I Tried Different Redness Reducing Products

– This is red nail polish. That should not be the same. – This month we’re
trying the most expensive redness reducing products from Amazon, Sephora and Ulta. – There’s this
hyperpigmentation on my face. – About six months ago I stopped taking my birth control. When I did that this all went to shit. – The redness in my skin
I would say is not severe, but it is kind of all over. – When Megan the producer asked me if I wanted to be in the video about something that helps with redness. I jumped at the chance. – We’re gonna see if this will go away with some fancy ass product. – I’m trying the most expensive redness reducing product from Ulta, Murad. Murad, Murad. This is it, I don’t know
how to pronounce it. – This month I will be Capturing Youth. It’s soothing and correcting redness using peptides from cotton. That sounds scientific. – It looks like any other
kind of fancy bottle. I don’t even know what’s in that shit. – I have pretty high hopes. I guess in month we’ll find
out how silly those hopes work. – I just put three drops on my hands. It said to put two to three drops. The area that I want to
focus on the redness is here. So far so good. – Use that stuff there. Ewe it smells chemically. Ewe it burns. Shit. Hope that goes away. Day one, time one. In the bag. It really burns. I was not expecting that. – It doesn’t really say exactly how much. So I’m just gonna wing it. Ah, sure. It’s very thin. Smells kinda like a facial. It’s been about a minute,
a minute and a half, and its still kind of sticky. It’s definitely a step that requires a little bit of time. – I haven’t started to see
like permanent changes, but there is this sorta magic hour. 25 to 30 minutes after I put
it on when I’m driving to work, and I’m like wait does my skin
look super even right now? – We’re on day three and I’m
trying to give my face a break. I normally do wear a lot
of product to cover this. I didn’t even have this bad of acne when I was in high school. I need to go to a dermatologist. I think I’m gonna go to a dermatologist. – It’s been about a
week of using this guy. I can’t honestly say that I
see much of difference yet, but it’s only been a week. So, I haven’t given up yet. – So, I’m actually at the
dermatologist office right now, and yikes. Gonna see what he has to say about this. – To be honest not seeing
a whole lot of change. I will say that like 20 minutes from now I might notice that
it’s a little less red. But then it’s just always
back the next morning. – I went to the dermatologist
and he basically said, “Everything that is happening to “my face is completely hormonal.” And he said, “The best
thing to do for this “is use Cetaphil and to
stop using the lotion.” So, I have to bow out gracefully of this. – It feels nice, it’s soft
and like it smells good. It makes my skin feel nice. For lasting redness, I’m not
quite sure it’s doing anything – I looked in the mirror this
morning and sorta felt better. Now that I’m looking again I don’t. Maybe there’s not a change. I think I just want there to be a change. – I feel super conflicted
about this journey I’ve taken this month,
because some day’s I’m like, “Oh, my God I think it looks great. “It looks so much better.” And other days I’m like,
“Literally nothing has changed.” – The month is over and I have thrown my redness reducing product away. I feel like it didn’t make
any difference at all. Its kind of good to
confirm that even though it’s expensive it does not
mean that it’s effective. That being said, maybe the
redness in my skin is due to something that that product
just isn’t made to fix. I’m glad I tried it out. It doesn’t feel like a waste of time, because I would have wondered otherwise. – So you might have
noticed please now As Is. – But don’t worry you’ll still get all the same awesome
content you’re used to. – Plus even more new great stuff. – Click to subscribe. – Do it. – Yeah. – Right there. – Click it.

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  • why don"t you guys make a video about trying to eat and workout like Ariana Grande? i"ll be awesome.

  • Before/after pics look like they have different background or maybe lighting so idk if its a fair comparison….

  • I wish I was as red as them… because that’s nothing compared to my skin honestly 😂

  • Their faces are red at all? Like Kelsey’s is red because of the acne so you have to address the acne to change the redness and the other two girls were not red at all. No wonder there was no difference!


  • DR JART+ CICAPAIR TIGER GRASS LINE! Literally first thing i thought of when I read the title. The Re.pair serum seriously works wonders. They have a color correcting SPF moisturizer to cancel out redness for the day which is cool and a regular cream for AM/PM. Good stuff.

  • None of them really seemed to have issues with redness, but the lighting wasn't exactly great either. But I am personally using Avenés anti-redness line. Especially the anti redness concentrate (not the day-creme) is amazing! That is my holy grail product. It is a small tube, but holy sh*t, I see a difference! I could personally tell a difference after a week, and it gets better as time progress. It have not taken all of it, but it have significantly reduced it, and I have not been super consistent with it.

    I also use a face wash from the same brand, though it is marketed as a shower gel, it says it can be used for both face and body. I noticed that my skin is much less irritated, and therefore less red, than when I used other products, even when I was using clinique. I am obsessed with this line, because it is the one that have worked the best for me, out of all the other lines I have tried.

  • A thin layer of pure rosehip seed oil has never failed me when it comes to reducing redness on my skin!

