easy skin whitening red lentils face
mask for bright glowing skin naturally gives you milky whiten fair skin
within one hour at home so to make this natural skin tightening face mask you
will need 4 to 5 teaspoons of red lentils or masoor dal now soak it
overnight it will soften and activated red lentils are one of those magical
ingredient for skin care now they’ve been soaking for two hours just drain
off the water and transfer the lentils into a grinder to make a thick paste this fairness face and body pack will give you clear polished and radiant skin
naturally at home this is one of the best face masks which is very easy to
make and easy to use the pack contains very few ingredients but the results are
amazing after grinding you can see how the consistency should look like now
transfer the paste into a bowl about three teaspoons this masoor dal face
pack is used to exfoliate the skin tighten the pores brighten your skin and
remove tan. now add one teaspoon of honey with this paste this mask will cleanse
the skin soften it nourish and make it oil free to prevent acne. we need to add one teaspoon of lime juice slice the lime into two parts
showing it will help you to extract more juice when squeezed lemon or lime is
very useful for oily skin and cures acne or pimples being rich in powerful
antioxidants like vitamin C citric acid and flavonoids lime provides good
benefits to your skin and can be used to make easy cleansing recipes this
brightening face pack of red lentils adds glow removes dark spots and cures
dry skin and pimples now mix all the ingredients well to make a thick and
soft paste this face pack is suitable for all skin types this can also be used
as a daily face wash you can get a beautiful healthy glowing skin naturally
at home once your pack is ready wash your face so well and apply it on your
face and neck or you can also apply it on your hands and legs here it is being
demonstrated on hand apply as it is shown here this natural skin tightening
face pack is useful to tighten the pores on your face it is also useful as acne
scar removal blackheads removal and anti-aging skin care this is a magical
skin whitening face mask you will get fair skin in 15 minutes really effective
skin whitening face mask it is one of those best anti aging mask which will
help you to reduce wrinkles fine lines laugh lines and skin sagging now wash it off with cool water and pat
dry you can also use olive oil to scrub this off this anti-aging mask or the
skin whitening miracle formula will give you permanent skin whitening and helps
to get milky white and skin with 100% result if you liked the video then share it
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beauty thank you !!!

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