I Wore A $150 Face Mask For A Week

– Oh, hello! I feel like Mrs. Doubtfire
in a $150 face mask. (clanging music) All right, so yesterday I was
scrolling around on Sephora and tried to find a face
mask, and I found a face mask that was $150, and I was very confused. There’s six masks in here, and at $150, that turns out to be $25 per mask. Now I’m very skeptical that
this is gonna work at all, so I’m going to try it for
you all and let you know if it works or not. It doesn’t even say what it’s
supposed to do on this box. It’s just super expensive. Could this possibly work? Here are the things that I
want to see if this helps. I have some discoloration. I have a new pimple
forming that I’m hoping it will take away. I have some kind of roughness, and I’m hoping it kind of
evens out the coloring, moisturizes my skin, and takes
some of this redness away. So let’s do it! Ooh. My skin immediately feels soothed. Oooh, it smells so fresh and floral. Wow, this is a soft mask. What is sk2? It sounds like a car model. It’s gonna take me 15
minutes to get this thing on! Well? This is on. This
is what I look like. Like a kabuki actor. So apparently this thing’s
supposed to lift my whole face. So this is like a cheap face lift I guess. But my face doesn’t
really need to be lifted. My skin’s just fucking terrible because I’m still in young skin problems. My skin isn’t saggy. It’s
just like fuck you, you know? It’s definitely a lot like
tighter fitted to my face than most masks that I’ve worn. It smells really yummy and
it feels kind of creamy. I’m gonna sit around for 15 minutes and check my Twitter and see
if this works at all. – [Mother] What are you doing? – What I imagine Gwyneth
Paltrow does when she’s home. – [Mother] Oh my gosh. – She reads a magazine and luxuriates … – [Mother] Ahhh. – With money on her face. All right! My mask time is done. And it feels very, very fresh. Like I was just sitting in
like ice cold rose water for 10 minutes. But is it worth $25? (rhythmic music) All right. Night two of my mask. I did it, you know, even
though I’m getting my period, my face did look nicer today and it was definitely moisturized. It’s morning of Day Two, and I feel like my face
looks a little bit nicer. The pimples are getting smaller. Maybe it’s just in my head,
but my skin is definitely more moisturized than it usually is, so maybe this thing’s gonna work. (rhythmic beat) – [Narrator] What does
my face look like to you? – Uh, right now, sweaty. (mother laughs) – Shiny and awful. (laughter) – It’s nice and smooth.
– It’s like firmer. – Smooth.
– Yeah? – Smooth. – You … – [narrator] It feels nicer. – Does it come out dirty
or something? Or … – [Narrator] Not really, it
just like moisturizes it. It smells like a spa. – It just looks like your face is wet. (narrator laughs) I could do that with some water. – It really is, right now
that I’m looking at it, my skin doesn’t look that bad. It was like dry. It definitely feels firm
and my pores feel smaller. Just kind of hard to tell because I have all this like period acne. (upbeat music) So it’s Day 7, and aside from just my
normal acne on my skin, my face actually looks pretty good. Like it feels really moisturized … And my pores don’t look big. I look rested, so I guess
tomorrow we’ll see if people can actually tell a physical difference. So now that I’ve worn the mask for a week, I’ve printed out two pictures of me, one before and one after, and
I’m going to ask my co-workers if they can tell the
difference between my face, and whether or not they think
that it was worth it to spend $150 on this face mask. So, let’s go see. – I have a theory. – [Narrator] Yes. – Oh lord, already? – Yeah. They’re the same skin, but it looks like you put
foundation on this one. – Is this photoshopped? – [Narrator] No. – No? – The main difference I think is like it looks brighter in this picture. – I mean, your skin does
look very hydrated here. – I guess, um, this one’s for sure. – The skin looks like, it looks more even. You know, and like dewy and creamy. – You literally look airbrushed. – [Narrator] Uh huh. – It does look better. There’s a … – [Narrator] There’s a difference. – a difference. – [Narrator] This is insane. – How much was it? – [Narrator] It Was $150. – Oh, damn! – [Narrator] Do you think it’s worth it to spend that much on a face mask? – I mean, like, if it makes you happy. Some people need to spend
more money to get better skin, and I would understand that. – So there you have it. It looks like my face
mask experiment worked. Every single one of my coworkers was able to see a difference in my skin. As to whether or not I would
spend $150 on a face mask for something for a week,
is still kind of a gamble. I kind of have a feeling that
if you just put any kind of mask on, it would have the same effect. But I think if you’re doing
an event that is like an emergency thing in one week,
like a prom or a wedding, or any kind of photo shoot,
it would definitely be worth it to do this as kind of like an emergency last-minute treatment. So I’m gonna give this
product a two fingers up. That’s my rating. It’s a peace sign. I’m gonna give it a peace sign
because I think it worked. I did not know what it was gonna do, but my face definitely looks nicer. So we’ll see you next
time, on “What the Beauty.” That’s a tentative title. Do you guys like that? We’ll see if it sticks!

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