Incision & Drainage of an Infected Cyst – Part 1 of 3

Subscribe WillGlowBoys for latest videos Like, two or three. So recent- ah we’ll definitely be able to squeeze something out of it. So we know there was something. So recently this was inflamed here so make sure nothing is going to be sharp in here, okay? Tuck this under here just in case, too. It’s not as – it’s not as wet as the last one, so I think we’re okay. Time to start pulling out of this. You okay?
-Mh hmm Okay, here we go.
I’m gonna squeeze here. Okay, good. Yours was infected! It was recently inflamed and infected, huh?
-Yeah Poor thing. How do I get myself into these things, huh?
(patient chuckles) It keeps going! Can you kick that towards the chair more, because I’m gonna hit that loop and I don’t wanna – -get this loop messed up. Right here. Take that off of there… thank you. Is that hurting you when I push on you?
-No Can you help me squeeze a little bit? Okay, it’s almost all gone?
-Mh hmm Just dab that, right there. I don’t know, I think maybe we need to leave this to heal open actually. ‘Cause it’s got all that inflammation in it. I don’t think we should be closing that. It was recently inflamed and infected there. Let me see here… Thank you.
-Mh hm A little moisture here, we’re just gonna kinda clean this area out a little bit. See, squeeze some of that out of there too. I think it got nice and clean so far…

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