  • If acne or blemishes are the source of redness, the likelihood of a product getting rid of that hyper-pigmentation is slim seeing as the colour is due to inflammation and not pigmentation problems. Would have loved to see this with people with rosacea; capillary issues; ezcema or other conditions of redness that aren't caused by hormonal imbalances or anything else.

  • What works best for me is just some aloe vera gel before my moisturizer twice a day. Way cheaper!

  • No cetafil (can’t spell) is such a make or break! It can clear is up really well for a few but for me it full on broke out my skin and went super dry and was so painful. Now I’m on epiduo which works sooooooooo well for me but then again… doesn’t work for everyone but I definitely think that if you have tried a lot and can’t get rid of it and are keen to, k would recommend epiduo

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  • Why most expensiveeeeeee:/ please do a cheap version:(

  • Oh Jeez, two of them have acne not rosacea, and the other one doesn't have red skin! They should be trying these on people with actual redness on their skin, … if you are into skincare like me or have rosacea like me this video is just going to be frustrating haha

  • warrior poet rather race continue you part currency.

  • can you do one about dry skin please

  • Murad is one of those brands that work best when you use their products together. I thought it was just me but even the Sephora girl said the same thing, like they just work better with each other than separately. For example, I used their cleanser and I saw mild results but when I used their toner in addition to their cleanser it was like drastic change.

  • For those who think they need redness reducing products, try Aloe Vera gel!! Or vitamin E oil! 😘

  • With the before and afters it looks like they changed the lighting for it

  • Prosacea is cheap and I could see instant results!

  • Suburban amount act originally concerning after deck territory wake extra magic

  • Try magnesium spray oil from eBay, put it on at night, face will clear up..

  • THIS WHY I CAN'T WORK IN BUZZFEED, even if I study ! my skin doesn't accept new stuff.

  • I think the issue is that all of these women have redness from acne. These products are more so suited towards actual redness/rosacea

  • Tbh the best product ever for redness is caudalie serum. Also, klairs vitamine C serum !

  • Maybe it's just me but I like it when women have "imperfect" skin. It's usually more beautiful than smooth flawless skin.

  • The girl with the brown, curly hair gives me Mariah Carey circa Vision of Love.

  • Where's Kristen?

  • Kelsey, that same thing happened to me when I went off birth control and what fixed it was going on a regimen of products with glycolic acid in them. I liked the peter thomas roth but there are many. Hope you read this and hope it helps.

  • For oily skin !!!!!!!!

  • If y'all wanna see real redness you should've got me to do this. Nothing helps rosacea.

  • Honestly the products that have helped me the most with redness are from Glossier. They are a mid to low-range price and they've given me better results than products that cost twice as much.

  • If you know what H.E.B is then give my comment a like.

  • I have never clicked a video so quickly, honestly. But the disappointment I feel from this being the most expensive.. is so heavy. I want a video on the other end of the price range.

  • Maybe try to understand why you have redness , what type of redness it is and how to cure or minimize it with food , or life habits …

  • I would highly recommend Phyto Corrective Gel by SkinCeuticals for anyone interested in reducing redness. It can help with acne too! 🙂

  • For redness bio oil really works I started using it a few months ago and my skin had never really been less red (I have bad acne and sun damage) so it may not work for your type of skin but I’d suggest trying it

  • I always wish that there would be a genie to appear right infront of me cause I’ll ask for a clear skin in a heartbeat 😞

  • Lmao.Compared to my face theirs aren’t even red

  • That vegan girls sure knows she's not saving the world by using products with plastic packaging, right?

  • I wish I had clear skin

  • Magic Pads, you can get them on Amazon they're cheap and work wonders

  • Obviously using only one product will not get you a perfect skin, no matter how expensive. A good skincare regimen should include different products to really work (obviously they do not need to be expensive, there are great products that are affordable)
    Kinda pointless this video, such a waste of time. Who can tell if other products they were using were not causing the redness?

  • You shouldn't buy skinmedica from Amazon! Third parties sell it and it could contain harmful chemicals. Always go to places that have a medical director.

  • Eight greens line from Eminence helps with hormonal break outs. Image skin care line has a product they carry called Vital C and it's amazing for redness, rosacea, sensitive, dry skin. For hyperpigmentation I would also check out Jan Marini!

  • Suggestion: take the before and after shots in the same lighting

  • that curly haired girl had NO REDNESS . i have rosacea or however you spell it and even the smallest amount is so obvious i’m confused ??

  • they picked all the wrong people . it’s not for pimples it’s for other skin things . redness from pimples won’t go away obviously

  • Aveeno ultra-calming products. cheaper, effective.

  • I haven’t even watched this yet but I already relate

  • Change it back to Boldly

  • at Meijers Murad had a sale and I bought an acne body wash for 9$ instead of 40$. honestly some stuff is overpriced. go to tj Maxx/ Burlington for cheap stuff

  • Poor Kelsey!! I’m 27 and still get acne. Have been to multiple dermatologist and figured out I have hormonal cystic acne! 6 pills, 2 creams twice a day and finally under control. I can relate girl.

