reconstruction Institute This is the story of a Kazakhstan woman who came a long way to Korea due to congenital disability and surgical failures. Abildajeva Aimereke | leg deformity after limb lengthening surgery, Kazakhstan / 23 years old My right leg grew slowly since birth. My right tibia was 6 cm shorter than my left one. so I got limb lengthening surgery twice (in Kazakhstan). Through that, I’ve lengthened 6 cm. But after lengthening, my bone was twisted, bending inward. In Kazakhstan, they couldn’t treat this leg deformity so I came to Korea to receive deformity correction from Dr. Donghoon Lee. “Your daily routine must have been uncomfortable?”
I had to walk with twisted legs and it was also uncomfortable when driving. I felt very embarrassed when I had to walk at school. So I spent most of my time at home. X-ray before surgery / Due to the deformity after limb lengthening surgery, the bone under the knee is severely bent Accurately proceeded correctional surgery in order to prevent another deformity X-ray after surgery Severely bent leg has been corrected to a straight leg Dear Dr. Donghoon Lee! I want to convey my gratitude to you. Thank you for taking care and treating me for 3 years. Stay healthy and love you. Bye bye We support the healthy life of Aimereke from Kazakhstan. The pride of the world An unconventional hospital

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