INSANE Blackhead Peel with MICROSCOPE!!! (you asked for it)

well how long this that’s a new one what are you serving today cuz I’m serving look for the person who said that these are disgusting and what the heck are they well let me tell you one or two things one always love your mom – they’re rubber bands in my case I like to think that they time you down to be a good human being once again I do not apologize for how I like today because it’s my channel I can lick water and call it a day you do what you gotta do to survive the day I’ve never seen my recent video of me using a microscope to like you know zoom into this thing but nothing because you’re not really missing out on anything let me just say a good handful of you we’re getting mad at me okay Linda that I did not pop or cleanse my pores after you know after you saw all the gunk in the trunk and I get it I too was mad just scrape it already you know they need you ask for it I am going to try a blackhead strip and also showing you the before and after with the microscope to see if there really River does what you tell me honey Hennessey we should probably acknowledge this on 90s they’re going on Wow now let’s see my before oh my god see still very oily nothing changed that’s a wart is there a word grande on my nose did you see I thought I was over this it could be stronger for you guys [Music] yeah so um as you guys can still see actually you can’t cause it’s all blurry everything is still technically the same [Music] you thought you was oh oh by the way guys not to interrupt but to interrupt this was intentional are you going to beautycon next weekend cuz I would be there wow it’s gonna be my first time at beautycon LA and I will be hanging out with amorepacific they’re inviting me to hold a meet-and-greet with them and I’m so excited it’s gonna be at the more Pacific k-town lounge so if you do come to beauty con la on a Sunday please please come to make me angry I really really really like I never get to meet this side of the community and I I really want to so if you are planning to come please come through on Sunday at the amore Pacific k-town lounge I’m sorry but I really have to do that today I’m going to be using the Holika Holika take it clear strong so this is like the original except it’s the strong version around here you guys can see there’s just a lot of hair follicle so it looks like my kids but it’s really now right in the center of my nose there are a lot of College pores in the big big clogged pore you just saw it’s like right in the center somewhere right here I don’t want to budget because we’re gonna see if this damn really works like wow so the first step we have to leave this on for 15 minutes and it’s basically going to prep our nose kind of like loosen up the blackheads and the sebaceous filaments and all that gunk nothing fancy it just looks like this we are going to put that right on our nose and I’m gonna tuck the size by the way I’m so sorry from speaking weird today my braces husband like me off like blisters inside my lips if you curious to see how this looks like know what the it’s just a sheet a fiber soaked in essence 15 minutes to spare a Mac now we’re gonna take this off and we’re gonna absorb them oh my god I found I found the girl oh you see how much she likes oh that’s so crazy this thing does work so that she I sense it’s supposed to like loosen up all those clogged pores and I mean it doesn’t lie I mean look how mushy and good but it makes me want to vomit you know it’s working right right before this all these clogged pores look very like round and in shape like snatched grow it it’s time we go for two so here see no strip it just looks like any regular no strip it’s not pain science okay I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to keep your nose wet from that essence making sure that I soaked up my nose I’m sorry that I have my glasses on I know I’m gonna get you over it already tuck it and tuck it as suck it and literally me what I’m wearing jeans 15 minutes and then we’ll be back okay are you ready cuz I’m not honestly I’m actually in this thing a model for model come here oh man it’s gonna be a pain I know a lot of you guys are like peel it while you microscope this thing is so small like I can’t really do it but how much I don’t care I have no fear I dragged her by the ear a make her fear but I don’t care how she fare I’ll hold the hair thing is this thing has to be against my face in order for it to focus oh my god this is a game-changer Thank You Tina young thank you sis oh it’s just a GU [Music] hello and give me brick give me brick give me brick okay this is the quality content a subscribe girl god you’re so girls I hate you I’ll never be your friend you see that spear head all right I’m going good science I’m sorry life happens [Music] Oh [Music] yeah disgusting I can’t believe this right now it’s just like I’m gone I don’t know where I am Johnny Johnny did you see that and that a freak I promise when I said I was serving looks we go back oh my god I [Music] don’t know because because I heard sweets Mia knowing that some of those things went back in my face like and then it doesn’t look like anything right here this microscope goes like 1000 times n ok so like it can and it will magnify all your flaws okay you cannot hide one secret from this thing mmm this is how this looks like we all get that all the time it’s okay it’s all good it’s okay it’s okay okay maybe I lied maybe you have like amazing skin and you never like how to deal with sebaceous filaments in your nut oily skin like those really girls deal with this look well bless yourself I’m literally trying to justify myself like to make me not like as gross on camera because I know a lot of you guys are judging me hardcore right but you’re like that tip doesn’t hide the fact that I’m so gross it’s up when when wait when lose weight let’s actually like closely at what we got so today’s treasure hunt what do we get it’s like I’m looking for a heartbeat you know I mean see it looks pretty normal Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] without that one big plug poor because I won’t be shook sorry for that nasty tantrum now that it’s not cleaned but doable it’s time to put it on our nose and see what’s going on so I’m ready too bad okay you you still clogged but you see all right all right some parts are clogged some parts are not clogged we got oh my god I’m gonna go I’m like the more you use black hair strips the more enlarged to your pores are but like it’s all satisfying I can’t still oily ass okay like they’re not as clogged anymore you see that it kind of worked [Music] Oh what is going on what happened oh my god oh my god I know I know did you know what okay listen Linda I think for the most part like 80% of this work let’s see as our unclogged pores are going to minimize a little bit back the stop three toner she why is this dig is it another strip I don’t want to do another this okay well this is a patch tight I respect that I respect like a tacky wet sticky it better not be another strip cuz I’m gonna we are gonna give this ten minutes and it will be back now it’s time to take off this patch okay easy easy okay easy peasy okay my Nona’s feeling good the real question is did you Oh interesting do you see that what way would we did it seal up these scores Oh does this feel up this horse what it kind of looks like it honestly it looks like a capped oh okay okay comfirmed comfirm do you see that like look like like wait wait okay so you see this is still clogged stuff up here’s a little see oh well I don’t know what that big one I don’t think it did that good of a job but you see these little ones it’s like it went in it just like huddled it Oh see that is so weird what’s so cool that big one poor you it looks like it’s really damaged okay so here is my final verdict do these poor strip’s work as they claim they do yes they do they do work I was really shocked to see that stuck one does work it does kind of not melech and loosens up those pores step two of as far as inking you saw yourself girl it does work however some sebaceous Nomis did like pull back in the strength level that this strip was that that’s good I don’t mind it now step number three wow wow wow wow wow who would have guessed I didn’t it is my first time using like a patch toner I guess that’s what created that seal that we saw in some of the open pores if I have to write to the strip definitely five out of five I highly recommend this blackish strip I think it’s definitely gonna be one of my favorites again I’m gonna link it down below for you to buy it if you want you don’t have to you should invest in the microscope cuz you we’re gonna go crazy girl it’s a game-changer I am going to go followup with toner on my face and just you know like wiping away any excess like residue because I’m sure there is and then just kind of steal off my skin it entirely with my normal skincare routine especially toner that is it for my whole review of this um blockhead close-up it was torture but I learned a lot of new things please give this video a thumbs up if you want me to do more skincare videos using the microscope Amato put some respect on our models name don’t we get to subscribe if you’re new to the faith-based the ambit we must stay so I’ll come through [Music] I [Music]

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