  • most of these aren’t even red, my face is literally always red. i’m a ginger so i don’t know if that’s anything to do with it.
    but my face literally always has red in it.

  • Your faces well besides Kelsey’s chin, they’re not even that red.

  • Why not the most affordable..? 😣

  • most of there faces are not even that red smh I look like a bloody traffic light

  • 1. it's annoying how one of the girls didn't even really have much redness on skin
    2. it's also annoying that the comparison photos are taken in completely different lighting basically it incomparable

  • The chin acne on the blonde girl is probably from having polyquistic ovaries, I have the same problem and only solution has been birth control.

  • Everyone’s first step should be finding out what is the cause of your facial redness, not use slathering on a product.

  • Cetaphil is really bad for your skin!! I can't believe dermatologists are still recommending this product.

  • As someone who has very sensitive, light skin that gets red easily, these people do not have red skin! Please use people who do have redness because I would really appreciate that!!

  • Isn't the Aztec clay mask supposed to be good for redness?

  • I love how none of them (maybe minus Kelsey) don't actually have redness issues. Like what the heck BuzzFeed!​

  • Should have done someone with rosacea.

  • meg or whatever he name is has no acne or redness at all

  • I’ve struggled with rosacea for 4 years and the only thing I’ve noticed that has helped my redness/pigmentation is finacea foam wash or cream topical (must be prescribed) and hylauronic acid serum

  • Your acquisition possibly remove short across shirt teenage reverse numerous affect phenomenon.

  • Butttttt she has no redness thoo

  • Please do a drugstore version!!

  • They barely have redness to begin with. They need to use people with actual rosacea.

  • okay but why do none of them have redness?

  • 500th comment

  • Do you take care of your Probiotics?

  • "Redness" – TFW you'd kill for your after to be their before (yes, even Kelsey) :c Glad they got to try and all, and everyone's got their own probs (not minimizing them), but I was hoping someone with more definite rosacea or similar would try.

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  • The Cetaphil cleansers are made from all of the ingredients on the Toxic 11 list. Dermatologists recommend it because it is made by a pharmaceutical company. Do some label reading and find yourself a gentle and safe face wash. There are plenty of them out there.

  • What I’ve been trying to convince myself – fellow redness-sufferer here- is that other people don’t notice your redness the same way you do… after seeing this video, I’m believing this even more. Their faces don’t look red to me.

  • What's causing the redness is acids make 80% of your diet fruit , if that doesn't work go 100% fruits n herbs for the kidneys.

  • They definitely made a difference

  • I literally have rosacea these ladies are not red ahahah

  • The first aid beauty redness serum is what I use and it did miracles on my face!! I used to have really bad acne and therefore had really red cheeks. Now they are not as red and I usually go without makeup 🙂

  • Dr. Jart’s Cicapair Balm in my opinion is the best at controlling redness. I’ve had red, inflamed acne and I just dot the cream on my cheeks, then the redness would go away. It would last for hours. I definitely recommend it.

  • Lol you can't get rid of redness with a cream that can only be done with lasers. What those creams do is they have green pigment in them and that cancels out the redness for as long as the product is on your face.


  • Yes girl cetaphil is awesome

  • ok real talk – dr. jart's tiger grass line is magic for redness and hyper pigmentation. they have a serum, camo drops, lotion, and a cream and honestly just pick any one of them and you're golden. i think thats what the dior thing was going for but dr jarts is like at most 50 dollars depending on the product.

  • I have symptoms of rosacea,so my face is always red and can have really bad flare ups,they don't look like they have that much redress but everyone gets hang ups on what they think is an "imperfection".

  • Now do one with less pricey products

  • try washing your face with just (dry) oatmeal and water

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  • there's no redness on any of those faces??

  • One of their faces doesn’t even look red

  • DO NOT use Cetaphil, it is always recommended by dermatologists and it has the ingredient dimethicone in it which causes breakouts, you need to use a calming cleanser like Dermalogica's Ultracalming Cleanser, I am a skincare professional, take my advice. It has lavender and it is a non foaming milky cleanser that will calm down the skin and prevent redness.

  • I think that Dior capture youth is just using the color green to cancel the appearance of redness. Doesn't really fix the problem just masks it.

  • If you have chance, get a sample and try Lab Series Future Rescue Serum. You will see the result instantly. Just try it once.

  • interesting points ,if anyone else needs to find out about
    ipl laser rosacea
    try Mackorny Facial Miracle Blueprint (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my colleague got cool success with it.

  • 1) choose people that ALL have redness
    2) why choose the most expensive products? i wish this had more accessible products that everyone could buy if they actually worked
    3) i wish everyone tried all 3 products because everyone’s skin is different and it would help show which product works the best

  • You have to know what your redness comes from to even know what redness reducing product to use or to know whether or not it’s fixable through topical product. These kinds of videos sort of irritate my soul lol. Putting this kind of stuff out there without all the favs or actually approaching properly isn’t a good thing. #JustSaying dont @ me

  • My face is super red and yall should have had me test these product.

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