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Hi Friends welcome, this is Rose. Today I am going to share about D-tan face pack remover For the current season we must have to use D-tan Because we are traveling in direct sun light So Instantly our face getting Tan So I am going to share, how to D-Tan Instantly in this video I am not going to show any home made product Already I had uploaded a video for that. If you didn’t watch yet please watch the video.. through a link which I shared on Description box I am going to review a instant Tan removal pack which I bought from Shop I will give demo too.. I got wonderful result on this I am going to share the same here Hope this will very useful to you. Without wasting time we will go into the video Before that If you are a new viewer please subscribe my channel Also don’t forget to click on Bell Icon Ok lets move to the video.. First we all need to do is.. One is scrub.. Second one is face pack.. Both we will see here.. No need to do this on daily basis. We can try this weekly twice What is the procedure for that.. How to do that.. Which product is best.. I will give best answers for these questions.. First we need to scrub our face.. For that I took.. Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Oatmeal & Brightens skin Scrub.. Cream will come on this kind of pack.. The MRP is Rs. 220/- But when I bought earlier, the MRP is.. Rs. 195/- for 100 Grams Now the price has updated Now the price is Rs. 220/- If you want to buy this, I will share the link on description box Benefits which the scrub would give is.. Exfoliating your skin And will help to brighten your skin Very useful to remove face blackheads and whiteheads Also helps to moisture your face This is the scrub.. How to use the scrub is.. Take some amount of cream as I showed on video After I took that.. Wet your skin and apply the scrub How to apply is.. Always don’t give more pressure to skin Apply it very lightly, smoothly.. and relax Massage your skin with brisl circular movements Because giving high pressure is not healthy So do it very soothly as much as possible Massage your skin for about 2 mins After scrub you can facewash your face with normal water Now I done scrub.. Dust, dirt are removed because of this scrub Face is very soft now.. Along with this.. It is also giving instant whiten and brightening skin. This can be used for all skin type. So oil.. combination skin, dry, sensitive and.. whatever the skin type can use this In case of sensitive skin.. if you experienced irritation then dont use this. Even mine is sensitive, but I dont have such kind of problem. Thats why I am sharing here.. All the skin type is not same. So based on your convenient you can use it. I would say this is the best scrub.. Speacially on this season, I would recommand this to you. Let move to step 2 Step 2 : I am going to apply the D-Tan pack for that.. I am going to take Everyuth Natural pure & light TAN Removal pack for Face and Body Which I told you is.. Not only for face. You cn do it for body too.. For your hand too.. As I told earlier.. first you have to scrub then you can apply this pack.. For your hand, neck, face and.. wherever you feel Tan has been removed you can apply this.. This Tan removal pack price is Rs. 99/- for 50 Grams [* Kindly Appologies for the Audio quality] and it is for all skin type Everyuth Tan removal pack comes with Tan removal Scrub too. You can consider that also.. But why I use Lotus whiteglow scrub is.. It is not only for summer, I can use for all time.. Thats why I choosed Lotus whiteglow scrub You wish to get on same pack as combo only to Tan Remove and.. If you want to use only summer season, you can buy it as Everyuth Tan Removal combo kit You can get it 50 Grams for Rs. 99/-. And how to use this is.. Take your required amount of product and apply it on full face and neck as thick layer Then let it be to dry for 15 Minutes then face wash using normal water After face wash, you can see on your face Tan gets removed Instantly. And it is enough to do twice in a weekly Scrub and Tan Removal both you can try weekly twice Which is the best time to do this is.. I would say NIGHT time is the best time after gets relaxed Before 1 hour to go to bed you can apply the scrub and face pack one by one.. and go to bed after wash your face When you wake up on the morning, your face would be even.. supple, smooth, brighten and whiten. So you can try this.. For the current generation, if you looking for quick, instant.. and very good product, I would suggest this product. A must try product.. Please share your feedback on comment box Both the product I have used for me, and I get very good result. Thats why I wish to share with you all.. Hope this video is very useful to you. For the current summer season this is very important If we didn’t removed the Tan.. your face will turn into black complexion Then this is very sad to you It will great if you try weekly twice.. I will meet you soon on another superb video.. Untill than bye bye from you.. Take care.. love you all.. Bye !!

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